Sex Advice from Female Bodybuilders

Q: Why are female bodybuilders better in bed? A: We’re more open-minded and less judgmental. We don’t have a problem with doing something different.

By Lina Canney


Why are female bodybuilders better in bed?
Many elite female athletes supplement with anabolic steroids, boosting their natural testosterone levels, which makes them more sexually aggressive. In addition, a side effect of anabolic steroid use is an enlarged clitoris, which makes it more sensitive. Many female bodybuilders are very orgasmic via oral sex, and even the slightest stimulation will engorge the clitoris — much like a penis — and we’re ready for sexual action.  

What's the best way to impress a female bodybuilder?
Female bodybuilders are no different socially or intellectually than a normal female. Be a gentleman, first and foremost. If you really want to win a female bodybuilder’s heart, pay attention to her dietary needs. Food requirements are something that must not be overlooked, and the faster you understand what type of food, and how much it, she requires, the better off you’ll be. Most importantly, do not approach her and violate her personal space or start touching her body without her permission. 

Why date a female bodybuilder?
The only reason you should date any woman is because you enjoy her company and her character. Dating a female bodybuilder shows you have a sense of adventure, but will test your patience. People will stare and make comments, sometimes nice, and sometimes negative. You must be a resilient and highly confident man to stand by a woman who goes against societal norms.

My boyfriend and I have a great relationship and great sex life. One of the things I admire most about him is how much he respects women. I'd like him to throw me around a little bit, but that is far from something he would normally do. How do I get him to be more dominant without spelling it out for him?
You must spell it out for him. Let’s face it, if you really want something, you must communicate with your partner about it. If you do not do this, you will become more dissatisfied in your relationship. Perhaps you could take wrestling lessons together or go to a domination education class. There are safe, fun ways to play; however, you need to communicate and practice role-playing in a safe environment first.  

I've been single for quite some time now and quite frankly, I'm getting really sick of my vibrator. It's boring! How do I make masturbation exciting again?
I have experienced many periods in my life where I have lived alone without a lover. Your imagination is your savior. Look for new toys and techniques that will not only satisfy you, but will be fun to introduce to a new lover in the future. After many years of lovers and marriage, I discovered that I could ejaculate while masturbating. So, your time alone can lead to exciting discoveries and new paths to satisfaction.  

I just started dating this girl, but she told me that she's in an open relationship with another woman. I'm a man. So my girlfriend isn't my girlfriend and she's also in a bisexual relationship. I really like her though. Is there anyway I can make this work?
Of course you can make it work. You must be patient and understanding of her needs. I am bisexual by nature, and have been in relationships with both men and women simultaneously. The test of any long-term relationship is patience and accepting her as she is.

Commentarium (24 Comments)

Apr 26 11 - 1:35am

Good advice, especially the first two. But...I have to admit, I'm trying hard not to be terrified.

Apr 26 11 - 9:22am


Apr 26 11 - 2:16am

Those be some manly lookin women.

Apr 26 11 - 2:17am

"Many elite female athletes supplement with anabolic steroids, boosting their natural testosterone levels, which makes them more sexually aggressive. In addition, a side effect of anabolic steroid use is an enlarged clitoris, which makes it more sensitive. Many female bodybuilders are very orgasmic via oral sex, and even the slightest stimulation will engorge the clitoris — much like a penis — and we’re ready for sexual action. " Oh yeah right. Last thing I want is sex with a chick that when she orgams, she's gonna fuckin crush me. I mean, imagine something like that happening as you're going down on one these chicks? Clit's extra sensitive,from steroids of all things? So the slightest is sudden death for me? I'm good.....

Apr 26 11 - 3:43am

Great advice, really thoughtful when compared to how this column normally is (maybe they felt more pressure to represent their community well?) although I can't say I wasn't a little nervous for the one that was bragging about steroids enlarging her clitoris. Girl, that's not a good sign!

Apr 26 11 - 4:41am

I honestly did not expect these women to be as wise and down to earth as they've come across here. I expected them to be narcissistic and airheaded. Just goes to show you can't judge a book etc. Great advice from each of them!

