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David Warner

Ranked: HBO Dramas from Worst to Best

Which gritty, sprawling, multi-character drama will come out on top? HBO recently unveiled its newest drama, Luck, which stars Dus…

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Five Electronica Duos That Aren’t Daft Punk

Five Electronica Duos That Aren’t Daft Punk Ready your subwoofer and glowsticks. Daft Punk sits atop the ranks of electronic…

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Sex Advice From Steampunks

Q: "If "The Steampunk" was a sexual position, what would it be?" A: "It would be intricate, dangerous, lo…

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Ranked: Samuel L. Jackson’s Hairdos from Least to Most Majestic

Who else can play a badass with the haircut of an eight-year-old girl? Samuel Leroy Jackson is known for three things: acting in a…

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