Top 5 Sex Scenes From Chick Flicks

Rachel McAdams - The Top 5 Sex Scenes From Chick Flicks


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5. Cold Mountain

Debatably not hot, thanks to the movie's "soaring, sweeping" saga score, this does have two components that make it automatically worth a look: Nicole Kidman and Jude Law.

4. Coming Home

Debatably not a chick flick, this is nonetheless a great sex scene involving a man in a wheelchair that is not from a David Cronenberg film.

3. Jerry Maguire

You complete me. Unfortunately, this is an incomplete video-- the first word, "Don't," is missing. With that in mind, you should still be able to enjoy...

2. Feast of Love

There about 4,812 sex scenes in this chick flick, some even with Selma Blair, but none of them are as hot as the first five seconds of this one... against the glass in the rain... ah...

1. The Notebook

Wow... should this movie have been rated NC-17 or what? Not that we're complaining...

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