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Denmark Really Wants Its Citizens to Bang

It’s a matter of national pride.

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A Handy Guide to Driverless Car Sex

The future is now.

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2 Out of 3 Women Won’t Date a Trump Supporter

Make America Date Again?

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Sex Toy Bomb Scare in Casino

If you leave your penis ring vibrating in a trash can, people will think it’s a bomb.

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Best April Fools Jokes So Far Today

There’s something for everyone.

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Author: Tibor Duliskovich dr.
Location: Boy Scout Camp Echockotee in Orange Park, Florida, 32073, USA
Camera: Canon EOS 5D, 1/200 sec, F22, ISO 200, extension rings, narrow beam of flash onto background and a little bounced light onto insect.
CaptureDate: 2007, 12th of August
Image processing: removed the dust speckles from the captured RAW image, cropped slightly the edges, saved with highest possible JPEG settings.
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{{coor dm|30|9.044521296539898|N|81|43.50803268426034|W}}
{{coor dms|30|9|3|N|81|43|30|W}}
30 9 3 N 81 43 30 W

Scientists Kinda Find Aliens on a Comet

“At the time it was thought this was a bizarre proposition,” one scientist said.

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Bored Teen Hero Loves to SWAT Disneyland

“I don’t currently have any other clear path for productivity,” the teen said.

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Scientists: Dropping Acid as Safe as Riding a Bike

Riding a bike on acid still dangerous, though.

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True Detectives Will Shit in Your Shoes

Dick Oranges and Parbunkells.

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Infinite Monkeys say Donald Trump for Prez!

Infinite Monkeys are overjoyed that our candidate for president has finally thrown his toupee in the ring.

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giphy (23)

Infinite Monkeys Learn Chernobyl Foxes Make Sandwiches

Sharks attacks, real life teddy bears, and monkeys in college. Oh, my!

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America is Puff Daddy and Dusty Rhodes was our Biggie Smalls

We’re huge in China.

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Infinite Monkeys Get Turnt, Go See Jurassic Park

Dinosaur blood and Crystal Pepsi.

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Infinite Monkeys Learn to Win Millions

Today the Infinite Monkeys learn that NASA’s building flying saucers and homework is making you depressed.

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kim k

Self-ish: Part 3

Does love require compromise? The final part of our discussion on selfishness.

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No Success in Sacramento: Bad Advice with Bad Barrington

“The best way to stay focused is to yell ‘Do your job! Just do your job!’ at your penis.”

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Peggy likes the Pegging: Bad Advice with Bad Barrington

The A-Team taught us that impossible things can be accomplished using the element of surprise. Pegging is no different.

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Checked Out in Fairfield: Bad Advice with Bad Barrington

Take Bad’s advice. You’ll never regret it.

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Sex Advice From Bob Odenkirk

“Get a fake arm cast and put a bunch of fake friends’ names on it so the girl thinks you’re injured and have lot of friends.”

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Pornless in Seattle: Bad Advice with Bad Barrington

Take Bad’s advice. You’ll never regret it.

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