50 Greatest Comedy Sketches

There's no more sure-fire way to kill something's intrinsic comedic value than to try to examine what makes it funny. The minute you start thinking, you stop laughing. So why, then, have Nerve and IFC.com devoted an enormous amount of time, manpower, monetary resources, server space and posh catered lunches to the pursuit of ranking the boob tube's finest sketch comedy offerings?

In part, we're here because magical new technology (*coughYouTubecough*) allows us to do more than just pontificate for paragraphs on end — now we can pontificate for paragraphs on end and provide audio-visual evidence to back up those pontifications. We provide the context, share our thoughts and feelings and let you commence with the guffawing and, naturally, the disagreeing. After all, the comedy sketch — short, sweet, completely silly or shot through with social commentary — worms its way into the public mind like nothing else, and has easily made the leap to the web when other forms have faltered. ...read more


50. "More Cowbell," Saturday Night Live, 2000

More Cowbell - More amazing videos are a click away

This sketch provided a showcase for Will Ferrell's mugging and Jimmy Fallon's snickering, while simultaneously reducing one of the greatest rock songs ever to an annoying catchphrase. It's also hilarious, with a sterling performance by Christopher Walken as legendary producer Bruce Dickinson. (No relation to the Iron Maiden vocalist.) Still, we resent that we can't hear "Don't Fear the Reaper" anymore without some ninny shouting those two fateful words. — Peter Smith

49. "Ass Pennies," Upright Citizens Brigade, 1998

How do you harness unwavering confidence in any social situation? By knowing that whomever you're talking with has a wallet full of pennies that have been up your ass. Hearing a businessman scream on a golf course about shoving 3,000 pennies into his anus daily is notable on its own, but in 1998, when televised comedy was restricted to premium channels, low-ebb SNL and MadTV, it was a breath of fresh air. — John Constantine

48. "Gerald Ford Dead at 83," Saturday Night Live, 1996

Yes, he's actually dead now, but that doesn't mean this can't still be funny. Dana Carvey impersonates Tom Brokaw pre-taping the announcement of former president Gerald Ford's death so he can go to Barbados for the winter. You know, just in case. Gerald Ford overdoses on crack cocaine, Gerald Ford eaten by a circus lion, Gerald Ford strangled by Richard Nixon — in classic SNL formula, the scene unhurriedly escalates until Carvey is forced to insist, in Brokaw's pitch-perfect arid tone, "Well, that's just superfluous." — Will Doig

47. "$240 Worth of Pudding," The State, 1993

In the mid-'90s, nothing was funnier than a cocky male swinger (see also: SNL's Roxbury Guys and The Onion's Smoove B). And none of them got a better catchphrase than The State's Barry and Levon. Played by Thomas Lennon and Michael Ian Black, Barry and Levon would sweet-talk the viewer, wearing crushed velvet jackets and Jheri curls, grooving to an R&B beat in the background. The twist was that their ardor was reserved mainly for inanimate objects. In their most memorable sketch, Barry and Levon purr seductively about their latest purchase: $240 worth of pudding. ("We had the $240 — we had to have the pudding.") While the two-minute sketch ends with the swingers grinding against a gigantic vanilla mound, the real payoff is the phrase "$240 worth of pudding" — an expression that didn't exist before The State, and now brings up 12,000 hits in Google. — Gwynne Watkins

46. "Celebrity Jeopardy!," Saturday Night Live, 1996

SNL first parodied Jeopardy!'s dumbed-down, for-charity "celebrity" episodes in 1996, casting Norm MacDonald as Burt Reynolds, Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery, guest Martin Short as Jerry Lewis and Will Ferrell as a long-suffering Alex Trebek. Throughout nine years of the sketch, the gag remained the same: the IQ-challenged celebrities never got a correct answer, even with categories like "Foods That End in -Amburger" and clues like "This is the sound a dog makes." Although "Celebrity Jeopardy" was first intended to showcase MacDonald's uncanny Burt Reynolds impression, Hammond's belligerent Sean Connery soon stole the spotlight. Connery seemed to be on the show only to torment Alex Trebek, whether deliberately mispronouncing category titles ("I'll take The Rapists for $200." "That's Therapists.") or telling inappropriate jokes ("What's the difference between you and a mallard with a cold? One's a sick duck and I can't remember how it ends, but your mother's a whore.") For years, it was impossible to flip past Jeopardy! on TV without someone in the room growling "Trebek!" in a Scottish accent. — GW

