Top 5 Sex Scenes From the 1990s


This could've been a Top 5 Scenes with Antonio Banderas list, he was in so many sexy movies after Mambo Kings broke him in America... but we'll spare you that and only use a few of his films for this, our totally incomplete list of the hottest sex in mainstream movies in the decade that time forgot...

5. Desperado. We're tempted to make an Eagles joke here (something about "coming to your senses and just enjoy the sex for what it is"), but we won't put this one down. Despite the cheesy Cinemax lighting and softcore porn music, it's still memorable... which says more about Salma Hayek's boobs than anything else...

4. Never Talk To Strangers. Here's Antonio again, just coincidentally, we swear. If it wasn't for the cage, this sex scene would be totally laughable. Well, we'll admit it's still eyeroll-enducing... but that never stopped us from enjoying it in all its three-minute glory.

3. The Doom Generation. Although this video is strangely without sound, it's much better than the other clips we've been able to find. (Try searching on YouTube and you'll get the bathtub scene coupled with a Nine Inch Nails song that doesn't help.)

2. Wild At Heart. This is David Lynch's award-winning creeper from the early part of the decade. Would it be redundant then, since we mentioned it's a Lynch film, to mention the sex scene is arousing and somehow weird without even trying?

Video plays automatically, so it's linked here. Don't miss it.

1. Basic Instinct. This is the unrated version of the most famous sex scene of the decade, a version we find surprisingly less appealing. In the interest of full disclosure: this is the best sex scene of all-time. Period. And Howard Stern agrees, so it's not just me...


Runner Ups: Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down (would have made this list if we could've found the scene online), Revenge, Sliver (nah), and a few more from the comments section of this post (have at it.)



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