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Two years ago, Christina, a thirty-one-year-old married administrative assistant, was about to have sex with Claudio, a man who wasn't her husband. She pulled out a ruler from underneath her bed so she could measure his penis. "Ten inches with a seven-inch girth," she said to Claudio. Then she turned to her husband, who was standing next to her and Claudio, videotaping, and emphasized to him, "He's huge."

It all began in 1997, when Christina met her husband Kurt online. After they married, they spilled their guts to each other while high on ecstasy: they both had sexual fantasies about sleeping with other people. At that point, "we knew we couldn't eat the same meal everyday," says Kurt. They agreed to have an open marriage, and Christina began having sex with a coworker. When she told Kurt about it, he felt "outwardly jealous, inwardly curious," he says. "A part of me wished that I could've seen it." Kurt also worried for his wife's safety when she slept with male strangers. "At first, it was about making sure she wasn't in danger. Now, it's about me being there, seeing it and getting off."

Kurt is a cuckolder — or "cuck" — a man who


derives sexual pleasure from watching his wife or girlfriend have sex with other men. He assumes a disempowered, beta-male role as part of the fantasy. His wife, or any woman who cuckolds her male partner, is called a hotwife. When I ask Christina how she feels about the arguably degrading epithets, she shrugs and throws her hands up. "I'm a slut," she says. Kurt cracks a smile.

Christina and Kurt (not their real names) post ads online seeking extramarital male partners for her. These men are called "bulls" or "studs." After spending hours searching Craigslist for bulls, I found Claudio (not his real name), Christina and Kurt's current bull. He responded to my request for an interview, and then put me in touch with them.

On my way to their Manhattan apartment, I am walking a path that countless bulls have walked before. Kurt, a forty-one-year-old former Army man is still cut like a soldier — lean and muscular, with a shaved head, and pecs bulging underneath a baby-blue basketball jersey. He looks like the antithesis of a beta male, though anyone would peg Christina as a hotwife. Her curly, black hair is pulled back by a headband, and her eyes reflect the intensity of her persona; everything, from her short, snappy statements to how she takes a drag from her smoke, is executed with an unapologetic frankness.

It is the same matter-of-fact tone that she uses to describe Claudio's generous package: "[Claudio] is hitting spots in me that Kurt isn't." Kurt nods in somber agreement, adding, "He fills her up. I love watching her react to his bigger dick because I can't provide her that. I get off on the truth, on what's real." The couple's ads specify that their bulls have to boast a penis of eight inches plus, given that Kurt's is seven. The bull needs to exemplify masculinity in ways that Kurt cannot. He needs to be not only better endowed,

"It's unrealistic to think that I can be the best at everything. There's always going to be something another guy can give her that I can't."

but also alpha enough to make Kurt feel small, both physically and psychologically.

The idea of any husband wanting to watch his wife have sex with another man goes against the grain of marriage, masculinity, even patriarchy, in a radical way. Before meeting Kurt, I'd never known a man who liked the idea of another man messing around with his wife. But Kurt, who enjoys submitting to the bull's larger penis and his wife's high sex drive, says his sexual passivity is more a role than the reality. He can personify the beta male role, even eroticize it, because he knows he's not inherently inferior to other men.

As an alpha male in life, Kurt's bedside compliance also serves as a refuge from his competitive, high-strung personality. "This is the one area in life where I can choose to be submissive," he explains. "I always have to win and be the best at everything. No one can do better than I can. If another guy eats her out better than I do, well, he's just raised

The couple's ads specify that their bulls have to boast a penis of eight inches plus, given that Kurt's is seven.

the bar, but I can do better. But a bigger dick I can't complete with. Something about that turns me on."

Kurt watches his wife have sex with bulls through a video camera, sometimes inches away from the action. He makes it a point to videotape the bull's penis, then turns the camera on his own smaller one to emphasize the size disparity. Afterwards, the couple will watch the tape with the bull, and then again together after the bull leaves. They've accumulated an extensive library of homemade porn. "I can't stand fading memories," says Kurt.

"I'm not threatened by these guys," he says. "Though I do envy them — I give em props, those lucky bastards. Nothing turns me on more than seeing her react to someone else's bigger dick." Motioning toward his wife, he adds, "It's unrealistic to think that I can be the best at everything. There's always going to be something another guy can give her that I can't."

For those unfamiliar with cuckolding as sexual fetish, try to recall high-school English, and more specifically, Geoffrey Chaucer's reference to cuckolds in The Canterbury Tales. The traditional Middle English meaning of the word — a man with an adulterous wife — echoes the modern-day fetish: "One cannot be a cuckold if not wed. But I do not therefore asperse your bed; few are the wives who make their husbands sad, a thousand good for every one that's bad."



Commentarium (304 Comments)

Apr 24 07 - 5:02pm

This was a really well written article, I learned a lot. I especially appreciated the discussion of the various psychological implications of cuckolding. I enjoyed the sections about the white wife/black bull fetish. Also, the part analyzing which of the three people involved in a cuckolding relationship is really in control. I further enjoyed how different each of the stories were. Each person had a fairly different outlook on cuckolding, which made me think of them as individuals rather than "cuckolders". The fact that these people were willing to discuss this kind of thing with anyone is amazing to me. There must have been a lot of respect involved.

Jan 20 12 - 6:13pm

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Apr 24 07 - 5:04pm

Once again, an interesting and cutting edge topic from Kai Ma. As a married person, I have heard of such lifestyles, but only in the context of jokes and loose stories. Never have I read something in such detail. I was thoroughly captivated and realized how very little I knew about it and its pervasiveness. What was most interesting was the dicotomy of the "cucks" sumitting themselves to the humiliation of another man having sex with their wives/girlfriend, but also feeling that they were not inferior to them. Strange, intriguing but intangible in my own life....... Great article! Cheers!

Jan 18 12 - 8:20am

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See you there.

Apr 26 07 - 3:09am

Great article.

As a cuckold I'm glad that she addressed the Interacial thing. I've always found the "black cock" thing to be an annoying part of the cuckold community. I don't care who my girl's parters are - as long as they make her happy so when I see people go on and on about "bbc" it always makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Feb 16 11 - 3:17am

I agree 100%

Mar 10 11 - 3:21am

There is another reason at least for me and that is, while watching another guy with my wife I watch while he penetrates her tight pussy and remember how good she feels and how hot I get looking at her pretty face and hot mouth, then think about how lucky he is in experiencing these same sensations. Same thing seeing her pretty face gag on another guys dick. Then after to get up close view of the "damage done".

May 14 11 - 4:22am

Is "letting your parner have sex with someone else" thing the entire sex life of a cuckold couple or it's just a "fun night"?

Mar 31 12 - 3:24pm
happy cuck

Totally agree. The BBC card is over played in the internet perception of the Cuckold scene

May 21 12 - 9:48am

Definitely, the racial thing is most probably a lot of “wanna-be” cucks who are not even married yet. An ex once had that experience (against my wishes) and it was terrible, absolutely disgusting. Upon returning home, she had such an unpleasant odor about her that I could not touch her. Actually broke us up… Just the facts.

Jul 14 12 - 6:02pm
BBC 4 Ur Wife

We think YOUR particular odor is unpleasant as well. When you get wet, you smell like wet dogs. Just the facts.

Jul 15 12 - 2:22pm
More than curious

Good one!

Apr 26 07 - 6:13am

Excellent article. What I feel is doesn't quite touch on is the new wave of "Alpha Female" cuckoldresses, Lipstick Feminists who take the lead in the cuckolding relationship. Sites that trailblazed on this are scandalouswomen.com and the no-longer-online evildiva.com.

Of course, the mainstream media are always slow to pick up trends. Good to see cucklding being covered. Perhaps in another five years we'll see the dominant female who coerces her man into this type of relationship covered as well.

Apr 27 07 - 9:19am

very interesting piece. though i don't personally understand the submissive fantasy side of the equation, i did find myself finding the scenario arousing (from the the perspective of the cuckold). i have been giving some thought to why this is, and two factors come to mind:

First, because we men are visually stimulated animals, and the great irony is that when we are having sex, we are sometimes frustrated that we are can't see the whole thing. doing the fucking is sometimes a disadvantaged visual perspective, as bizarre as that sounds. You need to be outside of your own body and a few feet back to full take in the act. One way to accomplish this is with a video camera, another with a "bull."

second, i think its hot to see other guys hot for your wife. pre-marriage, there are always other men sexually interested in your girlfriends, and there is something sexually charged about this dynamic. there is a dominant element to the circumstance in addition to the submissive -- you are giving someone else the privilege of being with your hot wife as an act of magnaminity, the way some wall street guy might throw you the keys to his sports car (forgive the metaphor). you know that its yours, and by allowing others to see how good it is your are reminding yourself how lucky you are.

arousal is a funny thing. i would never have predicted that i would have found this scenario arousing.

May 15 11 - 10:25am

You nailed it. I enjoy this type of relationship with my wife and you just about summed up what goes through my head.

Apr 29 07 - 11:35am

Interesting to read as my husband has more than encouraged me to have sex with other men. My husband does like to watch, will sometimes participate (MFM), and as mentioned in the article will always 'clean up'. One major difference with us is that I do not seek (and usually don't even enjoy) men that are extra-large.
I will say that in the 20 or so hotwife experiences we have had over about three years, all have been just super erotic (my husband gets so turned on watching another man doing me), and I must say all have been the proverbial win-win and win situation.

Apr 01 11 - 5:30am


Aug 25 12 - 10:18am

We're thinking of having a MGM but will love to watch one up clos and private before we try

May 02 07 - 9:20am

Great arcticle, thanks. There are psycological and spiritual aspects of cuckolding that do not always get addressed. I am personally more interested in those cuckolding relationships where the woman takes control and the bottom line is her control and satisfaction. Her male partner, in return, voluntarily submits. This attacks , in the male , the false sense of inherent male privelege imposed on him from birth. It is a cleansing of ego and rebirth into a more real and pure expression of himself; a spiritual release tweaked by a sexual release; and anchored in the manly strength to accept and embrace reality rather than in a weakness. For women it is a celebration of a natural power which has been blanketed with socially demonization and oppression so thoroughly that it is expressed in the very story of creation by the interactions of of Adam and Eve. Patriarchy served its evolutionary value during the Monumental Age of conquering the elements but it is being torn away by the current demands for coalescence being trumpeted by our shrinking planet in this Global Age. This move toward a more feminine way appears to be in its infancy. Patriarchy is most vulnerable at its core in personal relationships where the lie of dick-bearer as inherent master supports it. "Size Matters" may be the most effective campaign slogan since "Jesus Saves" whether or not either is entirely accurate.

