Plan B One-Step is Now Available on Amazon

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This item most often bought with: First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test.

It seems that pregnancy prevention just became that much easier. With the announcement last year that Plan B One-Step emergency contraception would be available to all women, regardless of age, without a prescription, certain Amazon vendors took notice. 

Simply Positive Supplements, a vendor of all things from SD memory cards to Beanie Babies, has added Plan B One-Step to its storefront. The shop has the pill listed for only $20, a significantly more accessible price than the $50 and awkward cashier experience you'll face when going to the closest Duane Reade. 

Concerns of placebo pills being put into the packets did come up from commenters on the Reddit thread where the discovery was first posted, which is obviously a warranted concern based on how the Internet (unfortunately) works sometimes. Plus, one-day shipping is currently unavailable on this particular listing unless you're a Prime member which may defeat the purpose of buying Plan B in the first place, since the effectiveness of the pill drops off at around 72 hours and you and I both know that Amazon shipping is hit or miss with timing.

So, until Amazon drones are a real thing, maybe just heading over to your nearest pharmacy is a better idea, just saying.

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