Top 5 Susan Sarandon Sex Scenes


In putting together this week's Top 5 Sex Scenes list, we rediscovered a lost gem... and decided against subjecting you to a clip from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, for which you should thank us...

#5: Pretty Baby. Until today, we had entirely forgot Sarandon was even in this movie... and, of course, that she was naked in it, touching her boobs with a wet finger. Yummy white powder.


#4: The Hunger. We've done this one to death... but how could you ever forgive us for leaving this off Susan Sarandon's list?


#3 & #2: Bull Durham. This one's a twofer, obviously. Who, in seeing this film, didn't run immediately home and knock everything off their kitchen counter/table for an evening of wild sex? And who among the single men who watched this movie didn't go home and knock everything off their table, just for the hell of it?

#1: White Palace. What is up with that sandwich? And why does it take her three seconds to get off once she's on top of him? These are just a small sample of the questions that a movie as bizarre and forgettable as White Palace will leave you with. Only the memory of this sex scene will keep you from having wasted your time.



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Commentarium (10 Comments)

Dec 12 08 - 1:56pm

Where are the other four?

Dec 12 08 - 2:34am

We can see them just fine. Anyone else having a problem?

Dec 12 08 - 10:51am

Problem? Only if you count needing to wank in my office a problem.

PS-the sandwich was tuna on whole wheat.

Dec 12 08 - 2:05pm

I can also only see #5.

Dec 13 08 - 6:02am

I can also see only number 5. I'm using Safari, BTW.

Dec 13 08 - 6:05am

I just tried the page in Firefox and I could see everything.

Dec 13 08 - 5:59pm

Safari will only load #5. Firefox gets them all. And I was looking forward to White Palace. Thanks!

My favorite hyperthyroid hottie, Susan Sarandon.

Aug 05 10 - 12:39pm


Mar 14 12 - 8:52am
Ed McGuire

Susan is the hottest on the screen

May 08 12 - 12:59am

i want erotic movies very much