Please Advise: Should I relive my painful breakup or never see my ex again?

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Nerve readers weigh in on one woman's dilemma.


Each week, the inbox of our venerable advice columnist, Miss Information, is flooded with queries. And although she makes a valiant effort, she cannot answer them all. To deal with the surplus, we've decided to turn to you. So, don your spectacles and help this woman out. You can give her advice in the comments below, or, if you'd like to share what you wrote with your friends, on our Facebook page.

Dear Nerve,

After eight amazing months, I had to end my first relationship. I’m currently studying abroad, and by the time I get back to Chicago, the guy I was seeing will have left to teach English in Malaysia for a year. We have no idea where we’ll be in a year, so it’s unclear if we’ll be able to get back together when he returns.

But, we're both going to be in Chicago for a couple of days around New Year’s. If we had stayed together, it would have marked our one-year anniversary, which makes it especially poignant. The problem? I don't know if I want to see him or not. I'm worried that if I do, I'm going to have to relive the painful goodbye process all over again — except this time, I won't be able to escape to Europe like I did the first time. But part of me feels like I'm going to regret not being with him when I have the chance — because who knows if we'll see each other ever again after that?

Should I cave in, see him, and weather the inevitable emotional storm, or just try to stick it out and hope to see him again in a year, if that’s even a possibility?

— Ocean-Crossed Lover

Readers, help our globe-trotting protagonist decide whether to re-open old wounds or face an uncertain future.