Sep 01 11 - 4:09pm

Brilliant and deep analysis. Though I may not agree 100% with all of your points, I feel you are starting to scrape through the initial shock and turn on of the fetish to get at the underlying psycho-sexual/spiritual Reasons for some of the things that turn us on. Very cool response.

May 02 07 - 5:36pm

Definitely a well-written article. Thanks also to the interview subjects for sharing their lives a bit with the interviewer and us. It raises a discordant logical point in my mind, however. If, as the article leads one to believe, much of the cuckolding community focuses on placing the husband in a submissive position to a more well-endowed man, is it not true that all other things being equal the wife would be happier with the more well-endowed man? That is, if she could have husband and bull in the same individual, is that not better? In some sense, it seems like the motivation for the husbands is to transcend their own physical limitations. But I wonder if it doesn't sometimes just reinforce them that much more. Or is there something inherent in the triangle of individuals that represents a more intense experience for all? No disrespect meant to any of the interviewees -- you're braver men than I! Cheers.

Aug 09 11 - 10:29am

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May 03 07 - 10:49am

as a cuck in a previous marriage i would have to agree with most of the article, i used to place ads for men and i would be the one to make the arrangements for the meeting.
after they had both finished i would usually thank the man for fucking my wife and ask him if he would be willing to do it again.
i got a lot of satisfaction out of being humiliated by this, my wife helped sometimes to make me feel that way, i am not all that big, not tiny but below average.
i enjoyed very much seeing her experience sex that i could never give her and when she told me at the end of the evening not to bother her as she was too sore, that just about sent me over the edge.

May 04 07 - 4:05am

Enjoyed the article, but feel that your readers need to know that there are those of us out here who enjoy HotWife adventures without the husband assuming the classic role of the submissive cuckold...not that there is anything wrong with that, if it's what you're into. My wife Ann is a HotWife and I am, and always have been, the alpha-male in every one of our threesomes. I maintain that position and control for several reasons, but primarily because that's where I'm most comfortable and, given the situation, where Ann's most secure. I want the guy that Ann's chosen to play with to know that we are a couple and that he's been cordially invited in as a guest in our sexual playground. I'm not saying that I, or we as a couple, hold him in a submissive role, sexually or otherwise, I'm always up for a challenge. And when it comes to pleasing my wife, there's no downside to having two guys trying to outdo each other as the best lover she's ever enjoyed! As far as latent gay tendencies on my part, Ann is bi (and I love that), I am straight, but I'm not homophobic. In a hot MFM session there may be some incidental male-male physical contact, and if it happens that certain positions generate such contact while we're both simultaneously sexually pleasing my wife, then it's just fine with me. That male-to-male contact on it's own is honestly no more sexually thrilling to me, personally, then one would expect by two men greeting by shaking hands. So please don't assume that every couple who enjoy HotWife adventures are in the classic cuckold relationship, or that the husband is latently gay and is simply enjoying transference through his wife's contact with another man. There are many couples just as Ann and myself, who enjoy their HotWife adventures as a couple's shared sexual experience (that just happens to include another guy!).

Sep 04 11 - 12:50pm

I think me and you are exactly the same. I still want control and I enjoy pleasing my wife - even if there is male-male contact. I am not a homophob but I am not gay. I think the excitement is intensified because my wife wants to have sex with other men. We made a mutual agreement that we must be together to experience this together. We have had several experiences with the last one being the best. We are now contemplating having other men in the bedroom (3 or 4 guys). She really enjoys sex and wants to be completely satisfied.

Jun 19 12 - 2:07am

I'm with you two. My wife and I have experienced a few threesomes (MFM) and it's always been with men who haven't been a "threat" to my manhood. Of course, I want her to be satisfied, but luckily, my cock is rather thick (one guy called me the Girth King lol), so I usually don't have a problem being at least the thickest guy in the room, if not the longest. I like the idea of the extra man being the "guest" in the bedroom. We call the shots, but are always open to let the guy do his own thing. Though I do typically end up saying things like "You can touch her now" or "Go ahead and spank her" or "F*** her mouth just a little. She likes that."

I love the act of watching another man fawn over my wife. One guy kept saying how hot she was and it really turned me on. The first time it happened was a bit by accident, in a way, and the next morning, I was sure she was going to freak out, but it made our sex life even better because we got to experience it together. No clean up for me, though.

We enjoy being with another couple, as well, and typically enjoy those more, at least to a point. She loved watching me with another woman ... and, of course, the women always put on a little show first.

May 04 07 - 9:37pm

Quite a tribute to the author that everyone feels the article is good. I agree.

One point that I've noticed is that older people are often involved in Hotwifing (the brand of cuckolding in which the husband does not feel subordinate but rather equal to with the wife's lover). It is not uncommon for couples married three decades or more to participate in these activities. This is important to note given that we live in a culture where sexuality is usually portrayed as a young person's game.

Mar 03 12 - 12:43pm

True here for us. We had each been previously married - me with 3 kids. She has been a magnificent wife - and step-mother to my children. When they were all (finally) 'out in the world', we had to deal with the empty - house syndrome. Each of us had previously been very active sexually - she more than I - especially since I was a single parent a good deal of the time. An old boyfriend turned up in her email one day - and game started. Since then, we are now in our 70s and have had some wonderful adventures with a second man in our lives.
I had the indescribable thrill - apprehension and desire- and deep sense of fulfillment as another man pleasured her in a way that completely disinhibited her. The electricity in the gaze between us as while he was thrusting deep inside her was ecstatic. The feeling of intimacy was complete. Such events are a few years behind us but the memories and ongoing integration of those events is another element in our deep sense of relationship.
We feel the slope of aging endocrine function and find other ways to occupy ourselves - such as music, theater and good friends, and some travel. Still, it's a wonderful knowing we've 'been there done that' with no regrets and a lot of fun and happiness.

May 05 07 - 5:12am

Let me add myself to the list of people who think this was a very good article. It treats cuckoldry as it ought to be, as a choice and desire that free people make.

I do, however, take issue with one part. I am a cuckold and I definitely prefer black bulls. Most discussion of the cuckold's preference for black men tends to reason as follows (a) it's a purely physical appreciation of black male sexuality, (b) purely physical appreciations based on race are racist, (c) the cuckold's preference for black men is racist.

But this is just wrong. The one thing we've realized in the past thirty years or so is that it is perfectly acceptable to have purely physical appreciations of others, so long as we don't confuse our appreciations with their actual beings (and act wrongly towards them as a result). There are many reasons to appreciate black men. Some of them may be racist, but not all of them are.

And, by the way, this Kai Ma is a really good writer. Is there a link to all her articles. If so, please send that link to keng1a1@hotmail.com


May 07 07 - 2:51pm

Very interesting article that doesn't go into the differences that those in the hobby see between a cuckold relationship and a hotwife. At times the lines are quite blurry and of interest more to those in it that others looking in. Like most things it isn't simple and there is no established firm lines, someone looking in from the outside sees all of the husbands as cucks while those of us into this see the fine distinctions but don't always agree with others ideas on hotwife verus cuckold. A site called Your Hotwives is one of the better ones to explore this interest.

We started with a mfm years ago, I was trying to get my wife to trying swinging. She enjoyed the mfm a lot and we kept a relatioship with her first lover for now about twenty years. No sex between them now but only due to distance. They started as sexual partners, became friends and at one point they realized they loved each other. We were friends as well and we would go out as a threesome as well as my wife and her friend/lover going out on dates.

We did try swinging and it was fun, parties for the most part since we had problems finding a couple that all four of us wanted to play. We found that she enjoyed sex with more than one man at a time and more than one man during the evening. We talked about it and drifted back to us playing mfm with the right guys. I got to enjoy watching more and she liked being able to concentrate on her lover. After more time we found that she enjoyed having sex with other men and I enjoyed watching, joining in at times or hearing about it when she got home from a date. She tells me that she enjoys me watching, it turns her on and then I don't ask so many questions but she also feels a certain freedom in going out with a lover without me along. She has spent the night with a few lovers and that was hot. She also used to go out with lovers when I was gone on a trip.

Not sure why but now we are exploring more cuckold things, she likes Alpha males and I love seeing her with one. She likes to relax and let her lover be in charge in ways she will not let her guard down with me, she says it is okay to be that way with them since she isn't spending the rest of her life with them. I like seeing and helping her get ready for a date and enjoying her when she gets home. I like going out and seeing her and her lover be a couple and she gets turned on by public affection with her lovers with and with out me watching.

She enjoys the freedom she has with lovers as well as the sex, friendship and yes the good times on the dates. She does view her lovers as the primary person when they are together and I feel that is what she should do.

I kind of know what she likes in a lover and I do the first cut or two, but she has really enjoyed men that I didn't think she would and not liked men that I thought were perfect. Race and endowment are not critical factors to her but she says she enjoys a tall clean cute businessman type that is average or better endowed. However she likes a friendship and if she doesn't like the guy nothing else matters. I admit I enjoy seeing her with a black or latino lover since I love the contrast but I would rather see her with a man that really turns her on than one that is huge or black or whatever.

We do plan to explore more of the cuck aspects but only in ways that turn us all on, her lovers included. The real power is with her, in a certain way then her lover and then me but I as well as everyone else also has a veto power and we all know that so a certain amount of this is role playing. I don't see any denial or anything like that but I enjoy eating her afterwards, she does enjoy her lovers bareback and she likes being ready for them so usually no sex for me a day or so before a date. I think it will be more of a subtle emotional thing for her to be a bit sub to her lover and me to take up the rear being sub to them both, helping, waiting, watching what ever to help them have a great time. It is hot and at the same time relaxing to see her with a man she really enjoys and there is a bit of jealousy at times and concern but that is part of the thrill, the danger and the risk. On real terms I don't think there is much risk, almost 30 years of marriage.

