Sex Advice from People Riding the Subway in Their Underwear

Q: What's the proper etiquette for hitting on someone whose pants are already off? A: Half the work’s already been done for you.

By Amanda Green

AdamAdam, 27

Why are flash mob and Improv Everywhere participants better in bed?
They’re willing to try new things and don't mind putting themselves out there. Open-minded people are better in bed.

How did you choose what underwear to wear on the No Pants Subway Ride?
Last year I had no idea what to wear, so I put a lot of thought into it this year. I think that boxers are cheating, since they’re basically shorts. I went with boxer-briefs with penguins on them. I think they’re appropriate with all the snow out, and they’re fun.

Are Improv Everywhere events a good place to pick up girls/guys?
Yes! You already have something in common, and you know they have an outgoing personality. Strangely, people are more relaxed when they’re not wearing pants. They’re definitely a lot easier to approach. 

Sex with my long-term partner is getting boring. What are some easy ways to make it fun?
I'm a big fan of outfits, toys, or doing something you know you shouldn't. Let me in on a dirty secret, like that you’re going commando for the day. Or send me a picture of a new toy you just bought. Even texting dirty while together in a public place can be a lot of fun.

My roommate has walked in on my boyfriend and me having sex twice now. I'm beginning to think she's doing it on purpose. How should I bring it up?
I’d bring it up casually in a joking matter. You don't want to come off as aggressive if it was on accident. Maybe stress that she should knock first before coming in, or even resort to the sock on the doorknob if it turns into a big problem. 

The idea of making a sex tape with my boyfriend really turns me on. How can I convince him to do it?
Tell him it’s something you’ll watch while you’re alone and wanting him. Also, sex tapes are fun to watch while having sex. He really shouldn't need too much convincing. 

I recently slept with a guy who was more groomed down there than I am, and he seemed grossed out by me. Do two people have to be on the same pubic-hair wavelength to make it work?
If you're in a relationship, you just have to communicate what you want. If a girl’s going down on me, I’m going to try to please her with grooming and vice-versa. If one person is asking too much, maybe a compromise can be made. Example: if the girl doesn't want to go completely bare, perhaps she could have a small landing strip.

My new girlfriend got pissed that I'm tagged in pictures with my ex-girlfriend on Facebook, especially since my ex and I are on good terms. She's convinced I must not be over the relationship. What should I do about it?
Stress that there is nothing wrong with being friends with your ex. Ending things on good terms is a lot better than having a bitter ex. Emphasize that, clearly, you have chosen your current girlfriend. You wouldn't be with her if you still wanted to be with your ex.

I'm really into this girl I'm seeing, but she never goes down on me. She feels it's degrading. Should I just drop it, or is there a way we can compromise?
Compromise. Suggest trying to 69, since it's more mutual.

Commentarium (17 Comments)

Jan 11 11 - 1:20am

Flash mobs are so 2006.

Jan 11 11 - 1:54am

This isn't even a secret flash mob event anymore. I love it, though. Improv Everywhere's great.

Jan 11 11 - 12:05pm

You guys should link to Improv Everywhere if you're going to attend their event and create an article out of it. Nice article, though.

Jan 11 11 - 12:34pm

I saw this in union square and they weren't riding the subway, they were just sprinting from bar to bar or standing around freezing their asses off in little groups.

Jan 11 11 - 12:39pm

Is it just me or are the majority of people in the 'sex advice' segment dudes.....can't we balance it out a bit more on the gender front....

Jan 11 11 - 12:59pm

Anty, Union Square is the final destination of the subway ride. Riders converged at Times Square and then rode down.

Jan 11 11 - 1:06pm

CJT - We do our very, very best to balance the gender in these -- they're always two women / one man or vice versa. Which is pretty good, considering that men are roughly fifty times more willing to participate in these sorts of things, on average!

Jan 11 11 - 1:47pm

i'd be more worried if these flash-mobbers weren't hooking up with each other. these things seem like they only exist to make it easier to get past the initial embarrassment of the awkward flirtation. i'd be interested to see stats on how many of these people ended up exchanging numbers that day. maybe find some flash-mobbers that transitioned into real relationships.

Jan 12 11 - 3:36am

Liberal Bastards!!! Quit being wussys!!!

Jan 12 11 - 3:12pm
Jones Smith

I agree, more ladies please. And wow Catherine is sexy.

Jan 12 11 - 6:12pm

the no pants subway ride looks so fun. haters just wish they were brave enough to ride the subway in their underwear.

Jan 12 11 - 7:38pm
Ryan Stevens

I'm going to have to organize one of these in my town. It looks like a lot of fun.

Jan 13 11 - 11:11am

I just think about what's on those subway seats and, eeew, I want as many layers as possible between me and that.

Jan 16 11 - 3:59pm

If more folks wore fewer clothes the world would be a friendlier place!

Jan 16 11 - 11:25pm

re: the question about the person's roommate walking in on her and her boyfriend - assuming it's happening in her bedroom, why don't they just lock the door/get a lock if there isn't one? surprised no one suggested that.

Jan 17 11 - 7:04pm

The lock was suggested. If you live with someone it's general courtesy to not just go into someone else's room. I think the question implied sex outside the bedroom.

Jan 18 11 - 2:39pm

Love Amanda.