Jason, 28

What’s the best reason to date a young Republican? 
You will be dating a man (or woman) with upstanding moral fiber. People of conservative backgrounds tend to be a bit more chivalrous, as well. 
Are young Republicans better in bed then young Democrats? 
Unequivocally, yes. 
I consider myself extremely right-wing. But this girl I have a crush on is a huge leftist. I want to go for it, but am afraid that personal politics will eventually lead to bedroom politics. What do you think? 
Wait it out; establish a rapport (emotionally and physically); and save  the discussion for later. No use throwing a wrench in the cogs too early. The point here is to not let it get too heated. That's where the trouble starts. 
I’ve always wanted to have a threesome with two girls. I told my girlfriend and she agreed – if she could have a threesome with two guys. Is this a fair tradeoff? 
Absolutely. Give what you take, gentlemen, and take what you give. 
I’m totally broke, and my lease is up in three weeks. My boyfriend of four months, who’s got plenty of money, suggested that I move in with him. Would it be wrong to accept his offer? 
My girlfriend reminds me all the time that this is not a matter of who has what, but making a team effort. At some point, you have to stop thinking of it in terms of "mine" and "yours" and thinking of life as "ours.” That being said, pull your weight. 
Does the number of one’s sexual partners matter?
Only of it matters to the other person, but you should come into it in an understanding that you've had a life before. If you can't take that perspective, find a nice virgin. 
What’s worse: physically or emotionally cheating? 
As heinous as physical cheating is, emotional cheating can cause more permanent damage. 
For the first few months of I was with my boyfriend, we had sex around the clock. Six months in, I’m lucky if we have sex once a week. We don’t fight or anything, but we’re never in the mood anymore. Is the relationship on the rocks? 
You need to take steps to be more proactive when you want nookie. Try different approaches — like, not right at bedtime. Try earlier in the day or at lunchtime, or in the morning. Generally, it may take a few moments, but it should never take more than thirty seconds to get a man going. If it does, there really is something wrong. 

Commentarium (78 Comments)

Sep 03 10 - 12:15am

Republicans are all about abstinence, so how do any of these people know anything about sex?

Sep 03 10 - 12:19am

love it. Nerve interviewed a closet case (Scott, seriously. that dude's bracelet is at least bi-curious and his answer that male GOP are good sex and women are eh is full gay), someone who divorces over a towel rack (Jaimee, though I'm ok with her), and a butch lesbian communist virgin (Jason).

Sep 03 10 - 12:24am

Number 1 is creeperiffic and Number 3 is totally whipped. If these are the only flavors republican men come in (and in my experience, they are) I'll gladly dtick to my lovely dems and independants

Sep 03 10 - 12:25am

dtick meaning stick with their dick of course. Silly typos

Sep 03 10 - 12:43am

Right wingers (in whatever country) just creep me out. i've got goosebumps, and not the good kind.

Sep 03 10 - 5:17am

This was ... yawn.. boring. I like getting it on with conservative women- it's my way of sticking it to the man.

Sep 03 10 - 7:02am

"punish that liberal pussy"

keep it classy, brohim

Sep 03 10 - 8:40am

Nerve, what were you thinking?

Sep 03 10 - 9:03am

I'm far from being a young republican, but I think Jason had some good insight - especially the last question about trying to have sex at different times of the day. It's true, sometimes people really are just too tired to bam chicka bam bam

Sep 03 10 - 9:12am

88, that "bracelet" is for entry into a show.. I love it tho keep up the trash talk

Sep 03 10 - 9:57am

Awesome. "Throw a wrench in the cogs?" Awesome.

Sep 03 10 - 10:43am

"You will be dating a man (or woman) with upstanding moral fiber. " — Just like Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, Mark Sanford, and Alan Berlin. Yup, conservatives certainly are full of moral fiber....so much fiber it cleans all the morality out of their system.

Sep 03 10 - 11:03am
Ed H

No longer to wonder why the most righteously moral conservative Republicans get have the most embarrassing sex scandals. These people seem boring and repressed, and belong to a party that supports abstinence -- a good recipe for having to sneak around for sex. Yikes!

Sep 03 10 - 11:35am

I read this article. Now i feel like i have a hangover.

Sep 03 10 - 12:07pm

All of the people on here saying these people are losers or making fun would be saying the complete opposite if the title said "Yound Democrats" instead of Republican. Get a life and stop letting an inconsequental label determine your opinion of somebody.

Sep 03 10 - 12:18pm

"Then you two are stuck together."

Um, it's called DIVORCE?

Sep 03 10 - 12:26pm

#1. The reason this article is about young Republicans and not young Democrats is that is the best way to get a rise out Nerve's readers.
#2. The major difference in how a young Democrat would have answered the question is that the Democrat would not have acknowledged that there is still a double standard for men and women
3. Young Democrats would have also been less likely to treat the opposite sex like a piece of meat to use.

