Sex Advice From People With Large Twitter Followings

Jen Kirkman, 35

What's the best reason to date someone with a large Twitter following?
The best reason is that you’ll be secure in the knowledge that whoever you are dating is popular, and by positioning yourself next to said person, you have a shot at popularity and being adored too. You won’t admit this but I’ll say it for you.

How do I get a person from Twitter to meet me in person?kirkman Why don’t you start with asking, "Hey, want to meet me in person?" Then pick a location and then make sure you are okay with the possibility of getting murdered.

What do I do about all these one-night stands that want to friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter?
If they were good in bed, let them follow you and maybe you’ll have a second-night stand. If not, I find that hitting "ignore" or "block" speaks volumes without having to say a word.

This guy I've been seeing is filling up my feed with too many jokes that aren't funny. This is leaning toward deal-breaker territory. What should I do?
If his jokes aren’t funny that means he isn’t funny, and if that’s a deal breaker, go ahead and break the deal. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant if the chef’s dishes sucked. Reading unfunny things on the web should be something you only have to do when your uncle sends you email forwards a few times a year.

My boyfriend's tweets disclose way too much information ("Gonna have sex now!"). He told me to lighten up, but I think he needs to tone it down. How much disclosure is too much?
If he is Tweeting that he’s going to have sex, he doesn’t seem like he’s that in the moment with you. And he sounds kind of douche-y. Are you dating John Mayer?

What's the single biggest dating mistake that men/women make?
I think the biggest mistake women make is having sex on the first date, thinking it makes them seem cool and/or non-committal. He just thinks, "Now I know what that’s like and I have no vested interest in knowing you more…" It sounds old-fashioned, but wait until the third date like your grandmother would have.

What's the most important lesson you've learned from your past relationships?
I’ve learned that when a guy is trying to dump me, I shouldn’t try to talk him out of it by arguing that I’m "the best thing for him." A healthy diet and exercise are "the best thing" for everybody, but most people don’t want to do that either.

Commentarium (14 Comments)

Mar 05 10 - 2:42am

The sex on the first date advice is complete rubbish.

Mar 05 10 - 4:27am

I think the sex on the first date thing really varies between people. Some people won't respect you for it and some people will want to marry you. The problem is you don't know them well enough to know which type they are. Of course, if you don't care, then there's no harm in finding out by sleeping with them on the first date.

Mar 05 10 - 9:01am

I'm all for sex on the first date if the moment feels right.

Mar 05 10 - 10:41am

My best relationships have started with sex on the first date. You know when you meet someone whether you can love them or not. Otherwise, you're just playing games.

Mar 05 10 - 10:43am

People with large Twitter followings tend to be balanced and humble? I'll take her word for it...

Mar 05 10 - 12:41pm

I assumed that was a joke...I can't imagine anyone seriously thinking twitter was full of people who are humble and not narcissistic

Mar 05 10 - 2:30pm

"Never go full hustler (retard)."

Mar 05 10 - 10:45pm

I thought the first girl was annoying as hell until she won me over with that last answer. Hilarious :)

Mar 06 10 - 11:35am

good stuff kirks. i think the advice about first dates is solid, even though girls are constantly pressing for first date action. i always find myself asking them, "can't we just cuddle?"

ps: i don't follow you on "the twitters" but i will forever be a facebook fan.

Mar 06 10 - 7:09pm

"break it off." sounds a bit suggestive..

Mar 07 10 - 3:56am

Damn, I was really hoping for sex advice from Justin's dad (though I guess it's Justin with the following, technically).

Mar 07 10 - 5:52pm

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Mar 16 10 - 1:39am

I found out my new girlfriend is a Teabagger, so we don't see eye to eye. Can this relationship work?

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