45. "The Ginger Refuge," The Catherine Tate Show, 2006

Catherine Tate is Britain's current one-woman answer to Saturday Night Live, and in three seasons of her sketch show, she's created enough recurring characters to rival that institution's (including Nan, the ultimate passive-aggressive grandmother, and the teenager Lauren Cooper, whose catchphrase "Am I bovvered?" has been uttered and reviled as much as anything SNL ever produced). But Tate is also capable of the one-off spectacular. In "The Ginger Refuge," she addresses Britain's time-honored abuse of a certain oppressed class, extending it to its logical conclusion. — Michael Martin

44. "Monkey Torture," The State, 1995

At the beginning of this sketch by The State, set on the fictional Barry Lutz Show, host Michael Ian Black (as Barry Lutz) introduces "Dr. Martin Crank, America's foremost primate zoologist." Dr. Crank (Thomas Lennon) quickly corrects him, saying the conventional terms of science are too limited to describe his work: "I feel I've opened up a whole new arena of experimentation, which I call 'monkey torture.'" He goes on to describe his research, which consists of playing cruel psychological tricks on his subjects like driving them to the edge of the jungle, pretending he's about to set them free and then driving back home. He then demonstrates his technique with an actual monkey. The sketch is a pitch-perfect parody of vapid talk shows, where the hosts maintain feigned enthusiasm about their "experts" no matter how ludicrous they actually sound. And it contains Dr. Crank's invaluable advice for children who are interested in his field: "I'd say get a monkey, and just torture the hell out of it." — GW

43. "The Pre-Taped Call-in Show," Mr. Show, 1997

In a hysterically unsettling portrayal of barely controlled frustration, David Cross hosts an absurd pre-taped call-in show (on his own show, Mr. Show), and can't understand why his listeners can't grasp the concept. I spent the first two minutes of this sketch trying to figure out how a pre-taped call-in show could actually work, before realizing that it can't, which is the source of Cross's irritation. Framing the scene is an elderly man who sits next to him, silent and serene throughout the skit. The ending is what takes it from intelligent to genius, a perfect portrait of the exasperation of live-broadcast entertainment. — WD

42. "Modern Mother & Daughter," French & Saunders, 1992

In terms of impact, "Modern Mother & Daughter" is one of the most productive comedy sketches of all time, spawning six seasons of the classic sitcom Absolutely Fabulous. Here's where it all started, with Jennifer Saunders as a flighty, fashion-obsessed mum, and Dawn French as her sensible offspring. (Consider that the premise of familial role reversal has given us Freaky Friday, Family Ties, and at least one Judge Reinhold movie, and F&S's genius is even more apparent.) — MM

41. "Chicken Lady at the Strip Show," Kids in the Hall, 1991

Of all the piles of strange this Canadian troupe left at our mental doorstep, this one could not be easily brushed aside. Mark McKinney's sexually compulsive Chicken Lady laid eggs during blind dates and clucked her way through phone sex. She was a literal freak coping with an increasingly freakish world — which was the point, we think, or maybe not. Maybe the Chicken Lady sketches were simply drug-inspired theater of the absurd, which make them no less enjoyable. Here, she has a girls' night out with fellow freak-show escapee the Bearded Lady, and she meets the love of her life. — MM


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Commentarium (131 Comments)

Apr 08 08 - 11:20am

this is fucking awesome. i might not go to work today haha

Apr 08 08 - 3:16pm

What about a 'A Bit of Fry and Laurie?' Or Rowan Atkinson? (Or a good dollop of Atkinson with Fry and/or Laurie? Or Atkinson with Tony Robinson? These last combos may not have done sketches together, but at least A BIT and Rowan Atkinson should show up in the top 50.)

Apr 09 08 - 12:00pm

That's ok about B.O.C. and The Reaper, I'll just throw on some Iron Maiden instead.