She sees her role with her lovers as friend/girlfriend/lover/mistress and I enjoy her attitude. And after seeing her with sex buddies I enjoy seeing and knowing about the lovemaking with lovers far more and find it far hotter....and so does my wife. She enjoys the connection she feels with them.

Jan 08 12 - 12:18pm
Litte David

I love to watch my wife suck and get fucked by Black men. She gets everything a woman could ever want. A husband who gives her everything and big black cocks to fuck and suck.

May 11 07 - 9:34am

Very good article. My wife and I have been married seventeen years and I have been a cuckold for about eight of those. We are a well adjusted late 30s couples with two kids, careers, spiritul life etc.

One thing to note from our perspective, is it's not all about sex. There is an emotional involvement and even love between her and men she has dated over the years. There is nothing wrong with that and it need never threaten a marriage. Some People (and some would argue women in particular) are better emotionally wired to love more than one person.

Jun 02 07 - 12:18am

Great article. In doing as much research as I could on the web, it is frustrating to see a lot of judgmental people putting down the cuckolding fetish/lifestyle and explaining it away as either latent homosexuality or pure submissiveness. The truth is that it is extremely psychologically complicated and cuckolds who are asked why enjoy watching their wives have sex with other men excites them will often not know how to answer the question (that is a prevalent aspect of the cuckold message boards). A lot of guys say they just enjoy watching their wives happy or getting pleasure, but there are so many layers that such an explanation is really just the superficial answer. I know this from experience because I am a 'secret cuckold' (ie, I have not had the guts to tell my fiancee that want to see her have sex with other guys) and I have spent countless hours trying to figure out when/how/where this desire manifested itself and if it is just a vicarious prurient interest or if I could actually go through with this in real life.

One other prevalent aspect not covered in the article is that a lot of the messages on the average cuckold message board is actually fantasy. When you read a post that sounds more like a Penthouse Letter to the editor, you know someone's just living out fantasy. But those types of people are usually welcome in the community because wanting to be a cuckold (and not ever realizing it) is still a part of a psychological and sexual predisposition that most 'regular' people don't understand. It's kind of like a support group.

Jun 21 07 - 5:50pm

I must strongly concur with the feedback by F&A. A cuckold relationship has a hotwife, but a hotwife doesnt have to have a cuckold husband, and definitely not latently bi or gay. There is a range in this lifestyle from swinger-like mfm 3somes, watching without any humiliation, even the wife going on

Oct 23 07 - 11:43pm

i enjoyed your article. i have a very sexy asian wife who sometimes fantasizes about having sex with hung black men. i admit it kind of turns me on but we both hesitate to follow thru with those fantasies. we have a good marriage and five wonderful boys - why put our marriage at risk?

Apr 18 11 - 9:51am
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Aug 09 11 - 10:35am

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Oct 28 07 - 6:56am

Thank you so much for writing this article! Great to see a little exposure on such a touchy subject.

Apr 30 08 - 10:20pm

Great article, and responses. In her book "The Happy Hooker" Xaviera Hollander described a portion of her high powered executive clientele who desired to be very submissive. Her explanation was something to the affect that some captains of industry types desire to balance their DOMNESS with occasion acts of extreme submissiveness; as in being blindfolded and then going down on her until a black man enters the room and inserts his LARGE penis into the client's mouth. I'm an in-charge entrepreneur type who was initially amazed when unusual events led to me watching my wife getting royally fucked by a guy who was much better in bed than me, and it excited the hell out of me. I was pretty confused for some time before I regained my footing, so to speak. In our case, the experience eventually led to win/win/win. My wife loves watching me service her and her lover, since I'm normally bossy, and sometimes an intolerable asshole, admittedly. She's normally a prim and proper conservative, so I love seeing her slutty side. Our arrangement is that she can fuck whomever she wants, as long as I'm present. I, on the other hand, am committed to being sexually faithful, which isn't a problem at all.

Apr 24 11 - 3:04am


I think you are touching the core of many cuckold relationships. Many cucks are actually stong Alpha Men who have strong positions in society. But. also such men needs to find a ballance in life. It's a hard task to stay stong all the time, and sometimes they will need to be belittled and humilitated behind closed doors where unspeakable things are happening

Many strong men was raised by strong parents. They were guided by their parents and sometimes belittled in a corrective way. Soon they are grown up persons and are suppost to be in control. But the longing after someone who can match them and put them in place form time to time may still be there. Thus, a loving wife can come in handy playing the part he is missing. And as long as he trust her, and it will all stay a secret, he will play along. Often, she will play after he has initiated it all

And also remeber, that when he met his wife, he had to fight of all the other men. He fell in love becasue he found her attractive. In most marriages, he dosen't have to fight anymore. Men are hunters and fighters by nature, and hance, he lost something in his life. Letting the wife 'free' and to experience that she is still attractive may be positiv for him. There is an edge to all of it, but the human mind wants to explore things in the way it should be. If it all can be dine inside a trusting relationship where the risk of loosing it all is minimized - VOILA: nothing can be better

So the cuckolding thing is therefore positive for the storng man: 1) he get his ballance between always having to be strong - and being belittled form time to time, and 2) his instincts as a man is mintained

For the woman, there is some other thins that may be positiv: 1) she will feel attractive again, and 2) she can explore her slutty sides in full freedom and under full security making her relieved from the stress any married woman has: to make the picture of a "successful" wife. Besides: she gets a lot of good and stress relieving sex

There is a missunderstanding often in the perception ofr a cuckold. All the saying about such a man being submissive and weak. On the contrary: a man that is secure enough in himself to let his woman have other men MUST be a very strong man

All relations is diffenet, so also when it comes to this. There is always reasons for everything, and thus; all cuck relations is also different. BUT; if you look real hard, you will find cuckolds in all kinds of relationsships - and on all levels in society

It's quite facinating

May 26 08 - 6:04am

Extremely well written and insightful. I have successfully encouraged my wife repeatedly to have sex with my best friend of 40+ years. This has gone on for several years. He is in an unhappy marriage and benefits greatly from the intimacy. I am sexually active with my wife but am unable to perform as well as my firend does (it turns out he is a stud, able to have sex for longer periods of time, etc), and my wife tremendously enjoys the situation. This occurs two to three times per year as we are "protected" by a distance of over 1000 miles (somehow this infrequency helps us all feel better about it and look forward to the occurances with thremendous sexual energy). Anyway, the article was impressive in its depth and accuracy.

Jun 17 08 - 8:32am

This is best description of the lifestyle I've found anywhere...so very true for us in so many ways.

Nov 04 08 - 1:56pm

Does anyone know how to write straight to Kai Ma?

Dec 29 08 - 9:39pm

i want your wife

Feb 20 09 - 1:56am

this is some fascinating shit. Good writing combined with shove it in your face reality, I like it.


Mar 31 09 - 5:54am

my husband has wanted me to take another man for years now,he puts me in sexual situations with other men and asks during sex to tell him about other men i desire and who i want to f**k me,it arouses me yet im nervous of"enjoying"it too much,we all have fantasies and i do fantasize about other men,but its my fantasy and i want to keep it personal.

Apr 27 11 - 11:57pm

i want to be owned by a couple an be there slave

Apr 27 11 - 11:59pm

i am 27 puertorican an love to br fucked

Jun 15 09 - 6:55am

Great article. Like others, I must point out that there is a difference between cuckold relationships and marriages where the woman is a hotwife. Bottom line though, the wife gets all the sex she wants while the husband must remain faithful. I've been after my wife for years to become a hotwife. She'll never do it.... but she knows she can any time she wants.

Jul 17 09 - 10:52am

The way I look at this is what man and wife do to enjoy relationships with each other or freinds is between them they are consenting adults, what pleases 1 might not others as far as color or size we don't measure them wife is given her free choice as to whom she wants, sometimes there is no sex involved just making out, when the encounter is over, shefeels completely satisfied and me I get a satisfaction as if I was the one doing the loving, not to the point of climaxing but close. we have done this for over 10 years ,we are completely happy satisfied and love one another and we will continue this lifestyle as we both enjoy it to the max. we have encounters 2 to 3 times per month, sometimes theseguys spend up to 2 days in bed with wife thats ok cause she doen not wear out maybe the guy goes home completely drained probably not any good for any kind of physical work for seversl but they go home with a smile.

Sep 27 09 - 12:52am

This is one of the best articles ever in this subject. This is the first time that a reporter get involved to give her personal view on cuckolding.
I wish she wrote much more, about the female point of view, or yet how to be successful in this lifestyle.
Anyway, thank you Kai Ma!
You are the best!!!

Nov 12 09 - 7:39pm

i like this idea and would like to fill some fantasies of my own watching

Mar 05 10 - 1:13pm

i couldnt have said it better ive always wanted my wife to fuck blk guys we talked about and she finally agreed. i realized how much better he was fucking my wife than i was i believe women were made to fuck and when u get ur wife who u love to open her legs for blk guys because u want it then god bless her the 1st time she got preg and i thought how great it wouyld be to have a blk child she wanted a boy which she got and we all became a happy family i guess at that point the whole neighborhood knew shee was with blk men but to be honest they gave her the best sex in the world isnt that what we want for our wivies to be happy and she makes a great whore and thats hot for me i love her more and more for this

May 03 10 - 3:01pm

I love my wife dearly but I'd LOVE to watch her get fucked by a hung, muscular black guy. I had a dream about it a while ago, told her about it and she said she didn't want to hear any more - not sure if that was because it turned her on and she was afraid she'd like it, or if it just disgusted her. Guess I'll have to keep it in fantasyland, but the thought of seeing her completely satisfied sexually is often overwhelming. Oh well.

Feb 23 11 - 3:06pm

i am definately in the same boat, what can we do???

