Sex Advice From Hollister Models

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Wise words from those guys who stand around being really, really good-looking.

Ah, summer in New York. The season of movies in the park, weekends in the Hamptons, and models standing nearly naked on street corners. For those of you not lucky enough in a town with a Hollister, each summer, the clothing store hires hunky young gentleman and pays them… to stand around and do nothing. Our intrepid reporter dodged the floor manager to ask them about sex, dating, and how it feels to be really, really good-looking.

Derek, 28 & Jared, 26

What kind of job description came with this position?
D: "Stand around in bathing suits and say hi to people."  

Do you ever feel like a piece of meat?
D: Always. Women have been taking advantage of that for more than 2,000 years — now it’s our turn. Women can vote and own property; it’s my turn to be a piece of meat. I want to be objectified and given stuff for free.
J: I don’t feel like a piece of meat.

What’s the creepiest thing that’s ever happened to you on a shift?
J: Being touched.

D: Are you going to break out a doll and be like, “Show me where they touch you?” They just come by and girls grab you, dudes grab you.
J: We never get anything too offensive — aside from the touching.
D: Except there was that guy that walked by and said he could suck both of us off in two minutes.

Do you get away with ridiculous things because you’re beautiful?
J: We definitely get away with more than the average person, yes.
D: I disagree. I mean beauty only gets you so far. You have to have charm and wit beyond that — otherwise you tend to talk yourself into a corner.
J: But you do get things right off the bat because of your beauty.
D: Yeah. I’ve gotten free stuff, free haircuts, free gym memberships, free meals, girls…

If "The Hollister" was a sex position what would it be?
D: Taking it up the butt.
J: [Laughs]

Why are male models better in bed?
D: We have a lot of experience.

How much sex do you have?
D: Do you want a number?
J: Of partners? Or times per week?

D: Over one hundred.
J: That’s a personal question. I prefer quality over quantity.
D: I do too, but sometimes I just get bored. 

It’s that easy?
D: It’s easy to get it, but the aftermath is terrible. Girls throw themselves at you, and you just take advantage of it because it’s there.

Would you ever date a model?
D: Yes.
J: My girlfriend’s a model. We understand the pros and cons of what we go through, but there’s definitely a large amount of trust that has to go into the relationship. There’s a lot of scandal in the industry, scandalous shoots, creepy people, and pressures that a normal nine-to-five job doesn’t have.

I’m very in love with my girlfriend, but I just found out she cheated on me. Can I take her back, or is it over for good?
D: Nope. Because it’s pathological thing. If she cheats once, she’s going to do it again, especially if you take her back. She’s going to feel that you’ve already said it’s okay. She might not do it while sober, but once she gets inebriated or high, she will repeat the offense.

Have you ever cheated?
D: No.
J: I cheated on one girlfriend.

I’m trying to make some guy friends, but whenever I meet a new guy, it seems like all they want from me is sex. The minute I make it clear I’m not interested, they’re gone. Can’t men and women be friends?
J: No, you can’t be friends with a guy.
D: It depends on the arena that you’re in. If you’re in the library and you have common interests — studying the same thing or whatever — that’s awesome. If you’re in a bar, don’t even talk to the scumbag because he only wants one thing.

I’ve never been in a serious relationship because I have issues opening up to people. How can I change?
J: Wow.
D: Trust can be learned, but it takes a lot of practice to give. I would say, start small and work your way into it. You don’t want to just throw all your trust into one person. People are inherently evil.

People are inherently evil?
D: They’re greedy. They’re selfish. They’re animals.

Do you think the industry you work in has influenced that worldview?
D: I’d think that anyway.

Frank, 21 & Sean, 23

What’s the job description attached to this?
F: Modeling. Standing up shirtless.
S: Pretty much self-explanatory. We come here, take off our shirts, and stand around for a little bit.

How much do you get paid?
F: We can’t say that.

Is it worth it though?
S: If it wasn’t worth it, I don’t think we would be here.

What weird things happen to you?
S: I mean, it’s New York City — there are sketchy people. You’re always going to meet sketchy people, but they might gravitate towards you more when you don't have a shirt on.

Do you ever feel like a piece of meat?
F: Well obviously. We are naked, basically. People like want to touch us. But I don’t have any problem with that.

Have people touched you?
F: Yeah, they ask to touch and I say, “Yeah, you can touch.”

They just rub you or what?
F: They rub you for a little bit on your stomach, and then they start laughing and they leave. It’s fine.

Young girls, or men?
F: Basically all girls. We get a lot of young girls. That’s the Hollister crowd.

Brandon, 25

What kind of job description came with this position?
It’s described as "modelling." Really it’s, "Stand there with your shirt off in boardshorts and zinc and glasses."

Do you ever feel silly?
Of course. I feel like an object and a tool, but the job is really flexible, and it pays pretty well for what you do just standing there.

Do you mind if I inquire how much? I’m thinking about applying.
Uh, yeah. It pays me a decent amount. It allows me to be able to stay in New York.

So… a lot?
Quite a bit. Last year I made $56,000.

Just standing around and looking beautiful? That’s incredible.
I was there a lot.

How do you sleep at night?
I know that my bills are paid. It's kind of like being a stripper, but it’s not as sleazy. All we do is stand here and take photos.

Do people touch you a lot?
Oh yeah. Women just see you on the street with your shirt off, and they think it’s okay to touch. But if roles were reversed they’d be calling the police.

Why are male models better in bed?
I don’t know if they are.

Are you good in bed?
You’d have to ask my partners.

Isn’t sex a big part of your job?
I mean, you’re selling sex but it doesn’t mean you’re better than the next guy. Models have to convey sex. Males especially. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good in bed. I’m okay.

My boyfriend, whom I love, cheated on me and I found out. Can I take him back or is it over for good?
I think the relationship might be over for good. I think it’s just taboo. You just don’t do it. And if you do do it, then the trust won’t ever be there. There are relationships that can continue and flourish afterwards but it just takes tons of work. The damage is done.

How can I convince my girlfriend to have anal sex?
That’s taboo for me. I’m not into that. 

Did you have a bad experience?
I tried it once. There’s just some things that aren’t for you. I don’t drink and smoke and I have no desire to. I can’t even advise you, especially when I’m not into it. Sorry.

You’re really well-groomed, shaved and all that. Do you expect the same in a girl?
Yeah of course. Hair down there, all that — it’s important. Most of the time, I like it all gone. It looks well-groomed.

I’m trying to make some guy friends, but whenever I meet a new guy, it seems like all they want from me is sex. The minute I make it clear I’m not interested, they’re gone. Can’t men and women be friends?
It’s possible. I have a platonic friend.

Is she ugly?
She’s very pretty. It’s just not there though. I just know it wouldn’t work. I’ve seen her in relationships before so I know she would get on my nerves. After you break up with an ex you can be friends with them as well.

You can? How do you do that?
It takes a lot of trust in your current partner to know what’s done between you two is done completely.

But, the real question is, is it ever done?
I think it can be.