"Rock and roll" is about as perfect a name as a musical style could hope for. Whether screamed in front of a sold-out crowd in Detroit or slurred under the dim lights of some dank club in Chattanooga, those three words are almost onomatopoeic. And it's suited not only to the music style it describes, but to the other sweaty pursuit that birthed the term. The pitchfork-and-torch injuries inflicted on us by spurned Kim Deal fans after our sexiest-frontwomen list have now healed, so we've decided it was time to bring on another riot. Here are forty dudes who epitomize both aspects of rock and roll. Squeeze into (or out of) your leather pants and get to reading. — John Constantine


40) David Gahan

Throughout the 1980s, David Gahan taught pale, shy boys everywhere that it's pretty damn hot to get crushed under the encumbrance of your own penumbras. Unfortunately, Gahan set an impossible standard — few sad lads had his dreamboat visage and none could cocoon their gloom in the Amazing Monocolor Dream Coat of Depeche Mode's synths. This depressing realization likely drove Gahan's fanboys to listen to more Depeche Mode, thus perpetuating the vicious, sexy cycle. — Cyriaque Lamar



39) Ray Davies

There's nothing like the voice of Ray Davies singing, "Girl. I want. To be with you. All of THE time!" to make you jump up from your barstool and drag your crush onto the dance floor. His voice can alternately sound moody, weary and dreamlike ("Sunny Afternoon"), or decisive, charismatic and sunny ("You Really Got Me"). The kooky, British Invasion brand of sexiness Davies sports is the kind of appeal that survives way beyond its native decade. Groovy. — Marian Lorraine



38) Jesse Michaels



For sheer energy and unabashed masculinity that will never confuse you or get you down with the sensitive is-he-or-is-he-not-gay bullshit, Jesse Michaels is your man. Watching Op Ivy perform is like getting let out of school early: it's a million sunshine-tons of Fuck Yes. Jesse Michaels' Myspace page lists his wife under "favorite things," with typical punk frankness. His bio also says he's six-foot-one and average. We'll buy the six-foot-one part. — M.L.



37) Rhett Miller

Equal parts college-crush-you-went-on-a-road trip-to-Tijuana-with-and-almost-got-arrested-because-oops-he-forgot-to-tell-you-it-was-a-coke-deal and responsible-family man-next-door-who-reads-aloud-to-his-dying-grandmother, Rhett Miller is the thinking girls' ladykiller. It's not our fault he can make a Chili's commercial so sexy. Blame it on gravity. — M.L.



36) Kele Okereke

A limelight-eschewing British dude of ambiguous sexuality is one of the world's biggest rock stars? We'd totally drop some banal sound bite here ("A rocker for the Obama era!" or "Rock Deity 2.0!"), but the lead singer of Bloc Party doesn't deserve such pap. Kele's vocals ping-pong from frenetic sensuality (see "Flux") to ethereality ("Tulips") at a moment's notice, making him the perfect po-mo pop candy for those of us too jaded for love songs and too old to be reading Tiger Beat. — C.L.

Commentarium (185 Comments)

Apr 30 09 - 10:49am

So glad to see Kele Okereke on this list. He may be a bit too new to be ranked among some of these heavyweights of cock-rock, but he's definitely a dreamboat.

Apr 30 09 - 11:17am

Dave Gahan at #40 is a crime.

Jun 16 11 - 3:33pm

I agree!!!

Apr 26 12 - 1:40am

agreed indeed!

Apr 30 09 - 1:40pm

Yeah, I think it's safe to say that the Nerve editors have their musical heads up their asses. While some of the entries are questionable altogether, the order is completely out of whack. The Nerve editors should stick to subjects they know about. This ain't one of them.

Apr 30 09 - 2:02pm

Ok, you've somewhat redeemed yourselves after the whole "40 Sexiest Frontwomen" debacle, and I mostly agree with your list. However, the omissions of Pete Steele (Type O Negative's tall, dark, brooding, resident vampire), Mike Ness (Social Distortion's sexy, tattooed, rockabilly punk), Eddie Spaghetti (Supersuckers' silly, sexy, cowboy rocker), and Tim Armstrong (Rancid's, Transplants', etc. reformed and adorable dope fiend (why are all the junkies so friggin' hot?!?) Also, I want to pay tribute to my beloved Joey Ramone. Granted, not traditionally sexy, but neither are half the men on your list. If you ever do a "Romantic Sweetie" list, make sure Joey's on it!