Apr 23 11 - 4:37pm
james green

i will tell you what to do. i have done it before , with my freind wife, redravin8 .com

May 17 10 - 5:06am

What do you think?

May 23 10 - 6:23pm

It's a great article, and shows some interesting points about a unique type of lifestyle.

As for me though, I'll point out a third type of relationship that none of the other comments have addressed.

My wife and I are in an 'open marriage', she loves having as much sex with the biggest men she can possibly find of both colors (with myself being a modest 7 inches, and her having typically demanded at least 8 before she even met me), while I tend to be more casual, handling business, snagging a lay here or there, and coming home to find a note on the refrigerator about where she is, and when she expects to come home.

When we are involved in the same multi-partner experience, she prefers to defer to me, labeling me her 'Master' and having me tell her what to do (a role I was slow to accept, being a very affectionate, respectful individual, though I have been learning to be a good master in the bedroom) I should point out when it's just the two of us things tend to be more mutual, though she still leans a little submissive.

Honestly, the two of us couldn't be happier

Jun 11 10 - 8:28am
likeit somutch

its so arousing. if there's any couple out there plizzz call.

Jun 27 10 - 7:00pm

Hi, I have just been invited to be the Older Bull.. The couple are turned on by having an older man taking the Wife, I am fairly well endowed and I believe that has some bearing on the matter.. I am looking forward to my first experience of screwing another man's Wife with his consent! I have screwed many a man's Wife without his knowledge but this is a First for me... And a much Younger Woman into the bargain!! Yippee!!

Sep 12 11 - 9:53am

canyu fuck me before my husband mailme urwashi3@gmail.com

Jun 28 10 - 10:08pm

This has been one of my fantasies for many years.

Jun 29 10 - 10:11pm

I'm a white male bull in my 20s and I've been doing the racial domination thing for a few years now. I live in Southern California and there are a huge number of hispanic, Indian, Asian, etc couples here who like a dominant white guy to just come into their bedroom and 'play God'.

Penis size hasn't played a huge role for me; I'm 6 or 7 inches and none of my "girls" have tried to measure me, but I'm handsome, physically fit, and I write for a living so I'm very verbal and I think the ability to say the right thing at the right time and make the scene surreal is the main selling point of a bull.

Even though the couple in the article falls somewhat in the middle (basically viewing her bulls as silent stunt cocks) There seems to be two basic schools of cuckolding, one prioritizing the experience of the wife, and one prioritizing the humiliation of the husband. I believe it's only the latter form that delves into all the "giant black cocks" and "forced" bisexuality (and from what I've seen even subjectting the wife to bestiality for the husband's humilation [???]).

While some of the couples I play with do enjoy being racially slurred and whatnot when it's "go time" (ie; immediately before climax), 99% of the encounter is more on the romantic side. The object is to make her feel like a spoiled goddess and allow her to fall in LOVE (yes love) with other, superior men. It's to subject her to "giant dick and ass licking" humiliation just to intensify the husband's masochism.

Jun 29 10 - 10:13pm

That last sentence was of course intended to read: It's *NOT* to subject her to humiliation just to intensify the husband's masochism.

Jul 05 10 - 3:25pm
gibson guy

having a woman love me even after sex with a big black manas a white guy i think that is a realy good thing iwould be pleased for that much love

Jul 05 10 - 3:31pm
gibson guy

yes i think i understand but i still get so turnedon when i try yo under stand a woman their all so different an so much fun to learn the things they are thinking

Jul 08 10 - 5:35pm

I believe that a major reason there is so much interest in and even attraction to cuckoldry is that there is so little known about something that is about as taboo/outrageous as it gets. I believe it was Woody Allen who said that sex is dirty, only if it's good.

Jul 13 10 - 6:00pm

I am an old man and only had cuck pleasure accidently, and never found a women who would go along. I accidently found my first wife with a 12" white man- who ran away and she insisted it was a new gardner interviewing. My second wife had a black lover who would not let me watch. But I would lick her after he left, and found a way to watch, without him knowing it. I could not believe anyone was that big, and I didn't know where it disappeared to inside her body. Inevitably, where I was, when she came I came too without touching myself. I tried to explain this toher as follows: I so identified with her that I was having an almost female orgasm myself. It occurred to me that cucks might be reincarnated women and that is why they identify in that strange way with their wives. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, there is nothing to say you would remain the same sex in each incarnation.

Anyway finally I lived with show girl who let me watch, and the black bulls didn't mind either

Jul 13 10 - 6:01pm

What do you think?

Jul 13 10 - 6:01pm

What do you think?

Jul 17 10 - 8:59am

Is there any men who will fuck my girlfriend while I watch she is 24 and gud lookin with big tits:)

Apr 26 11 - 3:58pm

Ive never done this before but wont mind trying it with your gf. haftysizeddddhotmailcom

Apr 26 11 - 3:58pm

by the way I'm black

Jul 17 10 - 1:57pm

I don't find anything wrong with the idea of being a cuck. I know it would not be something I would want to be since for me, being humiliated or not being the guy in charge is not me bag. But for all ya'll who are into it, more power to ya'

Jul 18 10 - 10:49pm

sounds fun to me. As long as the 3rd party keeps it secret and the wife and hubby have serious understanding with each other then good luck!

Jul 18 10 - 10:53pm

sounds fun to me. As long as the 3rd party keeps it secret and the wife and hubby have serious understanding with each other then good luck!

Jul 20 10 - 8:11am

My girlfriend is in need of another man to fuck her asap anyone up for it?

Mar 06 11 - 6:52pm
A fucker

Give some details, so I will know what I'm gonna fuck.

Jul 21 10 - 8:21pm

I was in a relationship where my girlfriend was not sexually satisfied with me, and I asked her if an arrangement where she was allowed to sleep with other guys would make her happy. She said maybe, but that she'd rather just be with me, and told me that it made her uncomfortable that I would propose such a thing. Then later I found out she was already cheating on me at that point, and did since then too. Sadly, I still crave that situation, where I "let my girl sleep with another guy." It's sick, I know, but I am relieved to read this article and know that there are others out there like me, men and women.

Jul 27 10 - 5:51pm
Not angry at all.

I am puzzled about my feelings, and this article helped me a lot.

When I found out my wife was cheating, I just did not feel the anger and hurt that I was "supposed" to feel. It was almost like I was expecting that any minute now the pain would hit me, but it never did, I know society expects a cheated on spouse to be furious, but I just never felt that way.

A week after I found out, I spoke privately with my wife and told her that I only wish she had been open with me about the affair, and that she could continue as long as she wished and at whatever level she wanted with her lover and that I wanted us to stay married. I guess that makes me a "cuckold," but I don't feel humiliated or hurt by her affair, I was only a little bit puzzled that she felt she needed to conceal anything.

My wife and I are actually a lot closer than we ever were before her affair. Now we are like "partners in crime" and we both have a lot of fun when she goes to see her lover or when I leave town somdays and they spend the night in our home. My wife and I love each other more than ever before, both our families know that she is having an affair and we are completely open about the whole matter. None of us feel "sick" or ashamed at all, honestly, we are all much happier since she started her affair and I wouldn't change a thing, except maybe to have it all happen sooner.

Jul 29 10 - 7:12pm
Logical Lenny

Anyone who buys into this shit is half or full retarded.

Aug 30 11 - 7:40pm

I know, these people are disgusting sick fucks

Dec 22 11 - 3:17pm
reality bites

like you are for reading all about it

Jul 29 10 - 11:56pm
Cuck John

Hey All,

Having the woman I love cuckold me has been a fantasy of mine ever since I was in my early twenties. Back then I didn't even know there was a term for such a desire. Needed to make it a reality so ended up buying the Cuckold Coach Manual and it helped me get my wife to agree to this lifestyle.

Aug 01 10 - 7:37pm

to harvey I am ready to fuck your girlfriend in front of you
.It's so excieting

Aug 12 10 - 7:17pm

Um...sounds good, wish my wife shared my interest. Likely never will but it hasn't taken away from our enjoyment in our own bedroom. But I wait for the moment she mentions another man. When she does I'll be welcoming that idea with open arms.

Aug 21 10 - 1:33pm

It does seem totally psychological, similar to other fetishes. It is in contrast to men that are turned on by just 3somes or men who are the dominant male.

I have been dating a man for 5 months. I actually never heard of this at all. My b/f is 53, I am 45. My b/f isn't into men and doesn't necessarily want to be in the room, or participate even(which he hasn't as of yet) He just wants me to get satisfied and wants me to be with him afterwards.

I have done it several times "for him" cause it was something he really desires and I am semi-adventurous and actually very sexual. However, being in this kind of relationship short circuits what I am normally used to.

He states how much he cares for me but then on the other hand wants me to have sex with other men. I have been turned on at times thinking how taboo it all is and how my bf is so turned on and how the other man gains by this.

I am analytical by nature and have tried to search to understand the whole psychological aspect of it to make me better accept it and enjoy it.

This may not apply to everyone but what I know is my b/f isn't very good in bed, doesn't last long, isn't very big, not a lot of endurance and seems to be just kind of lacking in performance and passion.
I have asked about his past and sexual partners when he was young, I found out he was cheated on by his first real g/f. When she was finished cheating she would be with him and he knew she just had sex with someone else. I think he was humilated many times by his lack of performance in his past so now this turns him on to have someone else satisfy his g/f. Someone doing the job he can't but yet being able to make his g/f happy and satisfied sexually because he can't.

I finally found someone that I liked doing it with recently who really satisfied me and told my bf about it, since he likes to hear about it but then my b/f told me he was a little jealous of him, so confusing to me. Is he seriously jealous in a bad way or a good way? I thought I am doing this for him though. ??? Now he tells me he wants me to have this guy just for myself and we would find someone else to have a 3some with.

It's really risky pushing your woman to sleep with other men because even I feel like I want the other man physically now more than my b/f. I never know what to share with the b/f, if it will hurt him or turn him on!!??

