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Sometimes it’s not how you look naked, it’s what you look like almost naked. If you have yet to practice the wondrous art of leaving your panties, boxers, boxer briefs, g-string, or boy shorts (pick your favorite) on during foreplay, you’re missing out. That’s because leaving your underwear on in bed until the last possible minute is one of the most exciting, invigorating, can’t-keep-your-hands-off-your-partner experiences you can have in bed (delayed gratification, anyone?). It may seem counterintuitive, but here’s why not taking it off is one of the most insanely hot ways to tease someone.

Foreplay Lasts Longer

According to the Kinsey Institute, the venerable sex research institute, the average foreplay for married couples lasts about 4 to 10 minutes. Look: that’s simply not enough time to touch, lick, and rub all the parts that should be rubbed, licked, and touched before the main event. Keeping on your panties extends your stay in foreplay land just a little bit longer. Underwear allows you to slow down and savor the tease, building up until the last minute. Don’t worry; you can still flirt with putting your hands under that underwear band, but staying at least partially clothed makes the best part last even longer. Fun fact: orgasms are more likely to happen and stronger the longer the foreplay. Just saying.

Takes You Back to Your First Hook Ups

Remember those glorious nights when your lips were purple from hours-long kisses? When your jeans were left at the bottom of your bed, tangled in your sheets, but your underwear stayed firmly around your hips, because you weren’t sure you wanted to go that far? Leaving on your underwear transports you back to those late, youthful nights of horniness, frustration, and maddening foreplay. Those high school and college days when every touch felt new and every kiss was endless. Teasing in your underwear reminds us of the times when our hands roamed over bodies in excitement and everything was electric. The best part? You’re no longer in the back of your car or in your parents’ basement. But you can still play your favorite Weezer album, if nostalgia is your thing.

You Can Hook Up Anywhere

Think of your donned underwear as an all-access pass to hookups. That well-tailored, well-made thin layer of fabric is like its own passport to getting in, well, anywhere. No, seriously, any surface is fair game. Didn’t bring a blanket to the beach? You have your undies. Do you find yourself making out on a couch that has seen one too many beer spills and questionable stains? You’re cool. Dry humping on a kitchen counter? No problem. It’s always important to remember all forms of protection. Your undies got you covered.

Everyone Looks Good in Underwear

It’s one of the golden rules in life: Absolutely everyone looks good in a well-fitted pair of underwear. Even if you have hang-ups about your naked body (which I’m sure is wonderful, trust me), keeping on your skivvies will help ease that transition from fully clothed to absolutely bare. Have you seen your butt in a tight pair of boy shorts? Have you seen your package in a matches-your-eyes colored pair of boxer briefs? No matter how you feel naked, you look damn good in your underwear. It hugs all the right parts in all the right places, lifts where it should, and creates a seamless, absolutely flattering silhouette of your bod. It’s empirically true.

Go at Your Own Speed

Your undies can also serve as a big giant “STOP” sign if you want them to. Leaving on your underwear takes hooking up at a graduated, leisurely pace. If you don’t want to do something, that’s fine, your undies don’t need to come off. Keeping on your underwear can also signal to your partner, “Hey, can we just rub against each other for just a bit longer? That’s feeling pretty good right about now.” Once you decide to take off your underwear after the long build up, it will also be a distinct signal to your partner. This time it’s, “Oh, it’s definitely on.”

Leaves Something to the Imagination

We always want what we can’t see. The brilliance of an underwear tease is that it reveals just enough skin, while still also being a gotta-have-you, fever-inducing, crazy turn on for your partner. The two small triangles of a bra, that little tiny rectangle of underwear are all that separates you from your partner. That thought alone is exciting, but sometimes just wondering what your partner looks like in the buff is enough to almost get you there. And when that bra finally comes unhooked and those underwear slip down to your feet? It will be well worth the build up.