Apr 30 09 - 2:21pm

Not as bad as the previous article, but I really don't understand why Indie music nerds are always forcing their opinions with the veil of objectivity. Guess I shouldn't complain too much since Alex Chilton wasn't on the list . . .

Apr 30 09 - 2:44pm

I'd add Steven Tyler. There's something about that energy and innuendo...

Apr 30 09 - 2:58pm

I was getting more and more nervous as I got down the list, worrying that Freddie Mercury would be forgotten. Whew, relief. There will never be a sexier frontman!

Apr 30 09 - 3:15pm

Trent Reznor? Perry Farrell? Damon Albarn? Robert Smith? J

Apr 30 09 - 3:55pm

Seriously? Robert Plant is #6? I just saw him on tv the other day, some concert in the 60s or whenever the fuck it was, and his penis was staring at me through his pants. He was sex personified on stage, and I thought he was going to fuck me through 40 years and the television screen. I had to hide my eyes, but I peeked through them.

Jul 05 12 - 3:46am

Indeed! I am never a fan of him, but he is the king of cock-rock. He always tries to fuck me through the TV screen. I like Jimmy way more. He has mystic black hair, omg!

Apr 30 09 - 8:14pm


Zounds, but he's #1, the zed, the ultra, the man. how could you ?

May 01 09 - 12:42pm

I haven't bothered to see how many people corrected you for saying that London Calling was the Clash's first album. Shame on you.
What a weird, weird selection. I hope you don't choose the men you go out with the same way you chose these guys. Talk about looking for trouble!

May 01 09 - 5:39am

you assholes, you forgot michael hutchence

Jan 28 12 - 8:16am

I second this wtf

Feb 21 12 - 12:17am

i third

May 01 09 - 5:20pm

take comfort in the fact that you are almost as clueless as rolling stone magazine, but still, you sux

May 02 09 - 3:34pm

Wow - no Rivers Cuomo?

May 02 09 - 6:08pm

The mind is the sexiest organ.

How about Peter Gabriel?

You left out Marty Balin and Bryan Ferry.

Did you intend to include homosexuals? Freddy Mercury is gay as I am sure are several others. He is about as sexy as Liza Minelli's ex to a large segment of the Nerve readership - I mean women.

Anyone who would put Morrisey or David Bowie ahead of Jimi or Jim/Doors or Jagger never saw them in action.

You should have added "For All Proclivities Sexual."

Sep 09 12 - 9:07pm

Peter Gabriel, for sure. He's not only smart, but he's also really attractive :-)

May 04 09 - 12:23pm

Wheres billy corgan?

May 04 09 - 7:22pm

I can't believe no one's pointed out the mistake on Ian Curtis yet! "Lights are flashing, cars are crashing" is from "Disorder," not "She's Lost Control."

Dec 15 11 - 8:10am
new order r godz

well duh

May 05 09 - 8:04am

Where the hell is Roger Daltrey? - the greatst frontman in the history of rock.

Jul 22 12 - 8:04pm

Leaving Daltrey out was an immense oversight, no doubt. Including Buddy Holly and leaving Daltrey out says a lot about the people who made this list.

May 05 09 - 8:04pm

David Sylvian from Japan.

Once called "the most beautiful man in the world," and Nick Rhodes (and the rest of DD) stole everything he knew from him.

May 08 09 - 9:42am

I have no respect for your list since you left out AC/DC frontman Bon Scott. Big mistake.

May 12 09 - 4:32am

You've spelled Freddie Mercury wrong.

Other than that, nice list, especially the top 5.

Jun 03 09 - 8:57am

Nick Cave. Yes. Oh, yes.

Jun 03 09 - 6:19pm

You forgot David Lee Roth???

Jun 05 09 - 8:14pm

Prince above Robert Plant? And Morrisey above Jim Morrison? No Bon Scott?! Not a chance.

Jun 05 09 - 9:11pm

NO. Mick Jagger must be number one. He's infinitely sexier than Prince- Mick just oozes sex, hell, he INVENTED sex! Also, Hendrix needs to be higher up on the list.

Jun 05 09 - 9:49pm

Adam of the Ants anyone? Tweens are watching his videos on Youtube and squirming in their seats. Twenty lashes with a wet mascara wand, you fiends! And I second the person who nominated Peter Gabriel -- during the Genesis years he was sexy AND cerebral. No small feat.