I do have a high sex drive but have never done any of this before. He doesn't want to be with another woman, he says it's too much work and that isn't what turns him on. He does a lot of things for me and he is sweet, he wants things to advance to another level...but in the back of my mind I feel him wanting more(moving in/marriage) may be driven by this lifestyle.

So to me the article was exposing someones situation but I feel there is so much more to reveal and explore about the dynamics and psychological part of it and more interesting than reading the basic "it turns them on".

Apr 29 12 - 8:28pm

where do you live????

Aug 21 10 - 11:19pm
Cuckhold Don

Now that we are empty nesters-We are thankful we discovered this lifestyle or we probably would have went our own ways!
This (Lifestyle) is one of the most carring things couples can do for one an other & it shure keeps couples comunicating!

Aug 28 10 - 11:37pm

my wife loves doing this but it took me 20 yrs to get her to agree to it ..we are both very lucky to have found a young guy ,that is twice as endowed as i am ,,so his size scared her at first but now she looks forward to opening up for him ,

Aug 29 10 - 11:46am

After 40 years of experience with 250 women, I have found that a woman who does not want toys and big blasting cocks is wonderful. This girls cunt is just to big and streched . Shame on her for destroying her vagina and all the guys that lost ther keys!

Aug 29 10 - 12:33pm
Howard stern

I like the clean up part after some jig blows his load inside of her!!! Yummmmmmmmy!!!! Maybe it will help me get bigger!!!!!

Sep 01 10 - 11:43am

I'd love to see my wife to take on a big black bull. I would like to see him spank her ass then pound her good and cum in her prem & proper mouth then bang her little ass. That's what's she needs & I'd love to see her get it

Sep 02 10 - 11:08am
Cuckhold Don

Us cucks(generally) Want for our partners to be as happy as possible!
We work hard at it!
I would say that couples in this type of relationship,argue less,Talk more(& not just meaningless chitchat),pay more(good) attention to each other,& are generally happier!

Sep 09 10 - 9:52am

love the article, even much more for reality

Sep 11 10 - 9:19pm

harvey commented on Jul 20 10 at 8:11 am
harvey commented on Jul 17 10 at 8:59 am
okay man I am ready and it's honour for me I think you need that so I will help you by fucking your wife in front of you and you will see me play in your wife and screw it . relly I love your wife's butt and booby and pussy...... wow

Sep 13 10 - 9:40pm

I never knew what the name ment But it decribes me to a T have always likes watching an her telling whats guys do to her our best sex is me having her after another guy has just finished her, thought I was just a strange guy great to know there are others funcouples69 at yah oo dot com

Oct 01 10 - 2:23pm

Yes, sure, I like it, Interesting and educational. Please continue to write more interesting post in your website.

Oct 02 10 - 6:56pm

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Oct 03 10 - 6:12am

Yes, sure, I like it, interesting and cool. Please continue to publish more interesting texts in your personal site.

Aug 30 11 - 10:40am

disgusting freaks. So weak and unmanly ugh. I can't stand wimpy men

Mar 18 12 - 3:14am

You are probably a closet homosexual. Breastplate of righteousness...you're probably terrible in bed, as well.

Oct 05 10 - 6:34am

I'll fuck her and you fuck my wife

Oct 05 10 - 12:19pm
Annabelle London

I would love this lifestyle but am sure my hubby would never agree :-(

Apr 22 11 - 7:26am

maybe like me he would love to have his wife get fucked while he watches but is to shy to tell her

Oct 05 10 - 7:01pm

i like it because iam in that situation my wife needs something alot bigger than i can provide she is definetley on the hunt for someone

Oct 06 10 - 7:30pm

To Annabelle, you'll never know if your husband would be into it until you ask. Be tactful and try pillow talk, you always get the truth while having sex. As for me, it has taken many years to turn my wife into the hot, sexy, dirty, nasty fucking slut that I wanted, now we both fuck others (swing) as well as let her have those BBC's whenever we can and after 20 yrs. of marriage, we are close now than ever and have a great life and even better, hotter sex now than in the beginning. Man was never meant to be monogamous and if people would stop worrying about who's fucking their spouse or significant other and focus on the stuff that really matters, there'd be a lot less divorce.

Oct 07 10 - 1:11am
An aspiring cuckold

Annabelle, I agree with MT's comment, you need to ask, get the game started. The worst that could come of it would be that he says "no," in that case I would advise you to maybe look for a new husband. There ARE lots of men who accept this, after all, it is a lot better to be a happy cuckold than and UNhappy husband.

Oct 10 10 - 1:56am
Texas Luv!

we are a happy couple, we have had 3 great ebony bulls and I had enjoyed watching every inch on her..she enjoys toons and we recreate every moment when making luv...

Oct 19 10 - 9:52am

Intresting facts, are you sure?

Oct 19 10 - 10:48am

My wife is small (5', 100) and the thought of her getting fucked by a hung guy is a huge turn-on. Doubt she'd ever do it but it's fun to imagine her under a tall muscle guy with a huge fat cock fucking her relentlessly like I know I never could...

Oct 19 10 - 11:23pm

Keep up the excelent work, bookmarked and referred a few mates.

Oct 20 10 - 7:56pm

Watching his wife have sex with other men does not necessarily make a man a beta male and it does not preclude great sex with his wife. My wife loves multiple partners as much as I love watching her and joining in, but I determine the limits in order to protect my wife. A mans sexual prowess, physique or aggressive attitude may please her in bed, but he is finished when I tell him he is finished.

There is a difference between being a submissive husband and being an open minded and generous husband. Men that understand that have the best chance of being invited to play.

Oct 27 10 - 2:33am

They left out how erotic it is for the man doing the f**king. I am currently with my second couple and it is very arousing for me to have a sexual encounter with another man's wife as he watches.

Oct 28 10 - 11:16pm

Fantasy is always better than reality...but a shared fantasy with a partner you trust is best of all. Cuckolding and hotwives sounds great to me, but I don't think I (or most people) could handle it really happening, especially the inevitable "what now" once the acts are done. Kudos to those who can handle it! The rest of us will enjoy talking about it in bed with our wives and just let the fantasy build the sexual tension.

Oct 29 10 - 1:07pm

My wife and I have fantasized about her with a good male friend for years. They do get cozy, but I'd like to take it to the next level. I just don't know how. I've dropped hints to him that he had no limits, but he's always more reserved when I'm around. She's nervous and won't start anything. Any ideas on how to let a good friend know it's ok to do your wife?

Apr 24 11 - 3:30am

Make it very claer to both of them that this is what you want. And do let them start, without you being there. It you who is the break here. Your woman is cozy with him? That means she accept him and if not in relation with you, probably would let him fuck her

If you understand this part of it, and is man enough to let them start fucking while you keep away, maybe they would be more comfortable to let you in to the game later?

Mar 12 12 - 2:54pm

I have made it VERY clear to her that I want it, it's bringing up the subject with him that's hard ... I don't want to mess up her friendship with him, if he's not interested in it. The only reason I spend time with the two of them is to keep the friendship moving. I agree that she is comfortable enough with him that if he made the move, she would do him and I love knowing that. She knows they're close to sex, so she won't take any initiative, not wanting to betray marriage vows, even though I've told her she's not betraying me when I know all about it. When they bump into each other, she's fine ... She reacts very positive to his attention and has never resisted anything he's done. If he made the move, I'm positive she would willing go along, but I think he's also holding back because we're married. I may just have to boldly tell him that it's okay to do her, but wife would be furious if she found out I told him. (He does have lots of other lady friends and I'm not sure if he's getting sex from any of them. I'm tempted to ask, but don't want to hear him say that he is as I want my wife to be his number one.)

She knows I don't have to be part of it. I've offered that she can stay overnight with him, suggested their first few times be alone, and even told her she can do him three times before telling me.

Your reply makes me horny, as I realize the truth of "Your woman is cozy with him? That means she accept him and if not in relation with you, probably would let him fuck her"

Oct 30 10 - 4:01am
Spicing up sex in so

Spicing up sex with husband particpating can be a good thing for bring partners together. Both parties must agree
espedcially the husband. Enjoy

Oct 30 10 - 10:53am

I'm on board. Wife has had a few lunches with him, one obviously a date with a bit of hand holding and almost kiss. It was exciting helping her get ready for it. Wife is ok with everything up to sex. She's hesitant to be too forward as she feels it should be him making the moves and she knows once they pass a certain point, everyone wants it all, which she's not ready for, yet. She enjoyed their lunch date, but resists doing it again. I think because she's scared they will do more. He's the one we need to bring in. He's a longtime friend of hers and acquaintance of mine. I've been very nice to him after every nice encounter they have, so he should know it's ok for him to cross the line and make a move. If I just ask, I'm afraid I might scare him off. Any ideas? I may have to order that Cuckhold Coach Manual.