Sep 03 10 - 1:06pm

Gross people.

Sep 03 10 - 1:07pm

For moral fiber, just turn to the best examples of "family values" in practice. Hint: they live in the White House.

Sep 03 10 - 1:23pm
Jake A

This is such an uninspired pile of nonsense

Sep 03 10 - 2:20pm

@Ryan: I agree, people are too quick to judge. I think Nerve should put this same article up in a year and label it Sex Advice From Young Democrats and compare the responses. I bet they'll be a lot nicer.

Sep 03 10 - 2:44pm

Scott spoke his mind. Gotta respect him for that. He's joking about pounding the liberal pussy and marriage meaning your stuck together. Obviously. Get a sense of humor.

Sep 03 10 - 3:53pm
Republicans Suck

I seriously want to stab Scott is his smug little face. Republicans are shit.

Sep 03 10 - 3:53pm
Republicans Suck

I seriously want to stab Scott is his smug little face. Republicans are shit.

Sep 03 10 - 4:00pm

Jason is mentally retarded.
What’s the best reason to date a young Republican?
You will be dating a man (or woman) with upstanding moral fiber. People of conservative backgrounds tend to be a bit more chivalrous, as well.

If cheating on your wife while she's dying of cancer...or say, homosexually cheating on your wife with a dude you met in the bathroom....or hiring male prostitutes and smoking meth with them is what you consider "upstanding moral fiber" then yes...I guess Jason is right.

Sep 03 10 - 4:04pm

Ryan, you state: All of the people on here saying these people are losers or making fun would be saying the complete opposite if the title said "Yound Democrats" instead of Republican. You are correct. Because if they were young democrats, they wouldn't be asshole, boring Republicans.

Sep 03 10 - 4:38pm

@WTF Ummm... The cancer and cheating crack could be leveled at John Edwards, too. I don't think you can use "upstanding moral fiber" to sort out who's a Democrat and who's a Republican. There's hypocrites on both sides of the aisle.

Sep 03 10 - 4:56pm

@Martin - Right on brother. The rest of you - I love you anyway :)

Sep 03 10 - 5:54pm

"I’m not saying that it’s right, but that’s just how it is," said the beer-faced mongerer of double standards. Ugh, everything I hate about conservatism in a nutshell. (And how does he know his male contemporaries are better in bed?)

Sep 03 10 - 6:11pm

the phrase "getting my Rush Limbaugh on" instantly made bile rise to my mouth. getting through the rest of this article was impossible - but the comments are very entertaining!

Sep 03 10 - 9:45pm

@tdc ... hah, I felt the exact same way.

It's a joke to call yourself a republican anymore.

Sep 03 10 - 9:45pm

@tdc ... hah, I felt the exact same way.

It's a joke to call yourself a republican anymore.

Sep 03 10 - 10:46pm

Jason needs to stop trying to show off his vocabulary, it makes him look like a pompous prick.

Sep 04 10 - 12:14am

You're a "pompous prick" if you know the English language? lol

Sep 04 10 - 5:39am
just mike

meh, they sound more like single 20-somethings than Republicans or Democrats, except for occasional overt references to either party. More tempest in a teapot.

Sep 04 10 - 7:52am

i am a nice girl looking for a nice man

Sep 04 10 - 10:15am

Their answers are pretty meh, but these republicans are hottt!

Sep 04 10 - 10:16am

@favorlove: WFT?

Sep 04 10 - 11:14am

Scott was trying too hard to sound like the asshole frat boy that people stereotype Republicans as. It might have been a clever performance piece, but I wouldn't want to sit next to him at that rock show, just in case. Jason seemed kind of adorable in a squishy little intellectual way.

Sep 04 10 - 3:21pm


Sep 04 10 - 6:53pm

I love seeing when confronted with reality, all the liberal freaks of the GLBTQQ crowd get their inverted panties in a bunch. Maybe it's your fake package rubbing you the wrong way! LOL. Dumocrats are self-centered narcissists focused on "finding themselves" and could give a crap about their partner, unless their partner is an illegal, queer, islamic, disabled midget of color on their sixth year of soaking up public assistance.

Sep 04 10 - 11:45pm

@LOL@Dumocrats Please for the love of god run for public office! You're a fine example or your party sir.

Sep 05 10 - 4:17am

Side note: Neither of the last two actually addressed the fundamental issue in the broke-move-in-with-bf question.

Honestly, the only party-prompted assertions were those of chivalry/moral fiber, who's better in bed, and the wishy-washy jab--all of which cannot be accounted for in a blanket statement based on political positioning. Y'all are upset over nothing and you know 3 young democrats would've made the same dumb mistakes.

Scott wins for implicating himself in male-male sexual endeavors while simultaneously throwing gendered double standards left and right.

