Dave Chappelle: “Technically, I Never Quit. I’m Seven Years Late For Work”

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Dave Chappelle regrets quitting his show. Kind of. He also kind of doesn’t. When David Letterman asked him last night if he regrets “saying ‘I don’t want this enormous sum of money'” (Chappelle famously walked away from $55 million), and Chappelle answered, “It’s very hard to go through something like this because no one’s really done it before, so there’s not too many people who don’t think I’m crazy.”

He compared walking away from the money to eating in a really nice restaurant, where another person in the restaurant has $100 million, and that guy and Chappelle are eating the same entree.

“The only difference between having ten million dollars and fifty million dollars,” Chappelle reflected, “is an astounding forty million dollars.”

The whole clip is worth watching. Check out a teaser below.