Oct 30 10 - 2:21pm

My husband started casually talking about wifes who do other men with their husband's encouragement only a few months after we were married. I was 20 and he was 23 when we got married. I met him when I was 18 and a virgin...and three weeks later we had sex. I loved making love with him right from the start. After we got married we were even more sexually active and we got into toys, adult movies and magazines. At first I told him I was only interested in him and didn't need another man. But whenever he seen a well hung guy in a movie or magazine he would comment that he wondered what a cock that big would feel like to me. I kept telling him his 6 inches was just fine for me. He is quite thick too. But I had to admit to myself, and finally to him, that I did wonder what other cocks were like becasue I had only known his. Then he started talking about it during foreplay and then while he was in me, telling me to close my eyes and pretend he was a well hung bull. When I was only 21 it happened. We went golfing and then had supper at a nice clubhouse and met and started talking to a guy at the next table. He was in town for three days to start up some new equipment at the hospital. We invited him to our apartment for a nightcap. After we had a few more drinks, my husband just walked over and put in an adult video. The other guy was quite good looking and about 27 and I was surprised my husband did that but I didn't want to make a scene or look like a prude so I sat and watched with the guys. Suddenly my husband put his arm around me and pulled my mouth to his and started kissing me deeply. At first I resisted but he is strong and gradually I started to get into it. Then he started feeling my boobs and my resistence kind of faded away. I wasn't sure what Aaron, the other guy, was doing but thought maybe he just got embarrassed and left. After a minute or two my husband had my top half undone and had slipped his hand inside and pushed my bra up over my boobs. He pulled one out and bent to suck it, something I absolutely adore. My head was laid back and my eyese were closed and then I glanced over to see if Aaron had left. Instead I seen him sitting with his cock in his hand and watching us. He said later he figured we had wanted him to stay and play when we were so open right in front of him. His was the first cock I had seen in the flesh other than my husbands. Between the sight of his cock and the smile on his face and knowing he liked looking at my tits and what my husband was doing to my nipples, I was soon ready for them both. I looked at my husband and asked if he was sure he wanted to keep going. His answer was to take off my top and bra completely and pat the couch beside me indicating to Aaron to join us. Well, soon I had two mouths all over me, two cocks waving around and four hands everywhere. We ended up all in bed for about three hours. I absolutely loved it and didn't feel guilty or remorse because my husband was with me and smiling the whole time. I am now 33 and have had many lovers over the years, both with my husband present and when he couldn't be there but I told him all the details later when we had sex. It has been a very positive experience for us both and I have been able to explore my sexuality to the limit. Sexually I have done everything a woman could try and have been very relaxed, and very orgasmic the whole time. For some, this lifestyle would not work but you don't know for sure till you try it. I know that when I said my vows when i was married, if someone would have said that much of my adult focus would be having sex with other men while my husband watched, I would have been insulted that someone would even think I would try something like that. All I can say is that I am very glad my husband got me into this lifetstyle. In 15 years, I have come a long way from an 18 yr old virgin.

Oct 30 10 - 3:46pm

I'm really enjoying the comments here. I had no idea there were so many that liked the idea of cuckolding. I hadn't even heard the word until a year or two ago, but my wife and I have talked of it for five+ years, just haven't made the move yet.
I don't know about the rest of the cuckolds out there, but I'm a bit Bi, so our guy can have us both, when he's ready.
Also surprised at the number who like to 'clean up' ... Sounds great!
I'm not interested in lots of other guys for my wife, I just have a certain one in mind. Although I have asked about others she has known; One who claims to be 13" makes me hot to think about the two of them, but she said they never got that far.

jw commented on May 03 07 at 10:49 am
"... after they had both finished i would usually thank the man for fucking my wife and ask him if he would be willing to do it again.
i got a lot of satisfaction ..."
I want to clean them both up, thank him, and ask if he will do it again ... And he better. I'll let him know we don't do one night stands.

NWSC commented on May 07 07 at 2:51 pm
"... I got to enjoy watching more and she liked being able to concentrate on her lover. After more time we found that she enjoyed having sex with other men and I enjoyed watching, joining in at times or hearing about it when she got home from a date. She tells me that she enjoys me watching, it turns her on and then I don't ask so many questions but she also feels a certain freedom in going out with a lover without me along. She has spent the night with a few lovers and that was hot. She also used to go out with lovers when I was gone on a trip."
I've offered her both as I'm not sure which I'll like better, watching, or letting her get more involved because I'm not there.

NWSC commented on May 07 07 at 2:51 pm
"I like seeing and helping her get ready for a date and enjoying her when she gets home. I like going out and seeing her and her lover be a couple and she gets turned on by public affection with her lovers with and with out me watching."
I've been able to help my wife get ready for a couple dates ... HOT! I wish I could catch them out as a couple, but haven't yet. They have to be careful about others we know seeing them. We were at one dance together, but they both played shy and didn't dance with each other. (The more I encourage in a situation like that less happens :( )

NWSC commented on May 07 07 at 2:51 pm
"She enjoys the freedom she has with lovers as well as the sex, friendship and yes the good times on the dates. She does view her lovers as the primary person when they are together and I feel that is what she should do."
My wifes got that one down fine.

NWSC commented on May 07 07 at 2:51 pm
"... I would rather see her with a man that really turns her on than one that is huge ... "

NWSC commented on May 07 07 at 2:51 pm
"I don't see any denial or anything like that but I enjoy eating her afterwards ..."
You're making me hungry!!

NWSC commented on May 07 07 at 2:51 pm
"It is hot and at the same time relaxing to see her with a man she really enjoys and there is a bit of jealousy at times and concern but that is part of the thrill, the danger and the risk. On real terms I don't think there is much risk, almost 30 years of marriage."
26 years for us and I feel pretty safe, but one is playing with fire. Probably one reason we haven't gone further, yet. Fortunately, he's gone some attributes that would drive her nuts if they lived together, but those get overlooked for brief get togethers.

NWSC commented on May 07 07 at 2:51 pm
"She sees her role with her lovers as friend/girlfriend/lover/mistress and I enjoy her attitude. And after seeing her with sex buddies I enjoy seeing and knowing about the lovemaking with lovers far more and find it far hotter....and so does my wife. She enjoys the connection she feels with them."

RA commented on May 11 07 at 9:34 am
"My wife and I have been married seventeen years and I have been a cuckold for about eight of those. We are a well adjusted late 30s couples with two kids, careers, spiritul life etc."
Our spiritual life is one of the things that gives us trouble with this.

RA commented on May 11 07 at 9:34 am
"One thing to note from our perspective, is it's not all about sex. There is an emotional involvement and even love between her and men she has dated over the years. There is nothing wrong with that and it need never threaten a marriage. Some People (and some would argue women in particular) are better emotionally wired to love more than one person."
My wife believes she is programmed to love only one at a time and warns me about the danger of letting him into our sex life. It is a big risk and hard to back up if it goes wrong. But everyone here is very encouraging.

SC commented on Jun 02 07 at 12:18 am
"... cuckolds who are asked why enjoy watching their wives have sex with other men excites them will often not know how to answer the question ..."
Nice to read all the other comments here. I haven't understood my urges here and this gives more info. on them. I thought perhaps it was due to too much porn and learning to enjoy watching more than doing, but there seems to be more to it than that and as someone else pointed out, you can't watch much while doing it with your wife.

Bbh commented on Apr 30 08 at 10:20 pm
"... initially amazed when unusual events led to me watching my wife getting royally fucked by a guy who was much better in bed than me, and it excited the hell out of me. I was pretty confused for some time before I regained my footing, so to speak. In our case, the experience eventually led to win/win/win. My wife loves watching me service her and her lover, since I'm normally bossy, and sometimes an intolerable asshole, admittedly. She's normally a prim and proper conservative, so I love seeing her slutty side. Our arrangement is that she can fuck whomever she wants, as long as I'm present. I, on the other hand, am committed to being sexually faithful, which isn't a problem at all."
I would love to catch her in the act! And, like you, my wife expects me to be faithful, which is not a problem. I haven't told her she can have anyone, but I have told her she can have a certain someone anytime she wants. I've also told her I'm pretty sure she already did him twice, but she denies it, with a giggle.

bh commented on May 26 08 at 6:04 am
"I have successfully encouraged my wife repeatedly to have sex with my best friend of 40+ years. This has gone on for several years. He is in an unhappy marriage and benefits greatly from the intimacy. I am sexually active with my wife but am unable to perform as well as my firend does (it turns out he is a stud, able to have sex for longer periods of time, etc), and my wife tremendously enjoys the situation."
My wife and I do fine in bed. I know her well and satisfy her. I'm the one who wants more and it's her good friend for 20+ years that I want her to have. Years ago, when his first marriage was in trouble, she'd speculate to me about "I wonder if he's getting enough." At that time, I wasn't ready for this, but did joke around with her about her taking care of his crabbiness. Now I'm ready for him to do him good.

Howard stern commented on Aug 29 10 at 12:33 pm
"I like the clean up part after some jig blows his load inside of her!!! Yummmmmmmmy!!!!"
I think this excites me because I usually chicken out after I load her up. I think it's something about the quick adreneline drop off that guys experience and I suddenly lose interest. I'd love to like her clean while I was still hard as a rock ... if I last that long. Like another person said, I might just cum spontaneously :)

BTW: Although a bigger guy sounds great and his having his way with both of us sounds great, I'm not sure the alpha/beta thing is that important to me. It might be, as the guy we have in mind is more alpha than me and when the three of us are out together, I find myself wanting to lay low and let him control things. But what I really want is for him to do my wife. The only submission I'm after is to lay on my stomach, have my wife lube me up and watch while he does me, but I'd much prefer to watch him do her. I love the idea of her spending the night naked in his bed and I know she'll be good for at least twice. Breakfast with them afterwards sounds like fun.

Oct 30 10 - 7:39pm

It all sounds great!!

Nov 08 10 - 3:09am
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Nov 16 10 - 1:43pm

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I wish one day I could convince her to have sex with another man. Any volunteers?

Feb 14 11 - 5:49pm

Hey dude, just e-mail me some pics of her, is she hot?

Nov 21 10 - 3:34pm

Asmodeus - my wife has agreed to fulfill my fantasy of watching her fuck another man - she has has been resistant to letting me have sex with another woman but that is alright - i would much rather see her taking it from anther man. She is 35yrs and has a tight body from many years of professional ballet dancing. if you think this could go somewhere send me an email solake71@yahoo.com.

Jan 05 12 - 1:18am

you will love this

Nov 24 10 - 1:38pm
this is disgusting

this is disgusting, immoral, and worthy of vomiting. There are super weird freaks of society that get off on 'fetish" type crapp like this. What kind of a real MAN wants to sit there and watch his wife get bonged by a total sleazebag? Furthermore, I pity the woman that will funch another dude right in front of her Husband. The "bull" is just being used, and feels he's performing. It's all a "performance" for him, and he's not allowed feelings toward the woman he's making love to. I've known guys that were used in this cuckhold fetish where he slept with a married couple. that dude was soooo warped. he acted like sex was a performance, couldn't connect emotionally, never contributed anything mentally to the "relationship" and basically treated it like trash and threw it away. I think if you can't please your old lady, your WIFE, or if your wife can't get you off then you shouldn't be married in the first place and get a divorce, be single and sleep around like that. Marriage is sacred. Sex is sacred. Non emotional sex where you don't care for the other person whatsoever is EVIL and bad. I think a woman that takes two dicks at the same time is a real stupid hillbilly, with zero depth or personality. If you're that bored, or that weird, that that's the kind of fun you chase after, than I think it's super pathetic.