Jun 09 09 - 8:04pm

Not a bad top three, actually. Not bad at all. Presley really SHOULD be in the top ten, though.

Jun 15 09 - 1:45am

The list is incomplete without the following: Roger Daltrey, and Peter Steele. I'd also add En Esch (Slick Idiot, Pigface, KMFDM), but I can understand his being left out. Those ginormous, freaky eyes of his are kinda scary. Yeah, Peter Steele is kinda scary too, but he knows when to put the scary away. En Esch has it out there all the time. Still

Jun 15 09 - 10:27am

Peter Steele most definitely! And David Draiman.

Jun 18 09 - 7:29pm

Oooh, yeah ... if you don't have Michael Hutchence on here, this just ain't a finished list.

Jan 07 12 - 1:45am

Indeed! No man sexier than Michael Hutchence ever touched a sweet toe on this earth! Michael could make a girl cum for an hour and be back in five (or at most after a round of pashing, a smoke and a little champagne)... He could create thousands of wet spots - on girls and boys - with a simple toss/muss of the hair. He didn't need to hump the stage or rub his crotch. For one thing, he didn't need to point it out. Michael Hutchece was the embodiment of romance, sexuality and sensuality.

Jun 19 09 - 3:56pm

If you saw interviews of Sebastian Bach in 1989-1994, I think you might consider rearranging your list and add him somewhere in top 10. Cheers!

Jul 07 09 - 3:06pm

Diamond David Lee Roth!!!

Jul 09 09 - 3:57am

This is a great list! I wouldn't change much, probably add a few (Chris Cornell, Marvin Gaye, Mike Patton, Eddie Vedder, Robert Smith) and remove a few - Anthony Kiedis is just corny to me, and I *never* got the appeal of Jim Morrison. But obviously a matter of taste. Your top 10 are pretty solid, Freddie Mercury is friggin' hot and Robert Plant is sex personified.

Can't wait til I have 2 hours to spare on your Sexiest Frontwomen list!

Jul 16 09 - 1:43pm

Bowie should have topped that list

Jul 21 09 - 10:13am

eric adams?

Jul 29 09 - 7:06am

JON BON JOVI????? ROGER DALTREY?????? MICHAEL HUTCHENCE???? EDDIE VEDDER???? MARVIN GAYE??? & if ELVIS didn't start it ALL, none of the rest would have known what to do or how to use what they had, he led the way for ALL, there was NO ROCK & ROLL BEFORE ELVIS...he should definitely be NUMBER 1!!! SHAME ON YOU......

Feb 16 12 - 4:21am

well said

Aug 03 09 - 11:32pm

Anthony Kiedis got even better looking with age and RHCP still rocks. I would move him up for sure. Some of the picks are absurddddd. Elvis is definitely top 10 if not top 5. He was a stud.

Aug 11 09 - 5:35pm

Forty sexiest frontmen in rock history???
Where is AXL ROSE??? He should be the 1st :(

Jun 29 11 - 8:07pm

I know!!!!!!! Even if this was a top ten list! He will ALWAYS be number one wtf?!!!! i thought he had this one in the bag this is bullshit.

Aug 14 09 - 10:07pm

Yet another ass-kissing "top blah" list. Yes we see how sophisticated your musical tastes are. But the poll is SEXIEST. If ANYONE thinks Michael Stipe is sexy, they're blind and deaf! Nerve.com fill all 50 spots of the TOP 50 MOST POINTLESS WEBSITES ON THE WEB.

Aug 31 09 - 9:54pm

where is damon albarn!? he is the hottest brit from the 90s
and Julian Casablancas from the strokes should definitely be here!

Sep 05 09 - 10:09pm

Where are Matthew Bellamy, Alex Turner, Julian Casablancas, Billy Joe Armstrong? And Syd Barret?

Sep 07 09 - 1:40pm

This list fails without the inclusion of Def Leppard's frontman, Joe Elliott. What's wrong with you people?!?? He's fine and can sing "Love Bites" to me all day long.

Sep 08 09 - 6:19am

Dave Gahan at 40??? EPIC FAIL! He's top 10 material, easily!

Sep 08 09 - 6:20am

Morrissey at 3?? and Dave Gahan at 40??? EPIC MOUNTAIN OF FAIL!!!

