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How do I tell my husband I'm interested in women?

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Dear Miss Information,

Several years ago — that's right, years — I wrote to the previous Miss Info, because though I'd been happily married to a man for two years, I was having dreams about women. And while she responded that I could be bored and bi, I concentrated on the bored part. Now, I've been married many more years, have a young son, and have finally come to accept my bisexuality. (Yes, I was raised Catholic — how did you guess?)

I haven't cheated on my husband, but I do want to tell him what's going on. This summer was very painful for me, and while I'm trying hard to maintain the status quo, I think he may be starting to notice how distracted I am. Telling him would contradict every piece of advice I have solicited from friends and professionals, who don't think he can handle it. But carrying this is really taking its toll.

On the one hand, maybe he's known me long enough not to be too shocked. I mean, I've told him that I sometimes fantasize about other women. (Of course, we were naked when I told him that, so I don't know if it really sunk in.) On the other, he may become suspicious and insecure and worry that I'll leave him for a woman — friends of ours split up under those circumstances. So what do you think, current Miss Info? Do I tell him and risk it, or do I spare his feelings and keep it to myself?

 Bi, Bored, and Botched It the First Time

Dear First Time,

I'm honored you have come back to the Miss Info dynasty for guidance, and I'm high-fiving Erin now, wherever she currently is. My money is on "being hand-fed truffles by a hot pool boy."

In general, if something is weighing on you this badly, you really need to bring it up. But there's a difference between "I think I'm bisexual, but I'm committed to my life with my husband," and "I think I'm bisexual and I need the space to figure out what I want." After reading your previous question, I'm with Erin: it sounds like the bisexuality could be a bit of a red herring. Girls or not, you're fantasizing about people other than your husband, and those fantasies are becoming so intense that you are "distracted" and miserable. That seems to be the real problem here, which raises the question: what's your relationship with your husband like? Have you totally checked out — with bisexuality as a helpful excuse — or do you want to stick around and work on it?

Bring your feelings up, but be clear with yourself about what you hope to accomplish. Do you want to tell your husband, just so he knows, then go back to married life? Or do you want to tell him with the implication "this relationship isn't enough for me," or "I want to try being with a woman?" The former will be a very different conversation than the latter. Give thought to what you want before you discuss it with your husband, and it may save some heartache for both of you.

Whichever you do, don't keep it in. This is the sort of thing that will fester, and, given that your husband has "already noticed how distracted you are," bottling your feelings isn't doing him any favors, either.

Dear Miss Information,

Throughout my life, men have always always approached me just wanting sex. And nothing else. They don't want to take me out or even talk to me. It's just, "Hey, do you want to come over and have sex?" I'm twenty-eight and have only had one serious relationship, because men won't take me seriously. Even if I meet them in church, the grocery store, or at my job, they still only want sex and nothing more. Mind you, I never take them up on these offers (I think they're offensive), which means I've been without a guy or sex for a long time. My friends have told me men approach me because I'm too friendly, which makes me come off as easy, but would being a bitch make them see I'm worthy of a dinner date? What should I do?

— Not Just A Pretty Face

Dear Not Just A Pretty Face,

Where do you live or work that you're only hearing, "Nice shoes, wanna fuck?" Are you in a frat house? Did you also grow up in this frat house? If so, then we may have located your problem.

First of all, your friends' advice that you are "too friendly" is bullshit, unless "too friendly" equals "Nice to meet you; let me give you a blowjob for the road." So I think we can discount that theory.

In general, humans hate effort. We like to cut corners, then see what we can get away with. This, unfortunately, happens all the time in relationships — why take 'em to Bennigan's if Burger King will do, yaknowhatImean?

Given your tone and phrasing, I have a hard time believing that you give off the sexual green-light vibe, especially with your obvious disgust for these encounters. Check local men's room stalls to make sure nobody has scrawled your description and name, and make sure nobody is taping a sign to your back that says "I'm easy! Demean me, I love it!" Outside of that, I would call it plain bad luck.

The best thing to do now is to come up with some devastatingly snappy retort, and let these encounters roll off your back. Don't be a bitch to manipulate men into treating you any differently, because that's when the terrorists win. And, ultimately, if only sleazes are finding you, why don't you go find the nice ones yourself?