Sex Advice from America’s Most Smartest Model Stars

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Vh1’s America’s Most Smartest Model seeks to prove that beauty and brains can coexist, pitting pretty people head-to-augmented-head in science and spelling challenges. We asked four of the models to share their wisdom on dilemmas of sex and dating.

Jesse Lewis IV, 26

Lead judge Mary Alice had some issues with Jesse’s weight on the show, but this self-proclaimed bisexual attention-whore made sure to refer (numerous times!) to his nice legs. Kicked off in one of the early episodes, Jesse is scheduled to appear in the next Scary Movie as well as Vh1’s Celebrity Fit Club.

What’s going on?
I just had a little coffee, a little brandy. It’s breakfast time. I’m a housewife of City Valley. We do brandy in the morning.


Why was your weight such an issue on the show?
I knew it would be an issue, but people in the house other than myself were not perfect. Some people were too ripped, too short, too tall, too thin. Some people were augmented.

Do you think your heaviness affects your love life?
First of all, I’m not heavy. I got a fat ass and everyone loves that. People love to be with me so much, they want me to be thirty more pounds. They want more of Jesse to love. When I wore those shorts on the show, I think the whole world stopped for like five seconds. Those thighs, those calves — they’re impeccable. I did track, volleyball. I could rival Kim Turner right now.

How can a heavy guy make potential dates see past his physicality?
Approach some guys! Diversify the portfolio! Fuck the girls! Less hassle. Visualize the sexuality. If you don’t feel sexy, you’re not going to be sexy. You gotta sell yourself. You gotta believe in the product you’re selling. Go back, look in the mirror, do a little pep talk, put up some Post-Its: “You’re beautiful. You’re attractive.” It’s a metaphysical question, but it’s true.

What’s the secret to winning a guy over in bed?
Be inventive. You can’t be scared. I know what people like, and I know what I like. I’m pleasing that person and they’re pleasing me. I’m working for them and they’re working for me. If we do that, we’re both going to be happy.

What’s the number one thing a person should do to make a good impression on a first date?
BE HONEST. Put that in caps. Second, of course, is good hygiene. I’m not materialistic like that. The look is very important, but it’s not the main thing. I’m just not into surface anymore. That was high school and college for me. I’m more intellectual with my intimacy now.

I think a lot of men equate model-good-looks with lack of intelligence. How can I let my date know I’m a smart girl without coming off as pretentious?
Open your mouth. Be opinionated. Tell him how you feel. If you come off as pretentious to that person, he wasn’t into you in the first place.

Isn’t there a way to prove I’m smart?
Stop living for other people. People try to become the person their date wants them to be. Guess what? You hook up and it lasts a couple of months before you find out they’re not what you thought. If they’re into you, they’ll be into you for who you are. Sure, I changed myself — in, like, seventh grade. I’m grown now. I know what I want in life. I know people want Jesse for who he is.

Mandy Lynn, 25

Hailing from Long Island, Mandy Lynn has modeled for lingerie catalogs and Playboy. She believes she’s “a pretty good speller” and keeps in touch with her half-million friends on MySpace and her fans at

Do you think you got eliminated too early?
I feel like it wasn’t a fair competition because [Mary Alice] had something against models who worked for Playboy.

You did change your image for the show.
I wanted to show her I was a good sport, but of course I didn’t want to change. I am who I am, and I love how I look. I’m a sex vixen kind of girl, a bikini model. I felt like she was trying to turn me into a high-fashion model with no makeup. I’m five-two, I gotta work with what I have.

I’m interested in a guy who’s into indie-rock girls, and I’m not one. Is it okay to change my style a bit to get him to fall for me?
If you’re not his type, forget it. Don’t even try. You’re going to try to change, and in the end you’re going to be miserable. [I changed my image] for a competition — it was $100,000! But for a guy? Screw it. Screw him.

How about changing your image for roleplay? Is that okay?
Sure, that’s fun.

What are some characters that are good for sexy roleplay?
Secretary. Schoolgirl.

Like Britney Spears?
Not Britney Spears.

Why secretary?
It’s relatable. Men get horny at the office, no doubt about that.

Is it true the mysterious ones are better in bed?
Oh, absolutely. That’s the thing about me. I’m a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.

The guy I’m crushing on prefers the Mandy Lynn type, and I’m a flat-chested brunette. How can I win him over?
Put on some lip plumper, put highlights in your hair, get breast implants. That’s how I look.

Get breast implants?
It’s not a big deal. Everyone’s got their boobs done. I’ve only had them done once. People act like I’m a plastic-surgery nut, but I’m so not. I can’t afford it. I’ve had my boobs done, my lips injected and that’s all. Only once — not like Pam Anderson.

My lips actually look bigger on the show. Girls in my line of work are very lippy. Mine were thin before — they look way better with some injection, and it’s not a big deal. People are always like, “They look bigger on TV.” They look fine to me when I look at myself in the mirror. I got them big on purpose because they look better in pictures. Companies love how I look and how I come out in photos.

I met a guy at a bar and we had a one-night stand. Afterward, I found out he was an agent who could help me break into the industry. Should I keep sleeping with him?
Definitely not. I’ve never had to do that in my career, and I’ve been very successful.

