Please Advise: I’m in love with my roommate’s live-in boyfriend.

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Nerve readers help out with one girl’s real estate-related quandry.

Each week, the inbox of our venerable advice columnist, Miss Information, is flooded with queries. And although she makes a valiant effort, she cannot answer them all. To deal with the surplus, we've decided to turn to you. So, don your spectacles and help this woman out. You can give her advice in the comments below, or, if you'd like to share what you wrote with your friends, on our Facebook page.

Dear Nerve,

I live in a two-bedroom apartment with a girl I met on Craigslist and her boyfriend. They’re in one room, I’m in the other. They had a roommate who left in the middle of the lease, and I came in to sublet the room and ride out the next eight months. There’s a bit of a complication, though  I have some pretty serious feelings for her boyfriend, and he’s been acting like he wants to reciprocate. 

Let me back up: I hit it off much better with this girl’s boyfriend than with her, and what started out as “Hey, we’re both still up at 4 a.m., let’s have a beer and chat” has become a deep friendship with what feels like mutual romantic aspirations. He’s told me that he’s unhappy in the relationship, but can’t afford to leave the apartment. There are far too many lingering looks and prolonged hugs going on between us for this to be just in my head. 

There are  four months left in the lease. Should I make a move or just suck it up and wait it out? If I do make a move, should we try to keep it clandestine or break it to her and just endure an awkward couple of months?

— Three’s Company