Dating Can Get Ugly

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Mark Lilly

Site: OfficeLove
Username: markitzero

About Me
My name is Mark. I work at the Department of Integration in New York City. I’ve been living in the Big Apple for about a year now, and I’m definitely getting into the New York “state of mind,” occasionally through demonic possession. I’ve met some of the city’s biggest celebrities, like Kong (who is a real wreck personally, but that’s job related… maybe I shouldn’t get into that here) and Larry King (though I’m not really sure it was him…).

I’m on the Site For
Casual dating. Really casual. I’ve been seeing another girl on and off, and if she found out… it could be bad. For both of us.

My interests
I love music, especially Crosby, Stills & Nash. If you can lock in Graham Nash’s part in “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” we’re a match.

Roommates who borrow your stuff without asking. Abusive relationships. Anyone who tries to put you into a Blood Court deathmatch with a co-worker… never mind, that one’s kind of a long story.

What You Might Not Know About Me
I speak Man-Bird. It’s a really difficult language, and some of the subtleties don’t translate well, but here goes: “Suck my balls.” That’s “If you think we’d be a match, message me and we’ll get a drink sometime.”