Sep 08 09 - 11:30pm

Great read. Top 5 - bang on!!!

Oct 07 09 - 1:31am

Where Is Sid Vicious???????????? OR Joey Ramone???????? YOU FAil

Oct 07 09 - 9:38pm

Another vote here for Michael Hutchence!

Oct 14 09 - 1:31pm

Oh yes - Phil Lynott definitely. His voice is soooooo... oh my...

Oct 15 09 - 2:27pm

Eddie Veder, Marilyn Manson (If we're thinking about pleasing a wide audience, perhaps the look from the Mechanical Animals-era? Seems that androgyny is sexy), BILLY CORGAN?

Oct 15 09 - 11:04pm

Gosh, Jim Morrison, Sting David Byrne, FREDDIE MERCURY! YES!!! I still have faith in the world. But, seriously, am I the ONLY one on the planet that thinks that Roger Daltrey is gorgeous? Because I think he definitley should have been on this list. Christ, did he have beauitful hair.

Oct 18 09 - 3:14pm

I can't not believe David L Roth is not at least in the top 10, and Steven Tyler
. As for Michael Stipe , nah !

Oct 25 09 - 12:23am

Only a few I agree with to be honest, Kurt Cobain being the best. Where the hell are Matt Bellamy and Billie Joe Armstrong???? PLEASE don't tell me the above weirdos are hotter than them!?

Oct 29 09 - 6:46pm

Morrissey at #3. Yes!

Oct 29 09 - 8:48pm

prince?????? this list is 80% wrong, yes David Gahan deserve better place in this list, Axl Rose also needed be there of course

Dec 06 09 - 3:20am

now, come on! LEt's not kid ourselves! John Lennon was NOT sexy. If we're just talking raw, physical attraction, then Paul & George were miles sexier than him!

Dec 06 09 - 3:20am

and bilie joe armstrong is practically sex on legs!

Dec 08 09 - 6:15pm

Another resounding hells yeah for Billie Joe Armstrong

Dec 19 09 - 8:23pm

WHERE IS Michael Hutchence ???????????????????????????????????

Apr 08 11 - 6:27pm

Yeah, I agree... Michael Hutchence usually is omitted from these types of list. Michael had it all... his great persona is shown in many interviews, he had a great voice even Bono from U2 says when you heard Michael sing his voice was like a 12 string guitar -strong with lots of vocal range especially for a rocker who is male. Oh, and the way he entertained an audience... Michael was sex in motion! I can only imagine who the morons are that are putting these types of lists together.

Jan 06 10 - 9:54pm

Where is Chester Bennington of Linkin Park????

Jan 10 10 - 10:19am

I can't believe Dave Grohl, Paul Banks and Eddie Vedder aren't even HONORABLY MENTIONED

Jan 27 10 - 6:26pm


Jan 30 10 - 5:05pm

josh homme!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 02 10 - 6:21pm

Mick Jagger should be the first one! He is the sexiest man ever! And what about his performances on stage and the lyrics of his songs?? Mick is the number ONE!

Mar 28 10 - 12:10am

Fuck this list. Where's Axl Rose, Jon Bon Jovi, Steven Tyler, Dave Grohl

Apr 09 10 - 12:07pm


Apr 24 10 - 6:27pm
Byron Whiteson

peter gabriel #1 - dont believe me - watch the fountain of salmacis

Apr 27 10 - 2:58pm
Amelia G.

dave gahan should be top 5 easily!have you seen a depeche mode concert?soooooooo sexy!he rules!!!

Apr 28 10 - 10:39am

where's axl rose??

May 12 10 - 3:10pm

Where is Britt Daniel?

May 26 10 - 4:15pm
haywood jablome

elvis #18. w.t.f.?

May 26 10 - 4:18pm
m. head

where is lemmy?

Jun 02 10 - 2:00am

where is conor oberst ?!

Jul 12 10 - 12:39am

What about Scott Weiland? Dude was ridiculous on stage.

Jul 12 10 - 6:39pm

billie joe is the sexiest asshole in rock!

Jul 12 10 - 6:42pm

FUCK FUCK fuck FUCK fuck . . * fuck .
. * . * . *
. . *
i am the best fuckoffanddie i love you!

Jul 29 10 - 1:26am

Totes agree with Josh Homme! He's the ginger Elvis.

