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Modern Love

This Is Your Brain on a Break Up

Sure, the pain is all in your head, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real.

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Meet One Photographer Who is Reviving the Extraordinary Art of Tintypes

The 1860s — well and alive in 2014.

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Inside the Modernized Polygamous Marriages of Senegal

I asked, “How is dating Senegalese men?” They literally stopped in their tracks.

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The Breakup Diet

How I’m Getting Over My Breakup With Katy Perry, Hating ‘500 Days of Summer,’ and a Lot of Running

I wait for the bottom to fall out. But maybe this is just my new life.

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True Stories

Keys to the Circus: Giving Up the Magic of Office Romances

It was a secret magic, dating someone you worked with.

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Everyone I’ve Ever Had Sex With: Male, 31, Tennessee

I’m cool with the list ending with her.

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First Encounters

The Moment I Realized All My Childhood Crushes Were Gay

Lance Bass was just so sweet and non-threatening.

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Infidelity in 2014: How Modern Life Lets Us Cheat

People cheated on network television, and we ate popcorn instead of getting outraged.

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If TV Restaurants Were Reviewed on Yelp

“Central Perk: Total hidden gem.”

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The Dumbest Questions Pierced People Get In Bed

What happens if your hands start to wander and you feel some steel?

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My First Time

My First Time: Female, 19, France

“We met two young eligible French students looking for somewhere to go out.”

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The Evolution of Hate Speech on Reddit and What It Means For the Rest of Us Online

“In a way it’s a better reflection of people’s opinions than what they say in public.”

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Watch the World’s Most Awkward Threesome in This Hilarious Episode of ‘Be Here Now-ish’

“Let’s pour some kale syrup on your body.”

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Introducing Shadow Weddings, the New, Dark, and Brutally Honest Wedding Ritual

A “shadow wedding” acknowledges all the crap you’ll bring to the marriage — all the anxieties and neuroses and weird hang-ups.

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Dear Coquette

Dear Coquette: On the Harsh Way Things Are

“I run up against ageism over and over from men my own age!”

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Modern Nomads: Why the Smartest Among Us Wander

“I’ve frankly never considered not traveling.”

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Everyone I’ve Ever Had Sex With: Female, 20, California

I ended our purely sexual relationship when I realized that it was purely sexual, and that the sex wasn’t even good.

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The Breakup Diet

How I Got Over My Breakup with Kombucha, DJ Lessons, and a New Ex-Boyfriend

Dan was my phantom limb, and Andrew was the Xanax that made me shut up about it.

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A Surprising Weekend Inside the Touchy-Feely World of Polyamory

When sexual liberation becomes an official “lifestyle,” is there any fun left?

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Your Guide to the Ultimate Music Festival Drinking Game

Man buns. Sunburns that require medical attention. Anyone barefoot.

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