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J.T. LeRoy


Natoma Street

Classic fiction from the mysterious cult author.

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The come waits on his fingers in its gooey thick ropes

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Blue Christmas

 PERSONAL ESSAYS Christmas Eve was always good for extra money, mostly from older, weary-looking guys who tended to be retire…

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The Bedroom Interview with Mike Pitt

 DISPATCHES Mike Pitt is boyishly sexy, like a young Marlon Brando with a generous dose of Leo DiCaprio, pre-Titanic. That is…

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Straight Expectations

 PERSONAL ESSAYS She lies back and spreads her legs wide open to me. I take a step back. My boyfriend’s arm squeezes ti…

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Driving Lesson

 FICTION    “Well, I would like very much to have my own skirt of leather and my own makeup bag that closes w…

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Tree House

 FICTION    I tried to get Mick to build a tree house with me when I found a door in the park.    &n…

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