Jul 29 10 - 3:14am
Eddie rocks

Where is Eddie Vedder????

Jul 29 10 - 4:00am


Jul 29 10 - 11:43pm

I´m all for Bowie, Robert Plant, but where is Trent Reznor? He´s had a ton of different looks and they all ooze sexuality. As for the Beatles, I agree, Lennon wasn´t sexy, but Ringo would be my first choice. He´s still hot as an old man.

Jun 07 12 - 11:20am

Lennon wasnt sexy? are you fucking kidding me? Lennon is SEX ON LEGS!

Aug 04 10 - 4:40am
nickki d

robert plants my number one. the man was GORGEOUS. he was fucking hot and i would have jumped his bones in a heartbeat.

Aug 18 10 - 2:44am

Wayne Coyne, FUCK YEAH. He is the classiest weirdo about.

Aug 19 10 - 9:23am

Jon Bon Jovi is the sexiest frontman ever.

Aug 22 10 - 12:36pm

Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) - beautiful, hot & sexy
Jon Bon Jovi - no need to comment
Axl Rose - just watching the way he moves can make a girl cum
Jim Morrison is the God of orgasmic rock - that's for sure...

Jun 29 11 - 8:07pm

haha agreed. axl rose is my favorite. he was the sexiest man alive <3

Jul 12 12 - 3:42pm

Jim Morrison is SEX ON LEGS!!!!!!!

Aug 23 10 - 4:44pm

I just can't believe that there's no Axl Rose?!He's like the hottest thing ever!!!!!

Aug 24 10 - 10:00am

No Michael Hutchence or Josh Homme? You have got ot be kidding me. pretty lame list, although some of the music videos are cool, that's about as much props as i'll give whatever sexual dud wrote this list

Aug 27 10 - 6:40am

where the fuckk is steven tyler

Aug 28 10 - 12:28am

Oh my lord Robert Plant was gorgeous! Almost to sexy for words

Aug 29 10 - 8:40pm

I definitely agree with Morrissey and Bowie being so high on the list but Dave Gahan should've been right there with them! Criminal!

Sep 15 10 - 2:38pm


Sep 16 10 - 7:58pm

This list is bullFUCKINGshit! Missing wayyyy too many people. where the hell is axl rose and bon jovi- eddie vedder and kip winger and matt bellamy? fuck this

Sep 21 10 - 5:04pm

sombody tell me WHY the HELL billie joe is not in this list? WHY does everyone think prince is sexy? he's not! did prince stand up and get crazy with a mike stand like BJA? no, he didn't! He probably isn't sexy enough to stand up and have an orgasm or moon the crowd and get away with it, either! fuck this list!

Sep 24 10 - 1:50pm

ok i get that there were a lot of rock stars to choose from but seriously where the hell is Adam Gontier from 3DG?!!!! That man is a sexy beast. I envy his wife

Sep 24 10 - 1:50pm

ok i get that there were a lot of rock stars to choose from but seriously where the hell is Adam Gontier from 3DG?!!!! That man is a sexy beast. I envy his wife

Sep 25 10 - 12:35pm

Are you kidding, number 1 is Prince where is Marilyn Manson he's probably the sexiest out of all of them, I am only 15 and I would still sleep with him even if there's like 25 years between each other. I hope he stays single until I meet him.

Sep 26 10 - 10:53pm

THANK GOD SOME OF YOU MENTIONED BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG!!!! holy fuck i can't understand how someone with his amazing looks, sex appeal, and raw energy onstage could be overlooked..

Sep 27 10 - 5:19pm

Where the hell is caleb followill???!!!!!!!!!

Oct 03 10 - 10:40am

axl rose is the sexiest ever!!!!!!!!!

Nov 08 11 - 2:01pm

Hell yeah I'd fuck him in a second and have him sing to me.

Oct 07 10 - 10:08pm

This list sucks!! Axl Rose is one of the most gorgeous men ever! I can't believe Jon Bon Jovi, Vince Neil, Sebastian Bach, and Brett Michaels aren't on this list! Prince, Kurt Cobain, David Bowie, and Robert Plant are ugly as hell!

Oct 14 10 - 5:35pm

Jon Bon Jovi is the sexiest rock star
Brett Michaels is #2

Oct 18 10 - 11:25pm

how could they forget BLAKE SCWARZENBACH?!

saw his new band last week and he's still got it, whether he tries to or not.

