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Hey can you guys just leave all these nice flight attendants alone? Flight attendant Heather Poole is a bit peeved at folks asking her if she has sex a her job all the time. In an reaction piece to a survey that claims flight attendants are getting it on at work she says those numbers are a bit overblown.

“While some of you may see us only as potential characters in your own personal porno, the professional you’re looking at on that morning flight got up three or four hours before you did — after maybe six hours of sleep on a short layover — to be at the airport in time to get to work. In a single day, that flight attendant you want to screw has traveled countless miles while picking up after hundreds or even thousands of usually indifferent and occasionally rude passengers. Over the course of 12 hours, that flight attendant will sweat, ache, have food spilled on them — and probably end up with a headache. And that’s on a good day, when passengers aren’t screaming at us for something beyond our control, when there’s not a medical emergency, or a reason to grab a bottle of halon or a fire extinguisher.”

Fair enough, Heather. But we have to imagine there are plenty of crew members getting it on just like everywhere else, although having sex in an airplane bathroom is really really gross.

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