Do you think fans have tried to sleep with you thinking you’ll help them break in?
I’m sure. That just comes with the territory. And I’m a hot girl, of course they want to sleep with me. It’s to be expected.

Rachael Murphy, 25

Aussie Rachael (not to be confused with the Rachel from Palm Springs) finished college in Australia in three years, then came to the states to complete her B.A. She’s worked as a model in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Miami. Visit her MySpace page here.

They said you were the good girl of the bunch. What advice would you give “good girls” who are afraid to get nasty in bed?
Show a different side of your personality — surprising guys can be a turn on in and of itself. Good girls can be exciting when they turn out to be adventurous in the bedroom.

Do you think you’re one of the smarter ones in the group?
Book smart, street smart — it’s really subjective. I studied my ass off in high school, I was valedictorian. I struggled [on the show] because of coming from Australia. We study differently, as far as history, geography. I never did a science fair. The whole concept of the science fair was ridiculous. Bill Nye the Science Guy was more interested in asking me questions about Australia. I didn’t understand it. I didn’t know who Bill Nye was.

Should a girl ever act stupid to get a guy?
I couldn’t do it. Where I come from, the cute naïve dumb girl never really got the guy. In Australia, you had to have the combo of brains and beauty to be the popular kid.

How can I let my date know I’m smart without coming off as pretentious?
Be witty. That’s the best way to show you’re perceptive. Make jokes, play off the things he says. Show your intelligence through humor.

I met a guy at a bar and we had a one-night stand. Afterward, I found out he was an agent who could help me break into my field. Should I keep sleeping with him?
There’s no harm in spending time with him — it’s better than jumping right back in the sack. If he’s genuinely interested in you, have a couple dates. Ask him if there’s something he can do for you over dinner, not in bed.

I’m thinking about dating a model. Any advice?
Depends on age. A young model won’t make a good girlfriend. Working means traveling, she’s going to be by herself, away from her parents, away from discipline. As models get older and learn to manage finances, they mature. Then they make good girlfriends.

When I started modeling full time, I was in a heavy relationship. It did put strain on the job, because I was asked to socialize at night after work. I was naïve. I thought I was doing the right thing for my career. Most people aren’t interested in your career; they’re more interested in taking you home.

My boyfriend is too theatrical in bed. How can I get him to act more natural without embarrassing him?
Cover his mouth, cover his eyes, so he won’t make any noise. Once this guy has come, say, “It was great to have your body do the talking.”

Daniel, 32

Now completing his PhD at UCSD, this high-school valedictorian was born in New Jersey to a Jewish father and an Indonesian mother. Though his fellow competitors thought he was the smartest of the bunch, Daniel was kicked off the show earlier this month.

You were known as one of the smartest ones in the group. Do you think some of your fellow cast members were jealous? Why didn’t they bother you the way they bothered VJ?
I definitely think some of them were jealous. They bothered VJ was because of the way VJ played. VJ tries to sabotage people. To me, that’s like pulling a Tonya Harding/Jeff Gillooly. It’s a bad after-school special.

How are smart people better in bed?
That’s interesting. I think I’m better, but I would not say all smarter people are better in bed. Nobody needs to say anything intelligent in bed. In bed I just want some passion and sensuality. You can say a bunch of dumb animalistic things, and that would appeal to me.

But how can becoming smarter make me a better lover?
When I was young, I was such a nerd I would read sex books and learn about body parts and what does what. I think I’m good because I know a lot and I’ve been with people who are like, “How do you know the name of this part and this part and this part?” But you can do that and still be shitty.

What has being on the show done for your sex life? Are you hit on more?
I do feel like I’ve been hit on more.

Because you’re a celeb?
That is hard to know. I feel like there’s more hitting on me by people who just want to have sex. Maybe they just want to have sex with people on the show. I don’t have sex quickly with anyone. I’ve had two one-night stands in my life. I’m a kissing whore. I’ll kiss a lot of people, but I don’t actually have intercourse unless I have a certain connection with them. I meet people, we make out and then I wait for sex.

I’m thinking about dating a model. What do I need to know?
Models are terrible at relationships. They’re always chasing the work, and it’s really hard to develop a steady relationship with someone like that. When they’re doing the job, they’re working with beautiful people all the time. They get all the perks. Free alcohol, free drugs, rich men by their sides — temptations all the time. Modeling, like acting, fosters a “me me me” mentality. A successful relationship is based on “we.”

My boyfriend is too theatrical in bed. How can I get him to act more natural without embarrassing him?
Embarrass him! “Dude, shut the fuck up, you’re destroying the moment!” No, approach it lightly. When you have quiet moment alone, tell him, “I love your passion, but you’re throwing me off a little bit. I’m losing focus and getting distracted.”

How can I let my date know I’m a smart girl without coming off as pretentious?
Ask him his opinion on something that requires some intelligence. Be able to talk about your education. Personally, if someone’s a little bit nerdy, I like it. It makes her more real. I have a nerdiness to me and I’m fine with that. I don’t need to be mister cool, suave and sophisticated.

Interviews by Simona Kogan. Sex Advice From… appears on Thursdays. Have questions for the general public? Send them to

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