Dating Can Get Ugly

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Mark Lilly


I love music, especially Crosby, Stills & Nash. If you can lock in Graham Nash’s part in “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” we’re a match.


Callie Maggotbone


Cruelty, madness, suffering. Oh, and reality television. If you can combine all that, I might show you my Three Hole.


Randall Skeffington


Oh, and I’m from North Jersey, which is sometimes a bigger dealbreaker than that whole “craving for your still-living flesh thing.”.


Leonard Powers


I once spent some time locked in a man’s hotel addicted to spray paint. Beyond that, I’m an open book.


Twayne the Boneraper


I eat the occasional baby. I might not be the most charming guy in the world, but frankly, who needs charm when you’ve got them by the short hairs?


Francis Grimes

I just want to find someone to watch Night Terrors with, knock back a couple of Cosmos and work on my recipe for bean dip.