Cinema Sutra: Wild Things

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Wild Things

The movie: A twisting, turning, tongue-kissing thriller in which Neve Campbell and Denise Richards make Matt Dillon’s life much more interesting.

The scene: What looks like the seduction of the bad girl (Richards in schoolgirl outfit) becomes an impromptu threesome — complete with breasts doused in champagne — and one of the more memorable love scenes in movie history.

What you need:

• Two girls and a guy

• Champagne and schoolgirl skirt optional

The mechanics: Threesomes can be a lot more difficult in real life than they are in porn or one’s daydreams. Wild Things, while keeping the viewer rapt, actually does a pretty good job of enacting the biggest pitfall: having one person’s feelings get hurt. Most of us aren’t used to more than one lover at a time, so if you’re not careful, every time you move to attend to one person, someone else is being ignored. In the scene, you’ll see a few moments where Neve feels left out — and makes an exceptionally adorable pouty face. Eventually, the attention turns back to her, and with the pouring of champagne on Denise Richards, she clearly feels integrated, but still, it’s not always an easy thing to pull off.

Lesson we learn: One way to ensure that everyone gets their fair share is to have two people focus on one for a while (assuming everyone is into it), and then rotate. The combined forces of two eager lovers can make for a rapturous experience for the lucky third, who then becomes very willing to help give back. This kind of round robin tends to make for successful threesomes.

But if you go for the conventional free-for-all approach, just try to be sensitive to how much attention each person is getting, and really think about their feelings. If you’re a couple and you’re adding a third person, make sure to give your partner lots of reinforcement so they don’t feel replaced or less preferred. If, however, the get-together is unplanned and there’s no dominant relationship (like the scene in Wild Things), make sure to spread the affection around and not to spend too much time with one person, leaving the other one behind. It can be a tricky juggle, but it’s a threesome, so the rewards are obviously worth it.

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