Apr 09 08 - 3:51pm

obviously i am older. Still, no burns and allen? not to mention edgar bergen and charlie mccarthy with wc fields? or fred allen.

Apr 09 08 - 4:08pm

If you didn't include clips by Flips Wilson or "The Richard Pryor" show then your list is invalid.

Apr 09 08 - 6:46pm

Girl Drink Drunk by the Kids in the Hall

Apr 09 08 - 7:31pm

I'm a little disappointed not to see The State's "I Wanna Dip My Balls In It!" sketch, though to be fair it's been a long time since I've seen it so maybe it wasn't as funny as I remember. Was still hoping to see it again though.

Apr 09 08 - 9:15pm

No Mad T.V. sketches? So is this just a list from someone who doesn't like Mad TV?

Apr 09 08 - 9:17pm

No "Choppin' Broccoli" means you guys fail.

Apr 09 08 - 11:31pm

I love all the dead youtube links! Great work!

Apr 10 08 - 12:03pm

That's not Saturday Night Live with the Gerald Ford dead sketch, yo, that's the ever underappreciated and briefly existent Dana Carvey Show, which helped launch the careers of Louis C.K., Steve Carrell and Stephen Colbert. How appropriate it's un(der)appreciated in this list.

Apr 10 08 - 5:09am

the fact that only one chappelle episode made it here invalidates this entire piece. the #1 ranked parrot sketch shouldn't even be on this list. all of the old sketches shown here represent different types of comedy that don't appeal to the readers of today as being "great". this blows.

Apr 10 08 - 6:06am


Apr 10 08 - 6:50am

I was a little surprised not to see the 'Colonel Lingus' SNL sketch (say it with a southern accent) included. And to the idiot who said the Dead Parrot sketch shouldnt even be included - I guess Monty Python is just too intellectual for you.

Apr 10 08 - 7:23am

no Lucille Ball? Suermemegivitamin? Chocolate factory?

Apr 10 08 - 7:50am

Thank you, thank you. I enjoyed looking at your list and hope to view the classics I've seen and the ones I haven't. 26 is fondly remembered, 23 gave me a great LOL just from the memory of it, 19 is another fondly remembered sketch, 16 gave me another good laugh, 15 brought me to tears laughing (again, just from the memory of it), 14, 13, 11, 8, 5, 4 all great, 3 (Argument Clinic) maybe should have been number 1, but I was glad to see it so high, loved seeing "Who's on first" at #2, and Dead Parrot at #1 did not surprise me too much. Lovely plummage! Only one recommendation, the Monty Python sketch - can't quite remember the name - about "sportscasters" covering a famous author starting his new novel as he sat in a stadium beginning the first few lines is a classic that deserves to be here. Again, thanks for this. Just the laughs from what I had stored in the memory banks was worth it.

Apr 10 08 - 7:53am

How you could include lame guys dressed as monkeys not doing really anything over the first Matt Foley sketch or the first Debbie Downer sketch is beyond me!!! Let alone the part of the episode where Jim from Taxi takes his driver's license test.... "It's Gold Jerry, GOLD!!"

Apr 10 08 - 8:48am

Where's Chapelle's Black Blind White Supremacist?

Aug 23 11 - 1:30pm

that is one of the best skits EVER.

Apr 10 08 - 9:45am

I can't see 11 - 16, is that supposed to be a joke?

Apr 10 08 - 11:42am

Where's In Living Color?

Or Culture Clash?

Apr 11 08 - 12:58am

RE: #42-- most of the heirs of the concept behind this sketch predate it. Freaky Friday, the most obvious antecedent, was first made in 1976 and starred Jodie Foster. So AbFab didn't invent the idea, and it's not really very well explored here.

Apr 10 08 - 2:39pm

Tubbs and Edward from the League of Gentlemen.

Apr 10 08 - 2:41pm

"Dead Parrot" is anti-comedy: ham-fisted, forced, repetitive, endless, unhinged from anything real--as unfunny as, oh, a portrait of Dick Cheney.

Apr 10 08 - 2:50pm

C'mon, where's Mr. Show's Lie Detector?

