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Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Members of YAWF (Youth Against War & Fascism) carry a banner in the Fifth Annual Gay Pride Day march (Gay Liberation Day), New York, New York, June 30, 1974. It reads 'Stonewall Means... Fight Back! Smash Gay Oppression!' (Photo by Fred W. McDarrah/Getty Images)

Not Quite

Progress ends up looking more an more like co-option

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Fit Bot

When we listen to our Fitbits, what other self-evident directions do we fail to hear?

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Always Already Seen

What was a critique of an over-saturated visual culture has turned into a parasitic practice of thoughtless regurgitation.

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The hipster is dead, long live the hipster!

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nette harris

Shave What You Need To Shave

When will women’s bodies cease to be sites of protest or profit?

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Passing For Another

If race is lie, when does it matter who’s telling the truth?

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women in labs

No Crying In The Lab

Tim Hunt said something really fucking stupid. And sexist.

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Little Pink Pill

The FDA approved the “female Viagra.” The problem: it doesn’t really work all that well.

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Girl, Please

What makes a woman? The short answer: just please don’t even go there. Professor Eleanor Burkett did.

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Who Watches The Watchers?

Michael Massing took a look at digital journalism and asked, how good is it? Maybe he should have asked, why does it suck so much?…

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cop in heat

Cops In Heat

As tensions rise with temperature, will the coming months be remembered by the names of names of youth smothered by cops in heat?

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Tafv Sampson

The Brooklynites photographs string us along a story we wish wouldn’t end.

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Caitlyn With a “C”

Caitlyn Jenner looks fucking good.

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kim k

Self-ish: Part 3

Does love require compromise? The final part of our discussion on selfishness.

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Self-ish: Part 2

Part 2 on our self-involved thought chain on selfish selflessness, boredom, and the Liberated Woman.

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Self-ish: Part 1

Are you selfish? Do you want to be? Eight women selfishly write about their relationship to and with their self-ishness.

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Give Her Love

For Kusama, covering the world with polka dots was a means of dissolving, a blurring of the boundaries of the self.

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The Girl With The Most Cake

Courtney Love lived through this.

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Human Resources

What is the relationship between pleasure and productivity? Can pleasure be galvanizing? Can it be motivating?

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Rihanna ascended steps of the Met donning a ten foot long golden robe. The best thing about her train: it’s resemblance to eggs.

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