Top 5 Sex Scenes From TV Shows

In the future, we hope to show more from the Sopranos and the L Word, plus something from the Wire, but for now... here's the Top 5 Sex Scenes From Television Shows, Part One...

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5. The Sopranos. Tony and his secretary at the no-show job he shows up for. Alicia Witt's sex scene is jealous of this one.


4. Weeds. We shared a great Mary-Louise Parker sex scene from last season with you. Now catch the followup, which may be even hotter, if that were even possible.


3. Tudors. We can't stand to watch more of this show than the following 40-second clip, but that has more to do with the acting "chops" of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers more than anything else. Natalie Dormer on the other hand... wow, look out.


2. Six Feet Under. "Shut up and fuck me" are the exact words we thought of before Rachel Griffiths utters them to end this all-too-brief clip.


1. The L Word. If someone finds a long-lost Pam Grier sex scene, please, we'd love to make this a tie at #1.

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Commentarium (13 Comments)

Nov 13 08 - 6:15pm


Nov 13 08 - 10:46pm

Rachel said, "shut up and kiss me", which makes more sense than your translation, under the circumstances.

Nov 14 08 - 12:51pm

nope, she definitely says 'fuck me,' what clip were you listening to?

even if you got distracted by the french subtitles, while 'baiser' means 'to kiss,' it also has the slang connotation 'to fuck.'

Jun 08 10 - 10:06am

Hot stuff, love the Six feet under clip.

Jun 20 10 - 12:43pm

What do you think?

Nov 03 10 - 7:38am


Dec 13 10 - 1:47pm

What do you think?

Jan 01 11 - 8:31pm

no Broadwalk Empire? Like when the G-man fucked Paz de la whatever? That was HOT.

Jan 02 11 - 9:30pm

ohh...yeah!!! its great babe.

Jan 04 11 - 12:25am

well done! keep it up

Apr 17 12 - 5:21am

I'm french and you're right m0006m baise-moi means fuck me. and yea i agree she definitely said fuck me in English as well

May 04 12 - 2:22pm


Jun 27 12 - 3:22am

suck my dick girls!!