-Garnet Fraser

Apr 10 08 - 2:54pm

Wow - the top ten are all terrible. This is more some baby-boomer's list of nostalgia, peppered with a few token modern sketches that seem to be selected based on cultural ubiquity. This is a lame list, as evidenced by the lack of early 90s SNL sketches.

Apr 10 08 - 3:22pm

Makes no sense to not have Eddie Murphy do "James Browns Celebrity Hot Tub Party"

Apr 10 08 - 3:25pm

You need Mr. Show's "The Audition"--their greatest sketch, by their own testimony--and SNL's "Buckwheat has been shot!" (though I don't think that's online.) I also remember enjoying The Ben Stiller Show's Manson/Lassie sketch.

Apr 10 08 - 3:55pm

This list is hilarious -- as an example of Baby Boomer arrogance. Sketches now-graying boomers yucked it up to, while stoned, in their teens are pronounced "immortal". Please.

Over half the list seems to come from the rarely-amusing SNL, while in glancing over the list (I didn't read every page) I didn't see a single sketch from THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW which was consistently much funnier during the same years.

But BURNETT wasn't considered "hip" by adolescent boomers, so they don't matter.

The generational myopia is completely revealed by the last sentence: "Just as each new generation keeps discovering the Beatles, hundreds of thirteen-year-olds are right now watching this sketch on YouTube for the first time, and incorporating the phrase "pining for the fjords" into their vocabularies. Unlike that unfortunate parrot, this is one joke that will never die."

Yeah, right. Whatever WE boomers enjoyed in our teens is immortal and will always be superior to the entertainment of every other generation. The Beatles were the Guy Lombardo and Lawrence Welk of the boomer generation -- nothing more and nothing less. Only Lombardo and Welk were much better musicians and their fans had the sense not to make grandiose claims for them when they grew up.

A triumph of marketing over talent, the Beatles' ditties -- harmless though they are -- will be as forgotten in another generation as the hits of Doris Day.

Get over yourselves, Baby Boomers. You were spoiled rotten by your World War II generation parents, and now even in your sunset years, you can't stop thinking the pop songs and TV shows of your youth are Masterpieces For The Ages. And insisting that everyone else, older and younger than you, agree.

Sep 15 11 - 7:48pm
Frankie Valley

This is superlative criticism and I agree very much. Let me put a nuance on it. The McCartney/Lennon songwriting team was one of the greatest in the history of the English language, right up there with Rodgers/Hammerstein. Some of their melodies will still be around 300 years from now. THAT'S IT. Stoners played Beatles records backwards and scrutinized their lyrics, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, LSD! Wow, I can really get into this tabletop, dude! Have you ever noticed how easily Beatles music slid into the playlist for the elevator? You arrogant boomers will take your stupid pretentions to the grave with you, and for all of your preening, the sooner the better.

Sep 15 11 - 7:53pm
Frankie Valley

Oh, and Tim Conway is probably the funniest man to walk the planet since Chaplin.

Apr 10 08 - 4:01pm

Excellent list, and well thought out. I would have lobbied for the inclusion of Eddie Murphy's SNL short film "White Like Me" though, which I think is one of the smartest satires of pandering racial analysis ever performed. Also, a bit more Mr. Show wouldn't have hurt... but otherwsie good job!

Apr 10 08 - 5:16pm

In comedy circles, it

Apr 10 08 - 5:58pm

Missing: The Chappelle Show's "Niggar Family."

Apr 10 08 - 6:22pm

nothing from mad tv??? not even the sopranos???? omigosh

Apr 10 08 - 8:32pm

Anyone remember a skit titled "Half Wits"...Not on SNL..Maybe SCTV....I really don't remember...HILARIOUS though...

Apr 10 08 - 9:53pm

FYI, as to the SNL Jeopardy parody, SCTV ran an identical skit with Eugene Levy as Alex Trebek. Same premise (contestants frustrate the hell out of Alex), but different contestants.

Apr 10 08 - 10:46pm

While Monty Python and SCTV are sketch comedy legends, and the sheer volume of SNL episodes demands recognition, the two greatest shows of the genre are the Kids in the Hall and Mr. Show. None of the other series were as consistently funny or innovative as they were and continue to be.

Upright Citizens Brigade best sketch invloved the "time machine humper" (not sure about the actual title).

