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Sex With Shakespeare – A Review of the Debut Memoir

For Keenan, “sex” and “spanking” are synonymous.

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Meet the Sisters Opening the Only Romance Bookstore in America

Sisters Bea and Leah Koch believe romance novels don’t get the respect they deserve.

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Magic Against Death

With a newly published collection of his writing, cult poet Frank Stanford rises from his tragic past.

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Ride, Fly, Penetrate, Loiter: Barry Hannah on Vinyl

A wild master of the short story gets the vinyl treatment.

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Doom Rules the Mood: An Interview with Author William Boyle

Boyle’s grim stories dispute the image of Brooklyn as a hip place full of farm-to-table restaurants and retro-chic boutiques.

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Talking Bourbon and Books with Ryan Ridge, Author of ‘American Homes’

“I’d like to sell DeLoreans. Now all I need is a time machine. All I need is a DeLorean.”

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Girl Therapy

On the first night of Lena Dunham’s book tour, girl talk still reigns.

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Last Night I Was Promised I Would Go Home with Someone

I couldn’t see what was going on, but I knew it involved saliva, tongue, and anonymity.

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We’re All Catfish: The Plight of Staying “IRL” in the Digital Age

Catfish‘s Nev Schulman talks reality and how we all stopped living in it.

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‘The Bachelor’ Secrets Revealed in Courtney Robertson’s ‘I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends’

Ben Flajnik knows every line to Finding Nemo.

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A Complete, Kind of Depressing History of Fictional Female Presidents

Hail to the She-if.

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Perfect Summer Reads For Every Conceivable Beach, BBQ, and Ball Game

Okay, maybe not ball game.

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The 10 Most Fantastically Dirty Novels You Need to Read

And no E.L. James.

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A Young Adult Author’s Fantastic Crusade to Defend Literature’s Most Maligned Genre

We were both ghosts, but we didn’t know it yet.

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DC Comics reveals its newly gay “established” superhero

DC has teased for a little while now that one of its "established" heroes — one which made it through the recent r…

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DC Comics is having one of its major superheroes come out of the closet

President Obama’s support of same-sex marriage may herald an age of acceptance for the LGBT community, but what’s more…

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Where the Wild Things Are author Maurice Sendak dies at 83

Beloved children's author and illustrator Maurice Sendak has passed away at age eighty-three due to complications from a …

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“Mommy porn” book Fifty Shades of Grey pulled from Florida county libraries

E.L. James' crazy-popular erotic romance, Fifty Shades of Grey, has become the "literary" phenomenon of 2012, provid…

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American Psycho musical in pipeline, Huey Lewis reportedly thrilled

The dude who does stage wounds for musicals doesn't get a lot of work. There's the stabbings in West Side Story, I imagine…

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E.L. James claims she wrote Fifty Shades of Grey because of her mid-life crisis

Today marks the release of the second two books in the epic Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. To mark the release, Fifty Shades author…

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