18 Surprisingly Useful Celebrity Sex Tips

For years now, Nerve has been getting sex advice from people from all walks of life. Half the fun has been getting advice from people who are hilariously unqualified to give it, but sometimes, people surprise you. People... like celebrities. Actors, actresses, musicians — they've all proven adept at dispensing well-thought out, consistently useful sex advice to our baffled readers. And we've decided to anthologize the best words of wisdom for you here, in convenient image macro form. (They're shareable! Collect 'em all!)

1. Alison Brie


2. Aubrey Plaza


3. Andrew W.K.


4. Andrew W.K. (again — he's really good at this) 


5. Chris Elliott


6. Danny McBride


7. Emily Mortimer


8. Judah Friedlander


9. John Mulaney


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