Please Advise: Should I take a chance and hit on my best friend?

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Nerve readers hold forth on the risks and rewards of college experimentation.

Each week, the inbox of our venerable advice columnist, Miss Information, is flooded with queries. And although she makes a valiant effort, she cannot answer them all. To deal with the surplus, we've decided to turn to you. So, don your spectacles and help this woman out. You can give her advice in the comments below, or, if you'd like to share what you wrote with your friends, on our Facebook page.


Dear Nerve,

I'm a twenty-two-year-old female, and I've only recently realized that I may be a switch-hitter. Luckily, the college I attend is very LGBTQ-friendly, and so far I've felt safe and supported in my sexual experimentation. But at such a liberal institution, it's hard to figure out who's playing for which team. This has only recently become a problem, since I've begun to have feelings for one of my closest female friends. 

"Lucy" and I are extremely compatible and can't help but have a great time when we are together. Lucy, knowing full-well my fluid sexuality, is a very hands-on kind of girl, constantly touching me and at times sleeping with me in my bed. On a particularly drunken night, we made out. (This was, I should point out, initiated by her.) Now, Lucy has never claimed to be anything but heterosexual, but I constantly find myself wondering what her feelings for me are. Despite all my reservations, the desire to tell Lucy how I feel is overwhelming. I'm fully aware that when dealing with issues of sexuality and identity, I'm playing with fire, and that I may risk losing Lucy as a friend forever. But is there a way of having this conversation that minimizes my chances of total defeat? Should I even try to turn this friendship into something more? 

— Lesbianish Girl Beginning To Question