Laura, 23

You're cute. You must get hit on all day while canvassing.
Yes. It's typically guys, but some girls, too. Two days ago, some guy said he would sign anything I gave him, if I let him stick it in my butt. He said it like he was serious.

How did you react?
I just said no, and he walked away. And there was this guy from Italy who kissed me on my cheek, called me his beautiful angel, and recited an Italian poem for me.

Was he drunk?

How do you deal with sexual harassment?
I'm working, so all I can say is, "That's inappropriate." There've been incidents where a female canvasser was stroked or got her ass grabbed.

So, I feel insensitive for asking this right after you've told me about sexual harassment on the job, but would you ever be open to meeting someone while canvassing?
Probably not. I'm in a relationship, first of all. But I feel like if someone's hitting on me in this type of situation, it's creepy.

But what if the person's nice and attractive and obviously believes in the cause? 
I'd be more comfortable dating another canvasser. Canvassers are all part of this unique world other people aren't aware of, and we have this cause in common.

So how can a random passerby get the attention of a canvasser?
Don't be creepy. Walk up to the canvasser, listen to what he or she says, and help out in whatever way you can if you support the cause. Feel it out before you ask for a phone number. You have to talk a bit to know if the canvasser's receptive. We get a lot of attention we don't want.

Has sidewalk canvassing changed the way you would approach dating?
Yeah. I talk to strangers on the street, so approaching someone in a bar is nothing.

I've been with my boyfriend for awhile, and he's suddenly become more sexually adventurous — like a totally different person in bed. Should I suspect he's cheating?
No. It's natural to want to try new things. Assuming that his curiosity must come from a bad place isn't healthy. If you say something suspicious to your boyfriend, he'll be discouraged from ever trying anything new. 

I recently ended a long-term relationship. My ex-girlfriend and I both agreed we fell out of love with each other, so I thought it was mutual. I bumped into one of her friends recently, and the friend had no idea we'd broken up. I'm beginning to think my ex hasn't told many people. Why wouldn't she tell people close to her that we're no longer together? Should I confront her?
I don't know that people always tell everyone about a breakup right away. Sometimes they wait it out to see what happens, or until they can talk about it without falling apart. I'd try to contact the ex's best friend. That's the person who'd definitely know. Maybe the friends you ran into aren't close friends.

Your answers take such a stand. No waffling from you.
Yeah. I know what I believe.

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Aug 17 11 - 12:40am

Laura had the best answer for the long term break up question. If I don't tell everyone I know about the break up right away, I want to get back together? Bull.

Aug 17 11 - 7:55am

Fucking charity muggers.

Aug 17 11 - 3:10pm

yea fuck these reformist charity pimps. acting all smug, "you wanna save the world today?" these non profit organizations use most of the money to pay salaries of E.D s and staff. how much is left over.

Aug 17 11 - 10:55pm

These people suck. They ambush me when I'm trying to do some shopping downtown. I'm like, so did you buy those clothes you're wearing, or does all this money you make go to the charity. Yeah, that's what I thought. I'm way more likely to give my money to a homeless guy. I've got my own charities I support. Fucking charity muggers is right.

Aug 17 11 - 8:22am

Roger's way cute!

Aug 17 11 - 11:24am

They only talked to Save the Children canvassers. As a canvasser, that's a little annoying.

Aug 17 11 - 2:31pm
Grady LaLa

@ Katie: Yeah, normally canvassers are dishing out annoyance, rather than receiving it.

Aug 17 11 - 3:23pm

Canvassers are telemarketers in the street. We hated them on the phones, now we hate them to their faces. If you are a canvasser, you're not supporting a cause, you're just adding another element in the bureaucracy of dividing up charity money instead of simply putting it towards the cause.

Self-righteous assholes getting in my way.

Aug 18 11 - 5:16am

Want to know what happened? see for yourself:

Aug 18 11 - 1:27pm

One time a canvasser tried to get me with "Do you want to help feed the children?" I ignored him but half an hour later I realized I should have said "feed them to what?"

Damn you, l'esprit de l'escalier!

Aug 18 11 - 7:00pm

Does Nick have Downs?

Aug 23 11 - 11:31am

Canvassing is a job. You get paid for your job, don't you? Why shouldn't canvassers get paid?
For the record, they're not making a hell of a lot of money, and for most organizations, the money made through canvassing dwarves the money paid to canvassers. Like the first canvasser said, if you're not doing your job and bringing money in, you're fired.
I would add to what these three said by saying that canvassing builds character and helps you become a better judge of character. People can talk all they want about stopping the climate crisis or world hunger or hate crimes, but until they put their feet on the pavement and their money where their mouths are, then it means nothing.
Activism is sexy as hell. Apathy is a bore and a turnoff. Show the world some love.

Aug 31 11 - 3:54pm

for me, the annoyance is not being left alone when I gently decline to give money. I am a broke college grad, but I still have a couple charities that I donate to on a yearly basis. I was stopped by someone who works for one of those charities the other day, and I said "honestly, I support your cause and I do donate to [charity] every year. I also just spent a month of unemployment volunteering for [charity] so I do care, but I just don't have the money to be giving out money to canvassers." She continued to badger me to try to get money from me. Caring about causes doesn't mean that you are interested in being made to feel guilty every single time you don't give money to a particular charity.

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Sep 10 11 - 5:33am

I like to ensure my donation actually reaches the target destination without being pared away by blood sucking leeches, so I actually pull the cork and shove the bottle into every homeless drunk I donate to, and wait till the suckling instinct kicks in before I slope off into the midnight fog.

Nov 23 11 - 5:48am

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