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As America is distracted by the 24 hour reality show/nightmare that is Donald Trump that we’ve neglected our good old fashioned wholesome reality TV.  Without the breakthrough tour de force Naked Dating no longer on the air and Survivor really just watching people almost die, it’s hard to know where to turn.

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Fear not, A&E has just paid people to go to jail for two months.

The show follows people with no criminal backgrounds as they navigate life behind bars. What do we learn? Well in jail you have to give people food so you can go to the bathroom. And whatever you do give you hashbrowns to Cody:

“‘The fight had an obvious cause and effect,’ a participant and former Marine, Zac, said on camera. ‘Ricky was supposed to give his hash browns to Cody. He didn’t give his hash browns to Cody. He got beat up for it.'”

Let that be a lesson to all of us. Yikes.

h/t BI