Top 5 Sex Scenes Involving Older Lovers

5. Storytelling

One of the most unsettling sex scenes alive... but hey, it works for this list of older men and women on young folks...

4. Midnight Cowboy

Maybe our favorite "funny" sex scene, this is even better when you factor in the next sequence, which involves prostitute Joe Buck getting conned for cab fare...

3. American Beauty

Not to spoil it, but there's not really any actual sex... but there might as well have been for all the pouty hotness and a buff Kevin Spacey...

2. The Graduate 

We've included the long version of this sequence because the line "Are you trying to seduce me?" is even better with all the aggressive foreplay on the part of the screen's greatest MILF: Anne Bancroft.

1. Boogie Nights 

This assemblage includes Heather Graham, who under normal circumstances could have a sex scene list all to herself. However, we're talking Julianne Moore here, who isn't exactly what we'd call the "older woman" when set up with Marky Mark. In this movie, though, that's exactly what they are: a sort of mother(figure)-son team of porn stars. Awww...

Honorable Mentions: Shopgirl, American Pie (see above photo), and... suggestions?

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Commentarium (3 Comments)

Sep 10 08 - 10:29am

Last Tango in Paris?

Sep 10 08 - 2:01pm

Wait, you mention Storytelling, and not Harold & Maude?

Sep 10 08 - 3:12pm

Daniel Craig and Anne Reid in THE MOTHER, realistic.