Where's Chapelle's sketch about the blind, black white supremacist?

The State? Surprised to see one entry, let alone three -- poorly thought out Kids in the Hall imitations with no laughs. Never found Mad TV that funny, but surely some of their music-based material topped anything The State ever produced.

Apr 10 08 - 11:41pm

No Shwetty Balls? No Night at the Roxbury? And celebrity jepoardy is definitely in the top 10. I can't see dead parrots at #1 either. Niggar Family and Blind Black White Supremacist, though already mentioned, easily are better than half the stuff on this list as well.

Apr 11 08 - 1:09am

No Marx Brothers???

Apr 11 08 - 2:04am

Much like Rolling Stone's list of the 50 greatest albums of all time, or some other some such, this is clearly a list of comedy sketches compiled like some sort of popularity contest of media. Great comedy sketches, the eye of the beholder notwithstanding, I wouldn't have thought would be synonymous with "classic" or "original" (though original would certainly have been a better criteria than classic), but rather sketches that make people laugh, and certainly the first time, but absolutely every time. Like jokes, the best ones get a good laugh every time you hear it. By this list's standards, however, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" would have topped a "50 Greatest jokes list", followed closely by every knock knock joke ever. Just my opinion, but like many readers here, I would be one that found many a fault with this list. I would say the best ones you've chosen are closer to the bottom.

Apr 11 08 - 9:18am

Have you noticed. The best and funniest are the very old ones without the filthy mouths involved. Those were really funny, not embarrasing to the observer (audience). The stuff that is supposed to be funny today is just based on shock effect! As the saying used to be, "It ain't funny Magee".

Apr 11 08 - 10:19am

a lot of great choices here, though it would seem that your selections from The State are more based upon their sole VHS / DVD collection as opposed to the actual show itself. had it been based on the episodes that aired, i would expect to see "Go to the Zoo and Watch the Monkeys Do It!" on the list, considering that was one of their most epic sketches. also, i was a bit disappointed with all the love for old SNL and the lack of love for the incredible late 80s thru 90s period. don't get me wrong - the original cast had its moments. but they were also awkward and dated most of the time. however, some newer stuff like "Census Survey" by Tim Meadows and Christopher Walken should have made the cut. and what about the serious lack of Chris Farley? No "Chippendales" love??? that is a classic!!!

Apr 12 08 - 12:06am

Why no link to More Cowbell? It's all over YouTube.

Apr 11 08 - 3:43pm

I agree with a lot of these picks (though my top 10 would have been a lot different). I'm pleased to see a lot of the recognition going to "the State" and some great picks from Chappelle.
However, I of course have some gripes.
First of all, while I love the Kids in the Hall, I can think of 20 other sketches that are funnier then the three on this list.
And most importantly....1 UCB Sketch? and it's asspennies? and it's #49? UCB is one of the funniest shows of all time and only 1 in the top 50? BOO.
Also, No Little Britain? No Whitest Kids you Know? Really? I'm not saying either would've cracked my top 10 but funny stuff nonetheless.

Apr 11 08 - 6:22pm

What a terrible list. No "Fast Show", no "Big Train", no " A Bit of Fry & Laurie", to name but 3 shows that were full of material that could get on that list.

Apr 11 08 - 7:35pm

Word Association? Number 15? that had to be the greatest works of anti-racist satire!

Apr 11 08 - 7:46pm

No Stuart from MAD TV, this list sucks.

Apr 12 08 - 1:16am

re: #26 The Great White North. As a Canadian, its "eh" not "aye". Aye is what someone on a ship says to the captain. :)

Apr 12 08 - 11:22am

This is not very good. You've left off the sketches that got Mr. Show rolling: Ronnie Dobbs and Globochem! Also, where is Motivational Speaker Matt Foley (Chris Farley)? And the pretaped call-in show is one of Mr. Show's worst sketches. Whaaa?!

Apr 12 08 - 9:34pm

very weak

Apr 12 08 - 9:36pm

this list is awful. You must work for SNL! No Mad TV, no more Monty Python? Lame!

