Sex Advice from Cosplayers

Q: Is it cool to hit on a cosplayer while he’s dressed up? A: Excuse me while I rummage through my suit of armor to give you my phone number.

By Samuel Axon

PaulPaul, 24

What's the best reason to date a cosplayer?
Well, obviously the best reason is that you can do couple cosplays, and it’s always more fun to be with someone than going at it alone. Especially making the costume — it’s good to have someone to stress out with.

Have you ever hooked up in costume?
Yes! Most definitely. And yes, it’s fun.

The least sexy cosplay character of all time — go.
That witch from Spirited Away.

Do you try to pick sexy characters or amp up the sex appeal with your costumes, or is the character more important than your own physical appeal?
I do try to pick characters that I look like. If you don't have the physique for the character, don’t cosplay them. I've been told I look like a real-life anime boy by a lot of girls, so I have a lot of options.

Someone acceptably attractive asks you out while you're in costume. Is that cool or strange? Is it the wrong time?
I think that would be pretty cool actually. That would mean she is into cosplay — that means I’m into her.

My boyfriend is really into anime and video game, and I know he’s also into some of the girl characters, like the Night Elf from World of Warcraft. Should I buy a costume and surprise him, or will he feel insulted or freaked out that I assumed he was game?
Buy — or better yet make — the costume. Any guy will appreciate his girl in a sexy outfit. Regardless, guys are horny almost all the time, so he wouldn't be insulted.

I've always wanted to receive a blowjob in a movie theater, and my girlfriend said she'd love to do it. We tried it at Iron Man 2 but a family with children sat right behind us so we had to abort. How can we pull this off without getting caught or scarring someone poor kid for life?
Sit in the way back and don’t see a popular movie. You should have gone to see Twilight.

Commentarium (29 Comments)

Dec 28 10 - 12:47pm

Damn, Tab got it goin' on! Seriously, I would do him.

Dec 28 10 - 1:13pm

Tab is great, AND is a big daddy.

Dec 28 10 - 5:02pm

Taaaaaaab <3333

Dec 28 10 - 6:57pm

please do a 5-page exclusive with Tab! Or make him write a novel/relationship advice book and publish it here. kthxbai

Dec 28 10 - 8:47pm

Way to keep it weird, Nerve.

Dec 29 10 - 12:52am

@snm: embarrassing. Clearly a Big Sister. Get with it, buddy.

Dec 29 10 - 11:44am

@ob: Yes! Obsessed with Tab. Give us more Tab!!

Dec 29 10 - 6:07pm

Not only is Tab a total cutie, but he's got a remarkably good head on his shoulders for a 20 year old. Sign me up for the fan club.

Dec 30 10 - 10:41am

FYI, Tab's website (for those of you who were also wondering what she looks like in hot girly clothes):

Jan 07 11 - 5:45pm

While Tab is indubitably a cutie of the highest magnitude, I gotta give it up for Erik. And when I say "give it up," I mean give it up. :)

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