Lesley, 22

Is it ever okay to date an intern? What are the ground rules?
Haven't political scandals over the years taught you anything? Don't do it. Too many people talk in the office and it just gets messy.

Any tips on picking someone up at a political convention or rally?
I always feel like people are really stiff at these things. Look the part, but have a really dynamic personality. Political people tend to gravitate towards charismatic individuals who have opinions they're not afraid to support.

Should I groom my bush for my partner?
I feel like it's common courtesy if you're sleeping with someone to take care of yourself. Unless he says he likes a full bush, book an appointment at a local salon.

When is it okay to talk politics on a date?
It depends on the person and how well the date is going. If the person comes across as extremely conservative or extremely liberal, this is usually a red flag. I've never had a good experience talking to extremists because they never seem to want to listen to the other side. In this case, just avoid talking about politics all together.


Rob, 26


I'm getting back together with an ex, but I'm afraid we still have the same issues from our past relationship. How do we move forward?
Getting back together with an ex is rarely a good idea, in my estimation, but if you're going to do it you need to be proactive about things. If you start having the same problems you had before, speak up right away. Being silent just for the sake of stability is foolish. Time doesn't usually make relationship problems better. It typically makes them worse. Better to address those problems early in a relationship, before marriage and kids complicate things.

I'm a bleeding-heart liberal who's meeting my significant other's Republican parents for the first time. How do I make a good first impression?
I'm actually in a situation like that right now, but the roles are reversed. My fiancee's parents are really, really liberal and I'm very, very conservative. The key is respect. Test the waters a bit. Offer up a contrary opinion during the course of a conversation. If they accept it without being mean or nasty or going off the deep end, you're in. If they can't, just avoid politics while you're around them. As long as you and your partner can mesh politically, whether or not you can mesh with your partner's parents politics is irrelevant.

What's your strategy for getting someone into bed on the first date?
I don't have one. Having a "strategy" for sex sounds terribly manipulative to me. I don't want to manipulate someone into having sex with me. If it happens, it happens. Though I'd also point out that I wouldn't have sex with a woman who I hadn't spent some time with first. No matter how careful you are, sex means the possibility of pregnancy. I don't want to end up committing myself in that way to someone who, in the long run, I can't stand.

I'm a liberal who's sleeping with a staunch Republican. Is our relationship doomed?
It's not doomed, but there has to be some mutual respect. A person's politics are as personal and sacred as a person's spiritual beliefs. If you're Christian and can't respect your partner for being Jewish or agnostic or whatever, then you shouldn't be together. The same goes for political beliefs.

Is it ever okay to date an intern?
I don't think you should date people you work with, especially not subordinates. The risk for sexual-harassment problems, no matter how well-intentioned your advances are, are just too great. Plus, if you have a relationship and it fails badly you're going to be stuck working with someone who, at best, is uncomfortable to be around and, at worst, is actively trying to get revenge on you through office politics.

Is it okay to talk politics on a date?
It's okay as long as you're not obnoxious about it. Dates are all about getting to know one another, and I don't think it's fair to hide a part of yourself just to perpetuate a relationship.

What's the best place to pick up a conservative?
Gun stores, I'd imagine. There can't be a lot of liberals in gun stores looking for deals on ammo.


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