Apr 12 08 - 11:17pm

Where's Numberwang? I think "numberwang" from That Mitchell and Webb Look should be on here. Both my faher and I have seen a lot of sketch comedy, and we both agree that it is one of the funniest. If anyone hasn't seen it, watch some numberwang sketches on YouTube.

Apr 13 08 - 2:49pm

I guess Nerve/IFC never heard of MadTV.

Apr 13 08 - 8:27pm

Amazing post. GREAT idea. Totally love it.

Apr 14 08 - 2:58pm

About #32, "Four Yorkshiremen": Cleese has since admitted that they nicked the premise from an old story by Stephen Leacock, "Self-Made Men".

Apr 14 08 - 3:26pm

Dana Carvey is not dead he's retired..

Apr 15 08 - 8:28am

You forgot the Jack Webb and Johnny Carson "Copper Clappers"
from the Tonght Show

Feb 21 11 - 11:10pm


Apr 16 08 - 11:19am

Pretty solid list. The only one missing that comes immediately to mind is the "Penis" sketch from SNL with guest Matthew Broderick at a nude beach. Priceless

Apr 16 08 - 1:04pm

Interesting List, but no Harry Carry and not one sketch with CHRIS FARLEY come on.

Apr 17 08 - 10:44pm

How you could possibly put "dead parrot" over "who's on first" is beyond me. Now I'm not saying that "dead parrot" isn't funny, it is, but it's nowhere close to being in the same league as "who's on first." For starters, the dialogue in "who's on first" is much more rapid fire. Abbot and Costello trade lines like nobody's business. Secondly, their skit is twice the length of "dead parrot." Honestly, "argument clinic" is funnier than "dead parrot" by far. I'm not sure what you guys were thinking, but you definitely got it wrong...

Apr 18 08 - 8:39pm

1. you need to be able to comment on this
2. 2 much monty python
3. 2 much yank bullshit
4. MODERN TOSS ALAN.. get with 2008

Apr 20 08 - 9:57pm

How anyone can leave the Ben Stiller Show off this list is amazing - as referenced earlier Manson/Lassie is an all-time classic.

Apr 22 08 - 9:14pm

they did remember madtv they just left it off because it wasn't funny!!

Apr 24 08 - 11:23pm

I love The State, but Porcupine Racetrack is one of the worst comedy sketches ever. Just about any other State skit could have been listed in its place and been a better choice.

Also, I would have included at least one skit from Elephant Parts ("Clandestine Typing Service"), Television Parts ("How to Speak Irish"), Tush (The Tammy Jean Show), and/or The Ben Stiller Show ("Manson!"). But that's just me.

Apr 29 08 - 5:49pm

Monty Python ain't THAT funny and having the More Cowbell at 50 is an outrage.

Apr 29 08 - 8:13pm

No In Living Color was a huge oversight. Men on Film was a standout. Way too much SNL.

Apr 29 08 - 8:54pm

Where is Robin William's "Origins of Golf"?

Apr 30 08 - 1:22am

This is by far, shockingly, the worst list of comedy sketches. Claiming them to be 'all time'. Seriously, this list is brutal. You picked two random Mr. Show sketches (cuz they show up on you tube's lists firsts, really, thats it huh?). And according to the top 40 nothing past 1980 has been funny unless its on Dave Chapelle. How you can claim some of those lame sketches from SNL in the 70's even compares to things you didn't even mention is far beyond me. Terrible, terrible list.

Apr 30 08 - 1:28am

To the person who was complaining about the Dead Parrot sketch... I think the reality of why this sketch gets so much hype is because of how great the episode of MPFC it appears in is. Its probably the best. On its own, the dead parrot sketch is just pretty funny. The episode though is amazing.

This list still sucks horribly though. So much left out and replaced with pretty pretentious 70's SNL sketches. No no, this is Johnny Switchblade. Oh my, the wit, my sides are busting.

I still have to say, such bad Mr. Show selections. No Chris Farley makes this list irrelevant. A random sports show referenced Chris Farley as I was typing this. He's been dead for 10 years. This list sucks.

Apr 30 08 - 3:52pm

Where's "No Fries, Chips!" from SNL and nothing else from Belushi?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

May 01 08 - 1:00pm

What about Gilda Radner's 'I Hate Jennifer Show' from SNL or Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze's 'Chippendales' skit?

