Sex Advice from MILFs

By Sarah Schwab

Sex Advice From MILFS - Denise

Denise, 45

What’s the best reason to date a MILF?
We're done playing games. We know what we want and aren't afraid to let you know.

Are MILFs better in bed?
Of course we are. We’re more adventurous and willing to try new things. We're closer to perfecting the art of making love. Like they say, practice makes perfect.

Is it bad to have sex with a MILF just to say, “I had sex with a MILF”?
Nope. Just like it's not bad for the MILF to brag that she's had sex with a young, hot stud muffin.

My boyfriend said that sucking on an Altoid while giving me head will intensify the sensation. Is this true? Also, is it safe?
I haven't tried that, but I’ll check it out and let you know. On the safety front, you have to be careful when having fun with food; it can cause the dreaded yeast infection.

My boyfriend shaves his armpits when the weather’s warm. He says it cools down his body temperature. Is it weird that his summer grooming practice freaks me out?
Definitely odd, but to each to his own. If he's comfortable with it, what's the harm?

I was looking for toothpaste in my boyfriend’s toiletry bag and came across a prescription bottle for Viagra. He’s only thirty and I’m worried. What’s going on down there that he’s not telling me about? Should I confront him about it?
Take it as a compliment; he is trying to please you. Ask him if he's healthy and observe his activity level in other arenas. If he is still pursuing athletic activities, rest assured that the Viagra is for your benefit.

My boyfriend is still friends with his ex-girlfriend. Should it bother me that they get lunch a few times a month?
This should only bother you if you found out from a third party, or if you are never included. It shows maturity on your guy’s part that he’s able to maintain a friendship with an ex. He’s able to separate sex and attraction from liking someone's personal characteristics.

This girl I’m dating – a self-proclaimed feminist – recently confessed that she likes being choked while having sex. I care about her and want to make her happy, but I’m a little weirded out. Should I go through with it?
Try it, you might like it. Doesn't sound like a feminist practice to me, but our sexual desires often run counterintuitive to what we project to the outside world.

Should I be ashamed about the number of sex partners I’ve had?
No shame, your experience has made you the sexual being you are today. However, remember most people are judgmental – so share that info judiciously.

My friend said her boyfriend has stronger orgasms when she attends to his ass with her fingers. I heard that a guy's G-spot is located back there. I want to ask my boyfriend about it, but I'm afraid he'll think I'm weird. Any advice?
Your friend is right. Start by lightly stroking the area behind his balls with your fingertip getting closer and closer to his anus. His response should lead to the next step. Once you’re stroking him, go lightly. Let his response guide from there.

Commentarium (40 Comments)

Aug 20 10 - 12:58am

The first woman is so cool and the second one is so awful. I guess sometimes age really doesn't matter so much.

Aug 20 10 - 2:23am

Shannon! please take a gender studies class or gain some life experience or move out of Jersey... you sound like a barbie doll.

Aug 20 10 - 6:15am

There's a strikingly obvious difference in sexual maturity between a woman Shannon's age and one of Denise's age. Shannon seems unsure and unknowledgeable about a lot of things, whereas Denise (and Gabrielle) have dispensed some solid advice. MILFs FTW!

Aug 20 10 - 8:42am

Wow, Denise is so beautiful. I hope I look that hot when I'm 45.

Aug 20 10 - 8:49am

Side note, lots of talk about ass this week... I like it. I'm very fond of that area now because of an awkward...weird...embarrassing... experience in my earlier days (ok, I'll admit it - some air got let out during the act and I was MORTIFIED). Even though I'm too scared to go back there, I've always wondered if other people have positive experiences, and how they makes those experiences happen...

Aug 20 10 - 9:22am

I wish more people were like Denise.

Aug 20 10 - 9:35am

Shannon needs to shut up. "Don’t be a whore. No one likes a whore." What? I love whores. Plenty of people love whores. 'Whore' is a word for a woman who pursues what she wants, sexually. I think that's great. Whores are great. Date them, fuck them, fall in love with them, marry them. Shannon hasn't even taken it up the ass yet. Why is Nerve looking to her for advice?

Aug 20 10 - 9:54am

I love Denise!

Aug 20 10 - 10:04am

Wow, like wine, improves with age.

Aug 20 10 - 10:12am

Jack lmao, that was an awesome comment :o)

Aug 20 10 - 10:19am
Another Jack

I don't care how many kids a woman has, she isn't a MILF unless she's over 35.

Aug 20 10 - 10:27am

I agree that Shannon is definately a bad example of a MILF, but maybe she's on here on purpose... To kind of prove a point that just because you're cute and you're a mom, doesn't exactly mean you're a MILF. True MILFs aren't 23, they're older, wiser, more mature and more experienced. Like the other two...