Apr 22 11 - 8:45pm

You are the one who sounds like an ignorant insecure hillbilly. Grammar much? Now grow up you judgmental twat.

Apr 09 12 - 2:26am

I think a Woman who takes two dicks at the same time is hot.

Nov 25 10 - 10:39am
Cherry Pie

I enjoy my husband, and yeah we've had our differences but I enjoy the fact that he is a real man and loves me. He is a man enough that he would never just sit there like some lame dork and let some other dude give it to me. my clit is tight enough (never had kids) so what he has and does fulfills me. My man takes care of me, and there's no way in hell I would disrespect my man like that. If I did it would be w/o his knowledge, I don't want to be homeless! Nor would I ever just sit there in a chair and watch my husband bone another woman right in front of me. I'm all woman, and yeah I enjoy the sight of beautiful women, but I'm attracted to dick and pure masculinity. Not gaywads or fags or he's she's. I'm confident in myself, my tight little twat, my j lo ass, and big boobs and blonde hair that I could never fathom the thought of this sort of thing. all it is, is just a bunch of low class low budget swingers that takes them little to get them off. Single people I could understand that, but a couple doing that? Any man that will sit there, and watch some other guy make his woman come over and over and see her feel something for that guy, feel something that intimate and special, is truely the inferior sort. He must have been the guy in school that no one liked, everyone picked on, has no friends, is an ass hole, and gets his ass kicked in bars.

Apr 24 11 - 4:01am

"this is disgusting" and "Cherry Pie"

you two are funny. I think most here appreciate the fact that this is a lifstyle that not everyone accept. And yes, it not according to GOD's demands. I think you will have problem finding a priest that would agree (however, I quite sure there are many cuckold priests as well)

For me, being a non american: I think many non-americans smile when reading your comments, thinking: well wasn't that very typical double moral kind of US bull shit?

Come down form your high horses, and accept the fact that we are all different. And what is it to you if someone does something you do not approve on? You really think anyone involved in this gives a sh$%t about what your opinion is?

The interesting thing here is that you actually is on this site, and have read the article (you have havn't you - I mean, even you must admit that to comment an article you have not read would not be fair. Would it?)

Re direct your browser to one of the follwing sites. I am sure it will make you feel better...


Dec 22 11 - 3:23pm
nailed it

Frank you are 100% correct, these judgemental people on here are a trip, they always read EVERYTHING! they are smut kings!

Apr 09 12 - 2:31am

"Cherry Pie" is, I'm almost certain, a man. And one who has fantasized about this quite a bit, this quote woyld indicate: "Any man that will sit there, and watch some other guy make his woman come over and over and see her feel something for that guy, feel something that intimate and special..."

Nov 25 10 - 3:13pm
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Nov 27 10 - 4:05am
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Nov 29 10 - 5:10am

Thats some nasty shit out there!!

Dec 02 10 - 10:19pm

this is disgusting commented on Nov 24 10 at 12:38 pm
"What kind of a real MAN wants to sit there and watch his wife get bonged by a total sleazebag?"
Our guy isn't a total sleazebag, he's my wife's 2nd best friend.

"The "bull" is just being used, and feels he's performing. It's all a "performance" for him, and he's not allowed feelings toward the woman he's making love to."
We're not just using him. We're offering him a safe romance and sex.

"he's not allowed feelings toward the woman he's making love to. I've known guys that were used in this cuckhold fetish where he slept with a married couple. that dude was soooo warped. he acted like sex was a performance, couldn't connect emotionally, never contributed anything mentally to the "relationship" and basically treated it like trash and threw it away."
I hope he does have feelings toward her ... I know she has feelings for him. That's why we picked him.

I'm sure it's not for everyone, but I enjoy knowing he and my wife are having a good time together.

Dec 04 10 - 10:41am
this is disgusting

your offering your bull stud a "safe" romance and sex? how safe is it to talk about him publically ? does he know your telling the whole world about your kinky weird fetish? and making a slut out of your wife? you don't deserve to be married or share the sanctity of a union. get off your ass and pull your weight in the relationship and find a woman who loves you for you, not your money.

Dec 08 10 - 11:13pm
Bama Belles

Don't throw pearls to swine

Dec 10 10 - 11:49pm

I have a hot wife from Spain who is a gemologist. Her boss is from lebanan and is 62 yrs old compared to my wifes 33. She would tell how much her boss would hit on her, the more she talk the hotter we became. One morning he pick her up fro work I was hiding and watching. This old bull fucked her longer, stronger and with a bigger cock than I could hope to do, When he left_wife would come in late that day. We made love and i licked every drop of his huge semen explosion, She goes out once a dily month and I love it

Dec 15 10 - 6:24pm

Any man who wants to watch his wife have sex with another man is likely a closeted homosexual. Also, any white man who wants a black man to have sex with his wife is a sick, demented pervert who has a strange desire to contract STDs.

Sep 27 11 - 5:42am

U seem to be a small dick white trash!

Dec 17 10 - 11:37am
Charlie Harris

I have always been a guy with a strong personality although I had a good friend in high school who I shared other girls with. If I had sex with them a few times I would introduce them to Jogh and eventually he would have sex with them, too. His sexual organ was a little bigger than mine and for some reason it excited me when one of the girls who I had sex with and felt I had pleased her with my performance told my firend John that he was not only much bigger but also better than I was, sexually speaking. Several years later John and I had an apartment together and we continued our old habits. I went into the Army and when I returned I hooked up with John again. We would go out and drink, play pool and date together. Then, I met a very attractive girl named Linda and soon things got serious and we eloped. We moved into an apartment and my lifestyle changed. She worked for the telephone company and I was in the building trades industry. On weekends we enjoyed a lot of sex and went out. One Sunfay afternoon following an exceptional love making session we were naked in bed when our doorbell rang. It was my best friend John and he had happened to drop by since he was in the area. I invited him into our bedroom and my attractive wife was nake under a sheet. I'm not sure how it happened but I think John was casually rubbing her leg, I can't remember; but Linda was very attractive with large breasts and I think he began sucking one of her nipples which were very sensitive. The long and the short of it was that in a little time John was naked in bed with us and his penis which was bigger and thicker then mine caught my wife's attention. It was a short step before he was inside her and he was fucking her as he had with many of my girlfriends in high school. After she had climaxed two or three time he emptied his sperm inside her and then I climbe on her perspiring bordy and had sex with her, too. Her vagina was full of his semen and was almost hot as it loosely enveloped my penis. I was hooked as I realized how wonderful it felt to have sex with a freshly fucked woman. I came quickly inside her and we all basked in the afterglow.

John left an hour later but that left an indeligible impression upon us. About two months later I asked my attractive wife if there were any men at work whom she found interesting and she immediately mentioned two men. She seemed to know a lot about them and I detected an interest on her part in them (I thought). Two weeks later after I had purchased a low cut miniskirt for her, a shelf bra and a sexy garter belt and heels we went to the club where these men hung out. By the time one of them walked in my wife had drunk four or five drinks and we had not had dinner. She was pliable to my suggestions and I told her I was going to leave her there and told her that the guy she had a mutual interest in sheould take her home (to our house) I drove home and arranged for a view from outside the bedroom window and the living and bathroom. In abot an hour he brought her home and she was all over him. It looked like something had already happened but I didn't find out until later. They casually made their way into the bathroom where my wife undressed and then she walked into the bedroom naked and slipped underneath the sheet. Her friend from work who was about six or seven years older than me and about twelve years older than her followed her in and quickly undressed, as well. When he removed his slacks I almost gasped when I saw his erection. He was at least two inches longer than my eight inches and much thicker. He slipped in bed beside my bride of six months and began kissing her and sucking her nipples as his fingers explored her sex and I saw her hand grasp his erection and squeeze and massage it. In a few minutes he mounted her and I heard her moans of ecstasy through the window as he made love to her roughly. I masturbated as I listened to her beg him, "to fuck her harder". From that time on I realized I was a born cuckold and several men had sex with my wife during the next fifteen years. We were both happy although we divorced after fifteen years. After dating a young girl twelve years younger than me we got married and today she cuckolds me all the time and we both are satisfied sexually.

Dec 18 10 - 8:27pm

thanks for this article and the comments. I was familiar with this fetish on an academic level, but now I've actually started dating a guy who is into it. Yesterday we had sex for the first time fantasising about me fucking another guy and I must say that the experience left me overwhelmed and confused. Thankfully I found this article which gives helps me see the bigger picture and I feel better now about the whole thing.

Jan 03 11 - 6:20pm

GREAT article. I've got this fantasy and I'm lucky that my wife will discuss it with me, although she says she can't imagine doing it. Hopefully though...

Jan 04 11 - 10:19am

I have watched my wife have sex with other men for years. It has not hurt our relation ship. We still have sex on a regular basis. I just wish she would let me invite men to fuck her but she would rather do the inviting. Some times I find out about a guy with a huge penis and would want her to have him. Any one interested send notice

Jan 05 11 - 7:03pm

At my invitation and unknown to my wife our long time family friend calls on my wife for about an hour or so once a month but she wll not agree to having sex. She enjoys his attention, kisses and fondling of her breasts including kissing them and has not ever mentioned his calls on her to me. He tells me that she says she enjoys his visits and wants to keep them secret from his wife and me. In the past she has said to me on several occasions that she would love to have sex with him but when she has the chance does not go for it. I know that she goes to some lengths to keep her time free for him when she knows he may call but I can't make out why she doesn't go for it..

Jan 18 11 - 12:06am
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Better late than never

Jan 25 11 - 4:06pm

My wife has started cuckolding me for the past 3 months and it has been all it was drempt to be. She has me locked up in a chastity tibe. She has told me in very certain terms she no longer wants to allow my cock in her and i shall stay locked up for the rest of my days or have my entire penis cut off...a little drastic, but the thought of a penectomy, with balls left intact and buried inside of me...is too much to think about.