Oct 19 10 - 12:35am

Josh Homme or GTFO.

Oct 19 10 - 8:53pm
Joe Slater

You wrote of glamrock, but totally missed Bryan Ferry. That's just dumb.

Oct 22 10 - 1:25am

Have you SEEN Trent Reznor?

Oct 23 10 - 10:56pm

uhh Trent Reznor please? hes hotter than most of the people on there. and have you even LOOKED at VIlle Valo???

Nov 13 10 - 12:05pm

Jack White?

Nov 18 10 - 9:40am

M I C H A E L__H U T C H E N C E!

Apr 08 11 - 6:31pm

Hey I am right there with ya.... why wasn't Michael Hutchence put on this list??? Such a shame... Michael was an excellent frontman & a Rock God! Hey maybe he is on a Rock God list?
Michael Hutchence Rocks On!!!

Nov 18 10 - 2:06pm

Oh god yes to Michael Hutchence. The Taste It video alone....

I totally disagree with most of the list, but most of the guys I swoon over aren't mega rock stars anyway. My idea of sex appeal overload #1 is Ross Bohn of the Mighty Blue Kings and not a small part of that is the silky crooning voice. Yum.

Nov 22 10 - 2:00am

Fuck yeah give Glenn his due! Make Anthony1, Axl3, and Prince at #2!

Dec 15 10 - 11:22pm

Um, hello, Henry Rollins????

Dec 16 10 - 3:48pm

Agreeing that there is a definite lack of Mr Hutchence

Dec 18 10 - 9:21pm

jim morrison should of been number one!

Dec 06 11 - 10:22pm

^^^^ yes.

Dec 19 10 - 9:14pm


Jan 31 11 - 12:47am
sue ellen


Mar 05 11 - 5:05pm


Mar 10 11 - 9:44am

where is les claypool? have you cock gobbling bitches seen the size of his hands?? .. i thought sluts would be all over him.. also where the fuck is peter steele? that guy would pork and rip any bitch into two pieces.

Mar 12 11 - 3:17pm

the joy division lyric you quoted isn't from "she's lost control." it's from another song of theirs, "disorder."

Apr 04 11 - 6:22am

how you can do a list of the forty sexiest frontmen in rock history and forget Axl Rose ??? Incredible...

Jun 29 11 - 8:08pm

it's a disgrace.

Apr 24 11 - 9:37am

WTF! Why is Jon Bon Jovi not here?

May 15 11 - 7:47am

Maybe they were afraid to admit that he's the sexiest

May 15 11 - 7:46am

Jon Bon Jovi is by far the sexiest man in the Rock History! It's a shame you forgot him!

Jun 27 11 - 2:40pm

Mmmm Anthony Kiedis :P

Jul 10 11 - 8:10pm

Where the fuck is Axl Rose?? He may not be much eye candy now, but the man was unbelievably sexy when he was younger!!!

Nov 08 11 - 2:10pm

He was damn fine and should be number 1 prince looks like a pansy-ass little midget with oversize heels

Aug 12 11 - 9:25am

where is Eddie Vedder?

Nov 09 11 - 2:03am
sandra j

Michael Hutchence was most unjustly overlooked. One of the sexiest men ever, rock and roll or otherwise.

Nov 18 11 - 12:29am

why not eddie vedder shy and gorgeous! huh

Nov 30 11 - 5:23pm


Dec 06 11 - 10:21pm

the list isn't complete without eddie.

Nov 20 11 - 8:52am

Knocked my socks off with konlewdge!

Nov 20 11 - 12:50pm

FzhY2W uhuhxegdqvza

Nov 20 11 - 7:36pm

Hey, good to find somonee who agrees with me. GMTA.

Nov 21 11 - 2:55pm

hcqyJO sougyfanoios

Nov 30 11 - 5:26pm

jared leto, eddie vedder, kurt cobain 12, is a joke? , brandon flowers, paul banks, axel roses, dave ghroll, James Hetfield... bon jovi? WTF where are they?

Dec 03 11 - 5:52pm


Dec 06 11 - 10:19pm

As difficult as it would be to create a list, I think that this was overall not the most practical selection, and DEFINITELY NOT the correct order. As many others, I WANT EDDIE VEDDER ON THIS LIST!!!!!!!!! And I most definitely think that Robert Plant, Mick Jagger, and Jim Morrison should be closer to number 1.

