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Max File Size




Leaderboard 728X90 60K Initial / 100K Polite Down to 728x300 3 loop max 30 seconds
Rectangle 300x250 60K Initial / 100K Polite Left, 500x250 3 loop max 30 seconds
Skyscraper 160X600 60K Initial / 100K Polite Left to 500x600 3 loop max 30 seconds
Skin 1024x600 300K N/A N/A N/A
Pop-Up 300x250 40K None 3 loop max 30 seconds
Prestitial / Pre-Roll 600x400 60K Initial / 100K Polite None 3 loop max 15 seconds
Full Page Interstitial 700x500 60K Initial / 100K Polite None 3 loop max 7 seconds
Floating Unit 400x400 60K None None 7 seconds
Email Newsletter 620 max width 40K (.gif, .jpg ONLY) None 3 loop max None
HTML Email 700x900 100K (.gif, .jpg ONLY) None None None






• All units should target new windows on click.
• All units and tags must be iFrame/ JavaScript compatible
• We accepted third party tracking vendors including Doubleclick, Atlas, Bluestreak and more
• We do NOT accept third party tracking on newsletters and HTML emails
• Nerve requests a third-party login to compare ad serving numbers
• Allow FIVE days lead time on all creatives


• For publisher-served Flash, add the following Action Script to the button action in the Flash file:

getURL(clickTAG, "_blank");

• Please note the code must be exactly as above with capital "TAG" to avoid errors.
• Save Flash files as version 10 or lower.
• Submit backup images (.gif, .jpg) of 40k or less for each .swf.

Rich Media

• We work with all rich media vendors and third party servers, including Pointroll, Eyewonder, EyeBlaster, Atlas, etc.
• Please send Javascript tags for all vendors.
• Must include play and stop button


• User initiated by rollover or click (all audio MUST be click)
• Must contain and visiable close button
• Expandable video accepted


• Automatic start is allowed. Any audio must be muted to start. Video player requires prominent stop/close button.
• Please send in Quicktime format, other types can be converted.
• Max initial load of 40k, video stream up to 1MB.


• User-initiated on click only. Requires prominent stop/mute button

Consumer Electronics
For more information, please email us:
Or call 646-503-2854