The 30 Sluttiest Athletes of All Time

Some ground rules: let us define "slutty" as either a spectacular single display of sexuality, or a track record thereof. We don't mean it to be pejorative. We think sluttiness can be great. Conversely, we don't necessarily endorse some of the behaviors on this list — i.e., having a dozen children out of wedlock, putting carrots in orifices other than one's mouth, or posting sex tapes online as revenge. But we do believe that, for the sake of accurately documenting humankind's rich athletic heritage, these accomplishments should be collected in one place. — the Nerve editors

30. Evgeni Plushenko
When he was sixteen years old, Evgeni Plushenko became the youngest male figure skater to ever receive a perfect score in a senior competition. The Russian later competed in the 2006 Olympics, dancing to music from The Godfather and winning the gold by an unprecendented margin. But his greatest accomplishment to date is the elaborate ice striptease he performed to Tom Jones' "Sex Bomb" at the 2005 Winter Skating Championships in Lyon, France. Thanks to Plushenko's fake torso and gold lame G-string (not to mention the hilariously uncomfortable announcers), it's one of the best YouTube clips of all time.Gwynne Watkins

29. James Hunt
The leading icon of Formula One's playboy era, Hunt was a randy Brit whose celebrity extended well beyond winning the drivers' championship in 1976. When pressed to sign a contract stipulating an appropriate dress code, he sewed a badge to his racing uniform that read "Sex — Breakfast of Champions." His habit of surviving messy driving accidents earned him the vaguely dirty-sounding nickname "Hunt the Shunt," but that didn't deter a bevy of gorgeous women from pursuing him, including supermodel Jane Birkhead and Playboy centerfold Suzy Miller. He reportedly seduced Dutch journalist Alissa Morriën when she visited Hunt in his Spanish villa for an interview on (surprise!) the world's most eligible men. — Ann Emory

28. Bjorn Borg
The first sex symbol of tennis, the Swedish star abstained from intercourse during Wimbledon — all five times he won. Since leaving the sport, he's more than made up for it. His first marriage, to the tennis player Mariana Simionescu, failed when he met a seventeen year old while judging a wet-T-shirt competition and fathered her child. What's more, in 2001, Borg became the first celebrity to endorse . . . screwing. That's right: he took out a full-page ad in Sweden's biggest newspaper, imploring Swedes to "F--- for the Future!" so there would be enough youngsters around to care for senior citizens. "Get to it!" goaded the ad. "If nothing drastic happens, soon there won't be anyone who can work and put up for our pensions. Luckily there is a simple solution that is both enjoyable and relaxing: the Swedish model." More recently, Borg was spotted doing a "model search" for his new line of men's underwear.

27. Jim Palmer
A pioneer in the field of celebrity exhibitionism, the Baltimore Orioles pitcher put it all out there in his infamous ads for Jockey shorts. Whether by coincidence or consequence, he was slapped with a paternity suit and swarmed by groupies everywhere he went. Hey, it's one guy in a million who can pull off a purple-and-turquoise string bikini. — Ada Calhoun



26. David Cone
Whenever anyone talks about "action in the bullpen," minds wander to David Cone, the beloved pitcher accused of numerous indiscretions in his day — most famously jerking off in front of a groupie in the bullpen in 1989. The woman who accused the celebrated player (he pitched a perfect game in 1999 and is the subject of Roger Angell's 2001 book A Pitcher's Story) claimed that, as she quickly exited the bullpen, Cone said to her, "You're a big baby. You're not invited to showtime anymore." — A. Calhoun

25. Jason Kidd
It's probably best not to trust allegations from someone's former spouse, but if Jason Kidd's ex-wife is even half-credible, the dude slept with at least half the eastern seaboard. After the Nets point guard filed a divorce suit, she countersued, claiming infidelity; among her list of Kidd's dalliances: strippers in Arizona, Sacramento, Dallas, Indiana and Miami; a Nets season-ticket holder; a cheerleader in New Orleans; and two women from D.C. I think that's another triple-double. — A. Chapman

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Jul 21 08 - 9:32pm

"The 30 sluttiest athletes of all time.
30. Evgeni Plushenko
... But his greatest accomplishment to date is the elaborate ice striptease he performed to Tom Jones' "Sex Bomb" at the 2005 Winter Skating Championships in Lyon, France.
... it's one of the best YouTube clips of all time.

Nov 11 08 - 6:16am

Maybe you should have opted for that in depth piece on the differing brands of artificial turf in today's NFL. At least then you would not have stood out so as a sexist, judgmental, and shallow sports fan.

Jun 29 10 - 4:59pm

This needs a 2010 update. Tiger Woods, much?

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