Stunning Portraits of D-Day Veterans Returning to Their Most Memorable Places of Battle

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Photographer Robin Savage has composed a breathtaking series of portraits featuring veterans of the D-Day landings, revisiting the exact spots of their most memorable moments in action. The series features 33 individuals as they make the dignified journey back into Normandy, opening the emotional wounds of war, fear, and survival. Most recall friends lost as they pass through the tall grass or sandy beaches where they fought for their lives in the horror of battle. The photographs are significant, moving, and stunning emblems to the memories of sacrifice. Robin doesn’t want the photos’ significance to be lost. As this extraordinary generation dwindles in numbers, it is a new generation’s responsibility to remember, honor, and offer gratitude to those lost and returned from D-Day.

The entire series is featured in a book available now, more than 70 years after the veterans landed in Normandy. Here are a few of the fearless survivors seen in D-Day – Last of the Liberators.

Nick Archdale

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Nick Archdale was a member of the 7th Parachute Battalion, who missed the drop zone on D-Day. He was made commander after more than 80 casualties to his company, leaving on 11 survivors.

Vera Hay

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Vera Hay was a QA nurse at the Chåteau de Beaussy, a field hospital for British troops. The Junior Sister team was required to work around the clock, treating more than 200 casualties a day.

Geoff Pattinson

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While patrolling the Chåteau St. Cóme for German presence, Geoff Pattinson and Corporal Jack Watkins were spotted by the enemy and fire was opened on them. Geoff ran through the woods behind the stable (pictured here) but was shot in the leg. He was later evacuated back to England.

James Corrigan

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James Corrigan is standing near the spot were he dug a foxhole to shelter from a German invasion. He was given food by Bernard, the son of a farmer who still lives on the property. Corrigan visits him every year on June 6th.