May 02 08 - 9:10pm

Jackie Rogers, Jr. $100,000 Jackpot Wad omitted? The list just lost all credibility. Congratulations.

May 10 08 - 12:44am

You probably should've expected that you were going to get called out with this list. It's seems to across as being a bit elitist and pseudo-intellectual. While you do have some goodies on there, I think the SNL skit where William Shatner attends the Star Trek convention and tells them to "get a life"(which you don't even have on the list) is funnier than anything from Monty Python.

May 13 08 - 12:23pm

Wow, way to propagate several really racist comedy sketches! No, really, this is exactly what we need now, more hate speech. Well done.

(PS Nice tag line to your comments, why don't you put your money (or maybe principles) where your mouth is, Nerve, and delete or edit this offensive article.


"We are ardently committed to free expression, but we do expect Nerve visitors and contributors to interact respectfully and responsibly. Blatant expressions of bigotry, sexism or hatred may be constitutionally protected on the street corner, but they're not cool here. "

May 14 08 - 3:24pm

Horrible list...how could you have a list of the 50 greatest sketches without at least 1 from the Ben Stiller Show?!?

May 14 08 - 7:25pm

A very entertaining list, but I think you have missed something important about 'The Parrot Sketch'. The clerk knows perfectly well that the parrot was dead all along. He was 'nailed to the perch' after all. He just doesn't want to give a refund.

Jun 03 08 - 3:27am

I am a sketch comedy writer, and while I agree with many of your choices, it's interesting to compare it to Channel 4's "50 greatest" list, which stems from the tastes of the British audience rather than the North American.

Kudos to you, though, for still managing to include British comedy.

For those in your office who enjoy sketch comedy, have a look at my latest offering at www.brevitytv.com/fantasies

It's nowhere near as great as the sketches on your list, but I think it will give you a laugh. :) Pass it on if you agree.

Barry Price

Jun 05 08 - 9:09pm

You need to add 50 more because there are too many.

I nominate SNL "Love Werks" which Mike Meyers as Diter hosts a gameshow styled after "The Dating Game" where Phil Hartman as as a really bad transvesite contestant answers Diters question "What would you do on your first date?" Hartman takes your breath away with his S & M response something like, "Ferst I vould force you to drink antifreeze until you pass out. Then you would wake up in excructiating pain, then I'm gonna pee on you, chanting 'House on fire, house on fire, put it out, put it out'..."

I have never laughed harder.

Jul 08 08 - 5:07pm

Good list. My recommended additions would be Rowan Atkinson's "Fatal Beatings" and the "Jingleheimer Junction" sketch from SNL.

Jul 26 08 - 9:36pm

Laughably bad list!! The fact that Wicked Scepter and Pre-taped call in were the Mr.Show inclusions is funny only in that they weren't even in the top 50 Mr.Show skits! Also, out of all the classic KITH skits you chose to include The Chicken Lady?? The only thing not funny about the show. Pathetic list.

Aug 07 08 - 5:53am

Homey the Clown anyone?

Aug 14 08 - 1:17am

Notably absent is the ORIGINAL sketch of the Carol Burnett show of the Elephant Sketch with Tim Conway, Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman.
I have only found the "Mama's Family" version with Dick Van Dyke on the internet.

Aug 31 08 - 8:41pm

No Marx Bros.? And don't tell me they didn't do sketch!

Oct 06 08 - 12:25pm

What about "Chapelle's Show's" classic sketch,"Clayton Bigsby,Blind White Supremacist?"

Dec 03 08 - 6:27pm

What? No Martin and Lewis? They were classics!!

Feb 27 09 - 4:56pm

I must say this is VERY unimpressive list.

Jul 15 09 - 2:39am

The jaws skit was done by Dan Aykroyd, not Chevy Chase.

Mar 17 10 - 8:01pm

nothing from TRACEY TAKES ON? that's just wrong.

Jul 06 10 - 3:50am

These are great!

If your looking for some AMATEUR comedy sketch work I'd check out www.riotontheset.com

They are from Chicago, Illinois and are legit!

All videos are HD, High Quality 1080p

Not as good as these, but maybe someday lol!

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