Apr 26 11 - 7:13am

Amber is a sex worker (, which is probably why she sounds like she's reading from a fantasy script. I mean, that's cool and all, but she is waaaaaayyyyy more representative of 'online fetish models' than 'female bodybuilders.'

Apr 26 11 - 9:41pm

And way more representative of males, generally.

Apr 27 11 - 6:55pm
Felix Jones

That's some good internet sleuthing.

Apr 28 11 - 7:54pm

I've met Amber and must say that although she looks tough and can kick ass, she is one of the sweetest, patient and calm people I know. She's definitely great people and great company.

Apr 26 11 - 9:27am

They had really good advice,better than other people who were interviewed for this column

Apr 26 11 - 1:08pm

I disagree about 'the number.' The more men a woman has been with, the hotter she is to me. I like it when a woman is or has been promiscuous, especially when she is comfortable with it. Knowing how many other men have been in there is a big turn-on. While this is probably the exception, I am also far from alone.

May 01 11 - 1:43am

I love Sin.

Apr 26 11 - 3:38pm
mr. man

i shall not be messing with these bitchez

Apr 26 11 - 3:40pm

I'm interested...

Apr 26 11 - 3:42pm

Shawn is brilliantly sexy

Apr 27 11 - 3:45pm

Years ago I hooked up with a body builderette. I can confirm that she had a monster clit. Made me think of the old Kinks song Lola; "I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man and so is Lola" Her muscles were rock hard, very well defined, she smelled of light sweat, she was very much straight to the point. It was surreal.

Apr 29 11 - 12:13am
Sexy Minx

Not to be mean, but they look like guys.

May 04 11 - 4:29am
unsexy ferret

not to be mean, but you probably look like a cankled, muffin topped, no-chin sheepface boring ass derbyshire girl. if guys don't hold that against you, i don't see why you should be so averse to a little masculinity in the womenfolks.

Sep 07 11 - 7:21am
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Dec 13 11 - 12:22pm

I'm a 43 yr old man who's been going with a 49 yr old woman for two years now, who's an amateur bodybuilder that's never competed as well as a full time college professor. Let me say this, she is a normal woman in almost every aspect and I love her heart, compassion, intellect, and outrageous sense of humor. She's incredibly hot and she's a man-magnet. Men constantly hit on her unless they know she's with me; women come up to her at the store and ask how they can get arms like hers. No one mistakes her as unfeminine - no way! She's never taken steroids and has a voracious sexual appetite all year long. She is remarkable in bed, not because she's muscular, but because she's confident and physical like me. We have THE BEST SEX ... the kind most people dream about and quite frankly, people our age couldn't dream of having unless they where in our shape AND loved each other as much as we do. I can't imagine being with anyone else now or ever again. Sometimes in the gym or even when we're out, I see people staring or trying to conceal themselves whispering about her to their companion. It doesn't bother me and sometimes it even turns me on! I'm proud of her and I love it when insecure guys are shamed by what she does in the gym. People are also caught off guard that she is a professor too - like you can't be buff, hot, AND highly intellectual simultaneously!!! She's awesome on all levels. Some other notes - She likes strong, confident, men as well. Although I'm a bit of a bodybuilder too, Im not freaky huge. I didn't have to be as big as I am to attract her. She liked me initially because I was smart, confident, funny, respectful and a leader and adventurous. Bottom line:many female bodybuilders are passionate usually in many aspects of their life. The same drive and commitment is found in their careers and personal relationships. Most don't use steroids and most are extremely feminine. If your lucky enough to find one as nice as mine, be yourself, and take your time to cultivate a great relationship (we're getting married next year!)

Feb 05 12 - 10:35am

What has the world come to? This article is disgusting. Those women are not feminine and not attractive. Having an article that tries to convince me to date them is further proof of that. If I need an article telling me why I need to date a particular type of woman, that is a red flag. Sick...

Feb 25 12 - 7:16pm