Apr 15 11 - 4:42pm

Holy Shit - get some therapy!!

Jan 26 11 - 4:24pm

My new girlfriend is really into the idea and we are looking for some young well-endowed men to help us out. We are both in early forties, looking for men around 25 to do what they wish with her.

Jan 29 11 - 12:29pm
Open minds

For those of you who refuse to even try to understand--You don't need to get nasty--I'm shure that there are things about you& your life that a lot of folks would find"Distasteful!
The mind is like a parachute-It only works when it's Open

Jan 29 11 - 4:06pm


Feb 08 11 - 10:52pm

it's obviously not about any sort of "fantasy". If a man has fantasies about his wife taking a big cock, then go to the sex toy store and buy her one, and watch her or help her. If your old lady wants other dudes in her life, then you don't want her. Every woman wants a diamond, romance, love, and commitment. The kind of woman that doesn't, you don't want her. There's a term for those kind of women they call them skank hore. If your old man has some sort of sick weird fetish about another dude and you then you don't want him, he's a freak and won't commit. Probably is gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. If she's that loose you can't get her off, then find a woman that hasn't had children and someone you click with, just don't break her heart.

Feb 12 11 - 12:47pm

garrosss---So-You think a "Golddigger" who wants stuff is a better choice?
Mabe a female you can "Control" with little or no reguards to her feelings!
I'm the boss& you'd better apretiate everything I buy you!
Very intresting outlook!
The mind is like a parachute--It only works when it's Open

Feb 13 11 - 7:21pm
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Feb 21 11 - 11:27am
An aspiring cuckold

Honestly, if it were possible, I would pay for you to get my wife pregnant.

Aug 29 11 - 10:22am

I would love to make someones wife pregnant

Feb 18 11 - 4:32am

Lol and Lol!

Feb 18 11 - 10:25am

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Feb 18 11 - 11:17am

hahahaha! That is classic point of view.

Feb 20 11 - 8:43am

How many childs are you have?

Mar 05 11 - 10:18am

Great piece. MI have had the cuckold fantasy for years but my wife was the shy type, or so I believed. I broached the subject with her and told her how much I'd love to see her with other hung men. She wasn't shocked by this and even elaborated by telling me a bit about her sexual past which I beleived was very low key. She has informed me that she has had a few really hung men and the thrill she received from sucking on v large dicks still makes her tremble with joy. She now wants us to go on a weekend away somewhere 'just for c**ks'

Aug 24 11 - 11:02am

Wife sounds magnificently slutty. I'd guess she has more past to tell yet. I'm probably too old now nearing 70, and my wife wouldn't approve - but I do know she is also attracted to big cocks as I once saw her get really turned on by an arab guy on a nude beach. He must have been all of 10'' (I'm only 7 1/2 "). Although she wears a costume while I don't, this day she deliberately loosened off her top to let him view enough of her tits (nearly all in fact) that he got an unexpected hard on, and so did I seeing it. He was embarrassed a bit but she seemed delighted and in no rush to close down his view. Now I'm older I realise I should have got the guy to come home with us and see what developed. I know when we did get home she was super horny and almost dragged me on to her. It was quite primitive which is not normally her, but this day she was insatiable and as I filled her I saw her eyes were closed and she was clearly somewhere else. I watched her shake with an orgasm very quickly, still with her eyes closed and even still with sand in her pussy. I LOVED IT.
She won't acknowledge now how she reacted or consider another try but I still think if the right situation arose naturally, then maybe - who knows? Her other turn on is men sporting very large large testicles and here I seem to be on a winner as she refers to mine as 'bulls balls'. This may just reflect her rural background but other women have commented about that too and so far all have been in favour - the best being one who liked the fact that they hang quite low as she liked the feel of them hitting against her bottom during sex. So although I can't service your wife in person I will live it out in my mind, and next time if she feels just a little something extra, that might just be me there in spirit. I'll be that little extra 1/2" that turns her into a nympho slut on the night and makes you wonder if maybe this time she's enjoying it just a little too much. And if she gets pregnant you'll know it was me.

Mar 06 11 - 4:48am

my wife has nice tits and I would love to see her being fucked by another guy.She is very shy about this but admits she likes the idea of me watching her fuck. We have asked her friends husband to do this and hopefully he will oblige

Mar 07 11 - 1:33am
An aspiring cuckold

I think it is a bad idea to ask a married man to be your wife's stud, unless his wife approves of it beforehand and has absolutely no jealousy issues. Women are a LOT more jealous and insecure than men I believe. Don't you think you can find a single man? They seem to be in abundant supply when ever there is a married woman looking for a man.

Mar 07 11 - 10:40pm

This article did well to make known the feelings of the "Cuck" , many years back, I was courted by an older couple ( By older I mean the were in their late 30's, I was 23 at the time) to have sex with the woman while the man watched and participated somewhat, and I was also encouraged to vist her at home while he was at work. Now being a young and naive man I jumped at it, free pussy with no obligation! this was better than winning the Lottery! The one thing I could never get a grasp on was why a guy would let some strange man put it hands on his wife willingly, I mean I ve seen guys beat up other guys for staring at their wife's tits! whats the deal with this? what kind of sicko guy would give permission to his wife to cheat on him? well as I grew older and became more sexually worldly, I understood the sexual impplications of this, the Cucks get the same sexual pleasure and gratification of seeing their wifve with other men as I would if I was to watch mine with another woman. Lets hope this clarifies things for those on the outside looking in and not thinking of Cuckolding as some deviant sexual perversion as I once did!

Mar 13 11 - 12:00am

I am chinese lady and marry with good chinese husband and we has 2 kids. We has normal life but i has sex with caucasian men. Truth is i has sex with many of them. I from traditonal and good background and shy but husband introduce me into this lifestyle and like to watched it or hear of it. I meet them in our home or hotel room. We kep the lifestyle secret as it not acept in chinese culture. But is very good for our marriage and we love each other more now. That article is very good informations about it and is enjoying to read it. Thank you.

Mar 13 11 - 1:42pm
An aspiring cuckold

Cindy I think you are a WONDERFUL wife and I really admire and respect you for being open minded and doing this even though (as you point out) this lifestyle is not accepted in the Chinese culture. Someday, I believe that it WILL be a much more widely accepted lifestyle, and I truly admire and respect the wives who are willing to do it in the current culture of non-acceptance. BRAVO!

Mar 18 11 - 2:59am

I have had this conversation many times with my wife of how great it would be to see another guy fuck her !! She at first thought I was a bit wierd, but it always got her really hot and she now tells me of the guys she thinks would love to get into her panties !! She admited to me that last year on a girlie holiday she actively picked out a guy in a bar, gave him the eye, he came over and they talked and danced then she says they had a lingering kissing session. He asked her to go back with him and she says she didn't want to ! I believe her completely but part of me is totally jealous of what she did and the other part wishes she had gone back and fucked him !!!
She plays tennis for a local club and gets lots of attention from the guys their with whom I am also friends with them also. One particular guy is a great guy who is funny, good looking and athletic and I know my wife flirts with him constantly. I asked her the other night if she wanted to fuck him !! She said yes probably if no one was around and with the right amount of alcohol she would love to !!......... Should I encourage this to happen or just keep it a fantasy for both of us ??

Mar 21 11 - 3:52pm
An aspiring cuckold

I'd totally go for it!

Mar 20 11 - 1:10pm

i was with a guy that wanted me to o this. i think it's disgusting and degrading.

Mar 20 11 - 1:10pm

mark wilikinson is a cuck!

Mar 20 11 - 1:11pm


Mar 20 11 - 1:15pm


Mar 31 11 - 3:50am
Her Guardian

My partner has done this 15 times with eight different men, the more we do it the more we want to continue. I consider her a hotwife rather than a cuckold relationship, we're not into humiliation. Trouble is that it's very difficult to find men these days that are genuine and who are her type.

Apr 01 11 - 12:53pm
An aspiring cuckold

What is her type?

Apr 04 11 - 10:42am

i also consider my wife a hotwife,she enjoys sex with other men and i like to watch. she is 5ft tall and 85 lbs tanned tone and petite.

Apr 04 11 - 11:43pm

my hotwife is out on a sex date right now. it is 1039 cst and she is getting it.when she gets home i get to clean her.the excitment of waiting for her is intense cant wait but must,the smells the tastes the excitement ohh wow i know her legs are above feet on his shoulder him giving her deep pleasure hmmm

Apr 09 11 - 5:20pm


Apr 11 11 - 1:33pm

my wife is a true slut if you look good and muscler she would bend over for your cock and she is also a squirter

Apr 09 11 - 6:40pm
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yousef master

Apr 11 11 - 12:04am

yesterday my hotwife got in a truck and left got sexed came home she is going out rite now to get sexed again love her hot sexual smell and when she comes back cant wait to see her spread

Apr 12 11 - 1:24am

omg she did it again my hotwife is such a hotlittleslut i had told her about a friend who she would like but he left. today she got to numbers had a guy come over and doggiestyled her with a big penis i get home she tells me what she did she spread for me ahhh love my hot little hotwife it was the friend

Apr 14 11 - 12:41am

she did it againtoday and this time i got it on tape so i get to watch it over and over what a hotwife

Apr 15 11 - 2:11am

man i have watched her sexing over and over again wow

Apr 15 11 - 4:40pm

this stuff is too weird for me

Apr 23 11 - 4:17pm

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You are an idiot! This cuckolding fetish is a choice that consenting adults make, they are perfectly capable of checking the health of their sex partners, and they may actually prefer to have children by another (presumably younger) male rathere than the husband who may have age and genetic issues and my not want to pass on genetic disease to his children.

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Bitch, complain, justify all ya like. The fact is, it wont change the parallels in the statistics. The only way to deal with your inadequacies is by using humiliation as a sexual endorphin booster! LOL.

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The husband being submissive is what turns me OFF about this fetish. I'm generally open-minded, but I get turned on when my husband is in control and when he's dominant, and him putting himself into a submission position here doesn't do anything for me. It's interesting to read about though.

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