Top 5 Sex Scenes Featuring Nicole Kidman


Say what you will about Tom Cruise's oddball ex-wife (at least, that's how we've always thought she comes off in interviews-- the "odd" part, that is), but Nicole Kidman gets the blood boiling faster than washing down a Cialis with a double espresso. Concentrating on that tantalizing mouth and the rest of her face-- and not the usually terrible films-- is helpful...

5. Birth. Speaking of oddball, this movie certainly fits that bill. We won't bore you with the details, since the only thing you need to know is the following clip, which shows that Nicole would make a very hot movie lesbian-- love that short hair...

4. Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus


Did you know Nicole and Robert Downey, Jr. did a very nice three minute sex scene in a somewhat well-received Hollywood feature film just two years ago? If you didn't know about this already, it could be thanks to the current Mr. Nicole Kidman, who checked himself into rehab during the runup to the film's release; the actress canceled all publicity for the movie and fled to London, leaving Fur to languish here...

3. Malice. This is one of those movies that's all about its own cleverness and cramming as many twists and turns as it can into a two hour boondoggle. Luckily, they had enough room for the sex.


2. Dead Calm. Telling you what's happening here might fall under "Spoilers." Plus, it might make you vomit. Just pretend it's role playing, okay?

1. Eyes Wide Shut. A movie featuring her then-husband but a sex scene from that movie that doesn't? Hot.


Honorable Mention: Billy Bathgate



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Commentarium (9 Comments)

Oct 15 08 - 2:58am

How did Eyes Wide Shut missed getting on this list?

Oct 15 08 - 9:25am

Fabul1st, you mean other than being the #1 choice?

I just wanted to comment to reiterate that "Fur" is a fantastic movie.

Oct 15 08 - 8:47pm

There is something wrong with the tagging.
"1. Eyes Wide Shut...."
only appears if you watch the Dead Calm video.

Oct 15 08 - 11:34pm

I have to weigh in because these are some strange comments.

It goes: Dead Calm video, then the words "1. Eyes Wide Shut" then the EWS video directly below that-- the one that's all in blue-and-white that starts with her taking her clothes off-- that's from Eyes Wide Shut.

Are other people having problems with these because they seem all right on our end.

May 28 10 - 3:33pm

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Jun 29 10 - 1:13am

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Apr 25 12 - 1:41pm

Dead Calm is a great scene. I love when he rips the skirt off. If you had a naked 22 year old nicole kidman on you you'd have to do the same. I think the context makes it hotter.

Jul 13 12 - 4:43pm

fuck nicole to the fullest. I wanna fuck her big ass and make her to cry out loud