Sex Advice From World of Warcraft Players

Sex Advice From World of Warcraft Players

Janelle, 28

What has World of Warcraft taught you about dating?

I've found that the true nature of people tends to come out when they think they can hide behind an avatar. For example: your boyfriend gets ridiculously jealous that you have better gear, or your girlfriend uses her gender to manipulate people.  There's no faster way to find out what a jerk your potential partner is than seeing what happens when loot you both need drops.janelle

If you belong to the Alliance, and you date a member of the Horde, how do you keep the conflict contained to the game?

Why keep the conflict contained to the game? I think this makes for some very interesting real-life sexual role-play scenarios!

What's the best way to ask a fellow player out in real life without coming off weird?

Definitely don't do it over in-game chat. You should at least start by speaking over voice chat to each other, make sure the person really is the gender/age they say they are. Then move on to telephone conversations, and try to schedule a visit. Isn't hook-up opportunities what BlizzCon is REALLY for?

My mom walked in on me and my girlfriend having sex on the living room couch. This was the first time she ever met my mom, and now she's too mortified to ever come back. How can I make this situation comfortable for everyone?

First, you should apologize to your mother, assure her that you were having safe sex, and tell her how embarrassed your girlfriend is. After you've done that, you should talk to your girlfriend and let her know that everything is fine. Then offer to introduce her to your mother for real. If I were her, I'd be open and say something like, "Hi, Mrs. XYZ, I'm really sorry about how we met, but I'm hoping we can move past this," with a big, friendly smile.janneleavatar

I like watching porn during sex, but I've always been slow to introduce it in the bedroom because it might freak my date out. Should I be worrying about this so much, or should I go ahead and pop in a DVD?

I think every couple should talk about sex openly; that said, I wouldn't "Go ahead and pop in a DVD." Talk to her casually and see how she feels about porn. If she's open to it, perhaps start with something a little more soft-core before breaking out the crazy stuff. Make sure you are watching this to enhance the experience together. Don't make it seem like you're imagining Jenna Jameson's face on her body.

It's rare when a guy can make me come, but my vibrator has always done the job. Is it offensive to bring it out when I'm with a guy, assuming that he won't be able get me off?

Hell no! Let him know that you enjoy it, and want to enjoy it together with him. Show him how to use it on you so he can play a more proactive role. In my experience, guys' finding out you were faking an orgasm is far more devastating to their egos than a girl who knows what she wants and how she likes it.

My girlfriend can't afford her apartment anymore and has to move back in with her parents. The distance could seriously harm our relationship. Asking her to move in makes sense financially, but I'm afraid it's too early. What do I do?

If you think it's too early, then maybe it is. Perhaps the wisest choice is to let her move back and save some money; meanwhile, get her a subscription to World of Warcraft and play with her on it. When my fiance had to move back to Australia for a few months, we used World of Warcraft as a stand-in for seeing each other. You know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe after a few months it won't be "too soon" anymore.

Commentarium (48 Comments)

Jan 29 10 - 2:30am

No one cares what attractive WoW players have to say about sex.

Jan 29 10 - 3:25am

Brooke is wise beyond her year. I wish she was milady.

Jan 29 10 - 6:54am

According to Brooke:"people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer tend to have excellent imaginations — the brain is our most powerful sexual organ" and also tend to have saggy fat asses and lack of the vigor required to fuck like imagination dictates.

Jan 29 10 - 9:55am

Come on, everyone knows WoW players are not having sex ;P

Jan 29 10 - 10:20am

i think Mike is hot! Loved this.

Jan 29 10 - 11:45am

"Come on, everyone knows WoW players are not having sex ;P" Correct. They are having /sex.

Jan 29 10 - 12:03pm

I myself sometimes struggle to make ends meet and wonder if I have to re-locate, and how that will affect my own relationship. Its good to read some advice from a few peers and see that there are options that won't put too much strain on our relationships.

Jan 29 10 - 2:28pm

Janelle is quite the cutie! She has a fiance? Bummer.

Jan 29 10 - 2:52pm


Jan 30 10 - 9:44am

This article is bullshit and paid ringers to fake it. I work in the video game industry and all the WoW players who fired up the game on their terminals during their lunch breaks, even the ones who go home to their WoW wives, are not people I'd trust with advice on my sex life.

Jan 30 10 - 11:28am

Totally true about how someone's deep-seated vices come out during play. I dated a WoW player who had like 15 levels on me. Wouldn't even throw me a scrap to help out. He'd also buy high end electronics and charge the bills to his dad's company for himself (mice, joysticks, monitors, HDs) and would "forget" to get me anything.

Apr 02 11 - 8:08pm

Wait, so you wanted him to steal shit from his dad for YOU ? HAH!

Jan 30 10 - 1:28pm

I play WoW with my husband regularly. Not only is our sex life exciting, but I have lots of interesting and successful sex advice. Let's not pigeonhole WoW players. In fact, I'm a RL black female who WoWs 30+ hours a week. If can ask barbers and hairdressers, they can ask WoW players.

Apr 02 11 - 8:09pm

every rule has an exception but when someone has the need to live in a ROLE PLAYING GAME thirty fleeting hours a week, theres a problem.

Fuckin tards, how do people not grow out of video games even a little...

