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Beejoli Shah

Last Night’s Episode of ‘Louie’ Convinced Me to Never Watch an Episode of ‘Louie’ Again

I no longer care about understanding the other side of evil. I already understand it.

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A Simple Guide to Being a Feminist, Even If You Are a Man

It’s not that hard.

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Ranked: The 15 Best Educational Shows All ’90s Kids Loved

There’s more to life than Elmo. When multigalactic hero LeVar Burton launched a Kickstarter campaign two days ago to raise $…

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Does Overspeculation About Casting Hurt a TV Show’s Chances of Success?

Does Overspeculation About Casting Hurt a TV Show's Chances of Success? Short answer, yes.  Weeks before Rust …

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Scout Willis Joins the Fight for Body Acceptance with a Free Nipple Campaign on Instagram

It's feminism at its bare-chested best. The following contains images that may be NSFW. If you see a bare-chested Scout Willis…

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I’m Not a Cool Girl, and I’m Tired of Feeling Bad About It

Jennifer Lawrence, I'm not. High maintenance, I am. It was a random Saturday night of the NBA playoffs, when I gathered up my …

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