Aug 20 10 - 12:07pm

Agreed - I think a true MILF has got to be over 35, with a kid who is reasonably grown up. If you have a kid in your teens or early 20s and are reasonably attractive, you're not automatically a MILF. What makes a MILF different than all of the other 35+ women with kids is that they're still fuckable - and not just "moms".

Aug 20 10 - 1:09pm

Wow- what a bunch of unattractive milfs. Not exactly Stiffler's Mom types...

Aug 20 10 - 1:51pm

Anyone else think Stiffler's mom is dreadfully unattractive?

Aug 20 10 - 1:55pm

@ES: what are you talking about?? These women are beautiful in very unique ways - maybe not the cookie-cutter blonde bimbo type that gets you going... Especially Denise. I hope I look that MILFy when I'm pushing 50.

Aug 20 10 - 3:03pm

I'm in love with Gabrielle. Too bad I'm older than she is.

Aug 20 10 - 7:52pm

Lol Kel.

Aug 20 10 - 7:56pm

gabrielle is just classy enough, and just enough older than i am, that i think it'd be interesting without being too weird. aces.

Aug 20 10 - 8:44pm

Denise, totally hot. Shannon, not so much. I agree, 23 with a baby does not a MILF make.
I'm proud of my MILFiness, and I'm 42. Rockin' it.

Aug 21 10 - 12:51am

Hey Nerve!!!! Please note the difference between this and the Talk to Strangers article week. The best, most mature and insightful advice came from folks over 30 - please, please, please quit wasting our time with all those immature, egotistical 20 somethings - give us more *real* content like that from Denise and Gabrielle!!!!! Thank you!!!

Aug 21 10 - 1:47pm

Denise seems like a good candidate to keep around, and help improve the quality of writing in this place...

Aug 21 10 - 11:54pm

Ok, everyone so far seems to really like Denise, but her advice about both the Viagra and the "is choking feminist?" thing are both a bit off. Viagra should not be taken recreationally, period, and should not be condoned b/c he's doing it "for your benefit". And what one likes in the bedroom does not negate one's political and social beliefs. Egads.

Aug 22 10 - 3:38am

Racquel Welch is my favorite GILF of all time.

Aug 22 10 - 2:58pm

If it's a prescription bottle, why assume it's "recreational". Unless you believe all ED drugs for all people are recreational...

Aug 23 10 - 8:54pm

Like Denise I'm 45 and a mother, and can vouch her advice is the best Shannon? A 23 year old? Are you kidding me Nerve?

Aug 24 10 - 12:18am

Sudden realization: There is no male equivalent to MILFs, is there?
In Bed With Married Women

Aug 25 10 - 1:10pm

Ew, Shannon is a mother at 23? She shouldn't be giving out sex advice.

Aug 25 10 - 6:02pm

A 23 yr. old is not a MILF! And she was more of a prude then any of them.
Denise rocked it & Gabrielle was cute but 32? again, not really in the true MILF territory. Unless the kid is 12 or 14, then I guess Gabrielle would be a MILF.
I always thought it was the mom of the guy/gal who was in HS or college, wouldn't that be more in Denise's age group? or did the meaning change here recently?

Aug 25 10 - 6:11pm

Gabrielle is hot. I wish I wasn't older than her...

Aug 25 10 - 6:38pm

MILF just stands for Mother I'd Like to Fuck, because apparently having a kid puts a woman with children in a different category than others because i guess it is traditionally assumed that moms are all dumpy, unattractive, de-sexitized lunch-packing, fussing bags...? in any case, you can still be a MILF at the age of 23. you people are confusing your obnoxious labels here and thinking of cougars when you say one can't be a MILF at 23. for me, Shannon is inexperienced and borderline offensive with her advice and comments and kind of takes the ILF out of the acroymn, but if she is a mom that someone out there wants to bone, then yes, she is a MILF. the "I" means "me", "myself", I want to fuck that mother, so nobody can say who is or is not a MILF because MILF doesn't stand for Mother YOU'D Like to's a subjective thing, as i understand it.

but yeah, Denise rules, Shannon drools.

Aug 25 10 - 6:44pm

...and why does a MILF have to be older than you??? the M stands for MOM-not Methusaleh (as in "as old as..."). some mothers might like to have sex with younger dudes, but i didn't think it was necessarily exclusive. i'm sure the guys fucking Gabrielle and Shannon aren't young enough to actually suspend their disbelief for a mommy fantasy, or they'd both be in big trouble.

Aug 26 10 - 1:03pm

Anyone have any advice on how to get a MILF(or any females, for that matter) into my bed with NSA?!?!? You women are tough!

Aug 26 10 - 3:11pm

How about GILFs ?

Sep 08 10 - 8:43am


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Jul 22 11 - 6:16am

Stay infomratvie, San Diego, yeah boy!

Jul 23 11 - 10:26am

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Jul 23 11 - 11:37am

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