Jan 30 10 - 1:57pm


I can assure you I didn't get paid ;)

Jan 30 10 - 2:59pm
Keith Whitener

The guy who's worried about it being too soon might be worried because of the idea that there's a timeline when such things ought to be done and if one does not adhere to it something is wrong. I think this is an unfortunate state of affairs because all people and all relationships are different.

Jan 31 10 - 2:33am

Interesting and Hot

Feb 05 10 - 1:45am

Hahhah having /sex that's great
I read this just because I play WoW and honestly I liked it, and yes, my dear babies we all have sex

Feb 05 10 - 7:16pm

anyone else notice things starting to repeat after the second page?

Feb 05 10 - 7:23pm
Lions Say Roar

Just because you don't get any doesn't make it ok to hate on WoW players

Feb 08 10 - 11:45am
Ms J

I play WoW and dated 2 other WoW players...we had sex all the damn time and couldn't keep our hands off each other. There are also a lot of couples that play together.

Trust me there's nothing hotter than fitting in that quickie before raid time! >:)

Apr 02 11 - 8:10pm

all 3 of you? DAMN!

Feb 08 10 - 6:26pm

I came here looking for Chinese wow gold and this is what I find? Look I need 100,000 gold delivered to Malfurion server by tonight at 16:00 PST for a Raid, if you can sell for $9.00 or less per 1k, hit me up.

Feb 08 10 - 6:29pm
Xiu Chu

I agree with artcle .... dreamsky has best gold deal for buyers/sellers. You give girlfriend big gold you get best love. We offer 24 hr service, trade in game or use of auction system, garrantteed service 110%!

Feb 08 10 - 6:36pm

If your too busy making love, practicing love, talking or chatting about love advice then how are you gonna win season 9 PVP gear?

Fast answer: You can't because you will never be leet. Ever period.

Go ahead and type /loveadvice, but in WG I will own you with my one shot fireball, I crit at at 85% at 9.9k dmg with no buffs. Divorced wife, gave away dog. Sometimes you have to sacrifice what you love for power.

Feb 10 10 - 7:01pm

WTF Mike, a WoW player can't forget someone's birthday. I've seen a guy show up to raid who forgot it was his OWN birthday until someone pointed it out.

Feb 10 10 - 10:04pm

"Sometimes you have to sacrifice what you love for power."

I agree completely. Who needs love and sex, when those things fade? Power is eternal.

Feb 10 10 - 10:05pm

And that Mike dude is hot. Give me a smart dude with a beard any day.

Feb 10 10 - 10:05pm

...I think my two comments just contradicted each other... except my first comment was completely sarcastic.

Feb 13 10 - 8:44pm

Sex Advice From World of Warcraft Players


Mar 21 10 - 1:29pm

Stuppid article.. everyone has sex so also wow players.. whats so special about them having sex? wow offers various exciting new positions? :D

Mar 25 10 - 4:05pm

wow realy SEX!

Mar 25 10 - 4:06pm


Jun 25 10 - 9:11pm

ROFL... oh teh funny... I don't know what's making me laugh harder: The general concept of this article, or l33tskills' comment.

Jun 27 10 - 4:32pm

These individuals do not resemble the WOW players I have met IRL in any fashion whatsoever. I mean really. I didn't see a single pile of empty pizza boxes or Mountain Dew 2 liters anywhere!

Jul 31 10 - 12:22pm
Bloodchief of Ghet

Well said punk!

Aug 20 10 - 3:45pm

ok..for everyone who thinks WoW players are all fat over-weight losers who never get laid. Go take a quick look at some stats. Nerds not only make better lovers, but we have more sex and more relationships on average. and i mean in person, not over the internet.

in closing.. FOR THE HOARD!

Aug 21 10 - 2:42am

my boyfriend and i are both in the horde. he got me to play wow a few years back and its been awesome. we connect in so many levels now that we're both lvl 80 clothies and after a good raid run, we have really good adrenaline fueled sex.

just make sure you turn off your vent cuz you dont want your other party members eavesdrop on your private moment O.O

Aug 21 10 - 2:47am

lol and its really awesome when he gives me presents like on noblegarden, when i was still lvl 40 ish. he took me to nagrand to a place with a great view and we both got the blushing bride achievement and he got me flowers from dalaran. later that night he came over and we had some mind blowin sex. woohoo.

Sep 14 10 - 3:52pm

hahahaha LOLOLOLOLOLOL nob le garden...

Sep 16 10 - 2:22pm
Joe G.

agreed, jump in to bed in combat stance! I am a soldier, and a lot of us play WoW believe it or not, and we are for the most part in great shape(cant speak for all soldiers) Now if only I could get out of afghanistan(deployed) and meet a female who is interested in gaming. I know they must exist! LoLz

Oct 26 10 - 10:01am

wow players dont have sex? not true lol stop stereotyping! just because i play wow does not mean im a geek lol i like playing wow cuz its a good place to unwind after a hard day at work.

Feb 04 11 - 4:35pm
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Mar 07 11 - 3:07am

the very sad thing is that many have made fun of WoW players and say we dont have sex. the sader thing is they must have less time than us off of the computer because they take the time to stalk us and read our articles just to talk shit to us. so who is worse??? the one who likes a relaxation from real life or the idiot who doesnt understand it and spends all their time in envy of us?

Jul 21 11 - 11:08pm

Ho ho, who wuodla thunk it, right?

Jul 26 11 - 11:17pm
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