Sex Advice From People
With Lip Rings

By Ryan Lavalette

DB, 24

What has having a lip ring taught you about dating?
Apparently people think that if you have a lip ring that you're into freaky stuff. At first I was a little offended and then I was did they know? But really, it makes a difference with how people initially receive you. Especially parents.

What's the best reason to date someone with a lip ring?
'Cause biting your lip looks so much damn cuter with a lip ring.

My boyfriend wants to get a piercing that I'm not crazy about. Is there any way to talk him out of this, or do I just need to learn to live with it?
Okay, so I dated this guy who was growing a beard and it kinda made him look like Shel Silverstein. I told him it was his face — he could do what he wanted with it. But after a while it creeped me out so much that I couldn't have sex with him. So you have to ask yourself how un-crazy about this piercing are you? If it's enough that it's going to affect how you feel about him then tell him, but if not, then know that piercings come out and heal up later. Just don't let him get a nose ring, those look really lame on guys.

What's the most bizarre thing you've had to face in the bedroom?
A keyboard. We thought it'd be funny to play the national anthem while doing it. I don't even remember if I got off, I was just laughing too hard.

If a girl is pretty but dumber than rocks, I can't get over it no matter how cute she is. Does intelligence play a factor in your romantic choices, or can their looks outweigh anything?
Aw, is this the girl who brings cupcakes to a group presentation because she didn't do any work? Here's the thing, I'm all for banging hot chicks — it's awesome — but no one is hot forever. In my opinion, no amount of pretty can make up for not being able to spell your own name.

What's one mistake guys/girls always make when it comes to foreplay?
Just one? Everyone feels different about foreplay so maybe the biggest mistake people make is thinking that if the last girl (or guy) was in love with that one move you do that the next one will love it too. Other than that you have other mistakes like too much foreplay making too little sex, trying too many foreplay moves, being systematic...

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Commentarium (12 Comments)

Apr 23 10 - 4:25am

Lip rings may not *be* gross, but they look gross. Unless you're right up close, it looks like you have a cold sore, and that makes me not want to get close enough that I'll find out the truth. Way to go, ringers.

Apr 23 10 - 4:28am

The only thing worse are those nose-danglers. NOBODY looks good in those. It's like you have perma-snot.

Apr 23 10 - 9:42am

How about you do a segment "sex advice from spanish women" it will be so much better than this.

Apr 23 10 - 9:51am

yo PO, maybe you just mad you don't get any play, lip rings are hot and freaky.

Apr 23 10 - 10:09am

I've only kissed on girl with a lip ring, but it was pretty good, PO.

I must say, if it's positioned just right on the lip, major turn-on. A nose stud is really, really hot too.

Apr 23 10 - 3:05pm

@mathias, "play"? What are you, 60?

Apr 23 10 - 4:31pm

I'm guessing that tongue rings would inspire even better responses. Because why the hell would someone spike their tongue.

Apr 24 10 - 3:46am

What do you think?

Apr 29 10 - 10:19am

A dentist told me that people with mouth piercings usually have the worst breath, because bacteria collects around it.

Also, isn't the lip ring a bit dangerous for blowjobs?

May 01 10 - 12:17am

Uhm I must say that I'm a girl with a lip ring. And I have had no problems with giving my partner what he wants.

May 24 10 - 5:52pm

you hot