Dirty Limericks by Ethan Coen           

In the dark, the girl's innocent chum

Misdirected his dick up her bum.

Being told gently so,

The lad piped, "Penis? No!

This is how I've stopped sucking my thumb!"



Commentarium (22 Comments)

Sep 25 01 - 9:07am

Yo Coen:

What the hell is wrong with you, stop with this nonsense and get back to making movies.

Seriously, we could all use a good laugh right now.

Sep 25 01 - 2:59pm

I read some Limericks on nerve today
And what do I have to say?
None were funny, witty or clever
This piece was a bad idea and will be forever
talk about sex and do what you like
but think of something more original or go take a hike

Sep 25 01 - 6:09pm

hey lighten up folks, great silly stuff, write on ...

Sep 26 01 - 10:52am

funny funny

Oct 04 01 - 10:14pm

just about everything i have picked up by e.c. has been marvelous. in some ways i feel that we are similar, and others - as with these limericks (wicked good) i realize that he is truly a singular soul.

Oct 22 01 - 5:51pm

That naughty young Sappho of Greece
Said, "What I prefer to a piece
Is to have my pudenda rubbed by the enda
The shiny pink nose of my niece."

Nov 23 01 - 8:05pm

I think the feedback needs to be dirtier and nastier than I have the guts for. Your stuff is awful!


Dec 06 01 - 2:43am

Ethan, if you read this, jesus, don't listen to these people who criticize you. You are a genuis and you, I, and four of my friends and one of my relatives know it.

Jan 04 02 - 4:06pm

there once was a thrillseeker named dina
who stuffed dynamite up her vagina
found a bough who could fit it
gave off sparks when he hit it
now she s spread over north & south carolina

Jan 10 02 - 9:27am

I already respected Ethan Coen from his film work, and for being from the Twin Cities. Now I've got even more reason to admire this creative and creatively productive thinker.
Thank you for the laughs!

Jan 10 02 - 4:00pm

Good limericks are *very* difficult to create.

You have proved that.

Jun 11 02 - 10:21am

I think the limericks you wrote are discusting!

Oct 29 02 - 3:00am

Just love them! Whats cool is my moms cousin played in "Raising Arizona" as the father of the babies. Just had to annouce that. These Limericks were hilarious and emailing them right now.

Feb 27 03 - 9:00pm

Great rhymes, tart as limes!

Apr 09 09 - 3:38pm

I have a large collection (105k) and would
like to add your to it.
Jim McWilliam

Oct 14 09 - 8:42am

I loved your dirty limericks. Write on! Here's one from me:

An aspriring musician named Monica,
She hardly could be more atonica
Despite her bad ear
She advanced her career
By blowing the Leader's harmonica. (1999, Ellis Toussier)

Jan 26 10 - 1:50am

Very nice limericks! Are you aware of the OEDILF project?
(Omnificient English Dictionary In Limerick Form)
You might enjoy it. oedilf.com

Sep 04 10 - 2:49am

There once was a woman from Zores, her ass was covered with sores. Even the dogs in the street couldn't eat the meat, that fell in big clumps from her drawers.

Sep 19 10 - 9:06am

This one's original with me:
A marvelous organ, the penis,
Filled with blood, both arterial and venous.
Its turgid condition
Assures intromission
And the transfer of fluids between us.

Oct 27 10 - 6:27am

Our three breasted cousin Miss Drew
Says she wishes she only had two
The boys pinch and feel 'em
For she can't conceal 'em
Since braziers for three knockers are few

May 25 11 - 10:15pm

“How the hell did your dick get so far in?”
Asked a woman I screwed up in Warren.
“I have quite a tight twat.”
“No, indeed it is not.
It’s so big I could drive my new car in.”

Apr 12 12 - 3:15pm

Theres a portrait of ol mona lisa,
Whos mystirious smile's a teaser,
When asked why she smiled
As she sat all the while,
She said "That leo's a randy old geezer!"