Sex Advice From: Witches

Q: Are there any charms or spells I can use to make someone fall in love with me? A: Yes there are. And I won’t tell you them.


Selina Bell, 42

Is there any charm or spell I can use to make someone fall in love with me? And are there potential negative consequences of doing this?
You cannot make someone fall in love with you. You can influence them, on occasion, but everything has consequences. So if you use a spell that’s powerful, and someone does fall in love with you, they could be overbearing, they could not be what you’re expecting, they could be abusive. It’s not advisable to do that.

Is there such a thing as sex magic?
Yes there is. It’s usually performed in a devoted couple: they’re in a very strong relationship. And what’s it’s meant to do is strengthen their bond, as well as increase their magic. 

How do you know if you love someone?
Well, there’s the physical reaction, of the sweaty palms and butterflies in your stomach, and the heart racing, your body flushes and you’re constantly aroused around them. But there’s a difference between physical love, which is lust, and companionship love. That person that you trust, that person that is always there, that makes you feel complete and whole. What we believe is love society-wise, and what really is love, are two different things.

Do you find it’s an issue when you have to bring up being a witch to potential romantic partners?
No, I don’t. But I have no reservations about being a witch. Then again, what I know is being a witch, and what society thinks is being a witch are two different things

My girlfriend lied and told me her ex-boyfriend was out of her life, but he’s not. Is this a big deal? What do you think is the worst lie you can tell a romantic partner?
Usually when a couple lies to each other, there’s a lack of trust, a lack of communication. Something isn’t right in the relationship. If you’re in a serious “thinking-about-moving-in-together” stage, this isn’t the relationship for you. As a witch, we don’t get that out of shape about little things. We live by the rule, ‘do as you will, but cause no harm.’ I’ve been practicing hypnosis and therapy for several years now, and I’ve never had a Wiccan couple come into my office. 

What’s the best thing someone has ever done to you in bed?
I have a friend, he’s also Wiccan, and he has a gift for touch. He has a healing touch, and he gave me the best massage I’ve ever had, and multiple orgasms at the same time. 

Do you think there are clues for determining your sexual compatibility with someone before you actually have sex?
Well there’s your astrological signs. You can get those online anywhere. But the best way to know if you’re compatible with someone is to discuss what you want and what you need before you even go there. If you can’t tell them what you want, they’re walking around like a blind man in a dark room. 

Whenever I go out to bars or clubs, I’m always too afraid to talk to girls. How can I work up my courage?
First off, the mind-set has to be there. You have to be confident and proud of who you are. There are also several herbs you can use that will stimulate your self-esteem. For men, it would be a cinnamon, a birch, a pine, a woodsy, musky smell. 

What’s a first-date dealbreaker for you?

Oh my god, it’s been years since I’ve had a first date! Um…if he smells? How he’s dressed? Wearing plaid? I guess either smelling really bad, or being overly cocky. Someone who thought they were all that and a bag of donuts.

I don’t know how to end a date in a smooth way. How can I tell if a girl wants me to kiss her or not?  
Listen to your inner self. A lot of it has to do with body language. If she’s standing there with her arms crossed and legs crossed, that one’s not gonna happen. Does she lean into you? Does she smile at you? Worse case scenario, you lean in and she slaps you. Best case scenario, you end up in her room.


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