Sep 05 10 - 9:15am

most of you writing here are so closed-minded. open your eyes and your minds. people are people. not every republican is an asshole, just like not every democrat is a kind person. all of them said that having different political opinions is no deal-breaker when it comes to forming a relationship; why are most of you so closed off to having differing opinions with your partner? personal politics does not a man or woman make...

Sep 05 10 - 1:03pm
not a neocon

Repubs like sex as much as anybody, especially the young ones. What you guys are thinking of are neo-conservatives, those who would use the powers of gov't to control everyone into obeying their idea of morality.

Sep 05 10 - 4:03pm

I like how both the guys are blatantly sexist.

Personally, I prefer universal politeness to the condescending chivalry that is born out of a sense of gender superiority.

Sep 05 10 - 6:11pm

More like sex advice from 3 unattractive, moronic, douchebaggy muldoons.

Sep 06 10 - 9:12am

So I'm a republican. Big whoop wanna fight about it?

Sep 06 10 - 8:04pm

Lmao. Scott, where is YOUR moral fiber?

Sep 07 10 - 11:12am

"All of the people on here saying these people are losers or making fun would be saying the complete opposite if the title said "Yound Democrats" instead of Republican" — no, we'd be making fun of them for being wishy-washy pussies.

Sep 07 10 - 2:08pm

Maybe republicans need to have their own country somewhere...We'd all be better off.

Sep 07 10 - 11:05pm

Maybe democrats need to be more gracious and accept the fact that in an actual democracy, all people should have the freedom to hold a unique opinion. There is NO such thing as, "the right perspective". By the by, these folks sound really cool. I should disclose that I'm a straight woman with centrist-left leanings, and my best lovers have been conservatives. The lively political discussions made it even hotter. And lest we forget, the left/democrats used to represent the blue-collar/working class, whereas now it represents the so-called educated upper-middle class. Stop hating on good people - it's not an ideological war.

Sep 08 10 - 7:08am

By "a man (or woman) with upstanding moral fiber", I take it you think that organizing to legally inflict one's personal opinions onto others whose actions don't affect you one way or the other is a strong moral value. Well, duh, since the Republicans cultivate their political clout from the christian pulpit, also historically infamous for imposing their opinions onto others, often at the point of a sword or the end of a gun, it all makes a lot of sense.
It's a real shame that so many people have this extremely twisted concept of what "moral" means.

Sep 08 10 - 5:50pm

One of my wildest sexcapades was with a sexy 32 yr old Bush Jr supporter. After much foreplay in her apartment on a second floor facing a walkway, she stripped down to her thong and stilettos and ordered me to strip too and then ordered me to playfully spank her on the porch as she leaned forward gripping the railing. This after four or five drinks she was ready for fun....she wore a ponytail for me to pull gently as I spanked her. I am not an exhibitionist so I was paronoid about us being seen from below. We really got it on as she loves doggy style noisy screwing. Nobody came along, thankfully, although she wanted some poor guy to see us screwing like crazy.

Sep 09 10 - 9:17am

"You will be dating a man (or woman) with upstanding moral fiber."

Umm yeah because they're against gay marriage even though most of them are closeted gays. Republicans are obsessed with homosexuality and the entire "do as I say, not as I do" thing. Republicans are extremely ideological rather than practical. And to be fair Democrats tend to be on the wimpy side.

Sep 09 10 - 3:27pm

Read Hegel. If one pushes liberalism and the opposite point of view to the limit, you will end up in the same place.

If that is bed, so be it!

Sep 10 10 - 10:02pm
James, Sth Aust.

I reckon if Conservatives like Jaimee can drive green tractors, then there's hope for us feeding the world yet.

Sep 23 10 - 10:47pm

As a gay guy, I'm actually finding *more* support from Republicans lately than Democrats. The two most anti-gay laws ever--DOMA and DADT--were signed into law by Democratic presidents, and now another Democratic president is fighting to keep them while pretending that he "doesn't really" want to keep them. Meanwhile, the Log Cabin Repubs are fighting a court battle AGAINST the Democratic president re DADT. I certainly think Republicans such as Michael Bloomberg are far better friends of the gay community than Democrats such as Bill Clinton.

Oct 14 10 - 6:20pm

"Well, at least the men are." -- says Scott. Congratulations on your coming out Scott, it must be a tough decision for a young republican.

Oct 14 10 - 6:36pm
F. L'Odour.

Rudolf, you idiot.

Oct 14 10 - 6:38pm
rude loaf

Stop it right now!

Jan 20 11 - 12:38pm

Jaimee’s hot and I would do her any time and any place. But Scott had the best answer to how to do a leftie. Punish that left wing pussy and make it beg to turn right.
Or just start off with Jaimee, or any other right wing woman, and have great sex with a real woman. Lefties are too busy trying to be all politically correct to be any good in bed.

Feb 08 11 - 11:13pm
Serial Dakota

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Feb 18 11 - 11:01am
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