Sex Advice From The Pride Parade

Q: You guys are all queer, do you have any sex tips for straight women? A: Straight girls should strap it on and do it in the butt.

By Johannah King-Slutzky

Shane, Honey, and Hester, Twentysomethings

I'm trying to get more into toys, got any recommendations?
Shane: Not really. If I'm not getting any I'm just not getting any. For guys you can never go wrong with a fleshlight. It's a standard I guess.
Hester: Need to get more of them myself.
Honey: Yeah, I'm really curious, it's been out for a while but the remote control bullet, you wear it, or your partner wears it. And I was thinking when would I use it, but you know if you're going out it would be great.

Yeah I really like those, they're making these science fiction ones now.
Yeah, like the alien one? There's a company that was making zombie ones and then they were doing zombie dildos and I was like, ”I want those for the sheer humor factor.” I want these horror themed ones. My drag that I do is all horror themed's a lifestyle.

How do I recruit a straight person to be gay?
 Go give them a hug.
Hester: Touch their butt.
Shane: Liquor always helps.
Honey: I would go up to them and just be like, “Ooh, you look so cuuuuute.”
Shane: Charm 'em, charm 'em. Use your amazing charm. Gotta use it.

Do you have a favorite joke or something that you would use to charm somebody?
 Ooh, no. I'm all about pet names, though. Everyone's “Darlin',” “Sweetie,” “Honey”—she's actually named “Honey” so that makes things confusing. But yeah, pet names are the first step in affection.

I assume you guys are all queer, do you have any sex tips for straight men or straight women?
For guys, go down on your lady. And be open to them using toys. Cause I feel like there's like this—like, you don't use toys with your straight boyfriends. My straight girlfriends always make fun of me for thinking that they should.
Shane: And straight guys, don't be afraid to play with your b-hole! It's a thing. The prostate is right there. Women are not lucky enough to have the ability that men do to get pleasure from your anus. Have fun.
Honey: And straight girls should strap it on and do it in the butt.


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