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Alison M. Rosen

The Nerve Interview: Nancy Sinatra

  promotion on’t get old! Do not get old!” Nancy Sinatra advises when the title of her favorite Morrissey song es…

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Sex Advice From… Bouncers

 REGULARS Warhol said that everyone can be famous for fifteen minutes. Nerve believes anyone can be a sexpert for at least th…

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Music Interview: The Stills

t’s impossible to talk about the Stills without using the words gorgeous, nostalgic and, for the more thesaurus-oriented, re…

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Music Interview: The Shins

ames Mercer , frontman for the perfect pop band the Shins, is a man out of joint with his time. On Chutes Too Narrow, the follow-u…

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The Music Interview: The Rapture

The Rapture’s debut album, Echoes, is a caterwauling love lament that rips your heart open, then sutures it up while you&#82…

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Music Interview: The Thermals

The Thermals’ Hutch Harris is a sensitive man’s man who occasionally likes to go on naked strolls around the block and…

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