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Nick Anderson

Nick Anderson is a Denver based writer best known for his collections of things he bought for girls that are now of no use to him. He also makes websites, goes to metal shows, and agrees to attend parties so he can write about them later. You can check out more of his work at

The Tourist: A Straight Man’s Trip to a Gay Bar

The bar was ready to let me into their world, I just had to be inebriated enough to let them into mine.

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Keys to the Circus: Giving Up the Magic of Office Romances

It was a secret magic, dating someone you worked with.

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Tag, You’re It: One Man on Learning Reciprocity Isn’t a Given

“I packed an entire box of condoms. Presumptuous, yes.”

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I Met My ‘Crazy,’ Awesome Girlfriend When She Humped a Mic Stand and Sang ‘Push It’

Some people are the right kind of crazy.

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