Jan 08 12 - 12:04pm

you forgot MARK SANDMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 10 12 - 3:48am

Jim Morrison would pee on you guys

Jan 10 12 - 1:30pm

Where is Marc Bolan?!?!?!!!!! I'd have loved to banged his gong! Such a sweet, sexy and hugely liveable character, make-you-melt eyes and a smile that was magically mesmerising! Mmmmm.....

Jan 10 12 - 1:39pm

Where us Marc Bolan?!?!!!! I'd have loved to have banged his gong!! Such a sweet, sexy and loveable character, make-you-melt eyes and a smile that was so magically mesmerising! Mmmmm....

Jan 18 12 - 1:10pm
Rossana from ITALY

Where is DAVID GILMOUR??????????? shame on you!!!!!!!!!! Only his lips are sexiest than all the list you're don!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 21 12 - 5:37pm

Mmmhmmmm.... I find Ray Davies to be the sexiest man in rock n' roll, there's just something about his honesty and crude lyrics.
Nice list overall, Mick Jagger should be number one, and I also agree, Billie Joe Armstrong should be on this list as well. Billie is just crazy sexy.

Feb 22 12 - 3:43pm

And Steven Tyler?? Axl Rose??? Slash?? They are soooooo hot :B Lemmy Kilmister? We're is himmmmmm ?

Mar 06 12 - 2:08pm

Are you f**king joking??? Someone just didn't do his homework right. Axl Rose is the sexiest frontman ever walked this f**king earth.

Mar 24 12 - 7:56pm

Why the hell isn't Paul McCartney on this list??!!! O.e

Apr 12 12 - 7:59pm

um...where is Roger Daltrey?!?

Apr 19 12 - 1:21pm

This is the crappiest list I've ever seen. How can this list exist without David Gilmour? Your credibility is shot to hell. Google him, you'll see...1972 Gilmour.

Jul 05 12 - 3:50am

They forgot: David Gilmour, Justin Hayward, Jimmy Page, Axl Rose, and Julian Casablancas(singer from the Strokes) This sucks!

May 02 12 - 1:20am

Julian Casablancas, definitely, as well as Eddie Vedder. And, although not a frontman, Rick Danko of The Band was probably the hottest guy in all of R&R.

Jun 25 12 - 7:08pm

I had a "GREAT" dream of Robert Plant last night! STILL A BABE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 25 12 - 7:20pm

ROBERT PLANT, ROBERT PLANT, ROBERT PLANT!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more! Just had an awesome dream of him last night, closest I'll ever get. S-E-X-Y

Jun 27 12 - 1:53pm

They forgot Justin Hayward, the sexy Brit frontman for the Moody Blues (for you youngsters who may not know). "In the world of me and you, all is forgotten when we're inside" . . . SWOOON!!!

Jun 27 12 - 11:47pm

Henry Rollins should be way up there in this list.

Jul 04 12 - 12:23am

YOU LEFT OUT a BUNCH for starters: Ian Gillan?? Roger Daltrey?? Paul McCartney?? Steven Tyler?? David Coverdale?? Buddy Holly is a great musician,, but sexy?? David Byrne, seriously?? Prince, ok but not No.1 .

Jul 05 12 - 2:35pm

Thank you for Rhett Miller, because YES. And Kele has an incredibly sexy voice. But where is Howlin' Pelle Almqvist?!

Jul 05 12 - 4:36pm

I presume you left out of the list Eddie Vedder just because he never really got comfort with the title of a "frontman" and not because he's not the sexiest rock man of all times. From his beginning until now.

(prince?! but come on, #1...Prince??!!!!!!!!!!)

Jul 05 12 - 9:17pm

WHAT ABOUT AXL ROSE! I was literally shocked not to see him on this list! Like what the hell man? Prince is number one and Axl didn't even list? Bullshit.

Jul 06 12 - 8:26pm

Your list is quite troublesome......Axl Rose and Eddie Vedder are not listed.

Jul 12 12 - 3:37pm

Jim Morrison #10 REALLY?? he should definitely be #1

Jul 13 12 - 6:44pm

I love that this list included David Byrne and Tom Waits-- unexpected, but God yes-- but can't BELIEVE that it didn't include Trent Reznor!

Jul 13 12 - 10:12pm

Where the fuckin shit is steven tyler and axl rose ?!?!

Jul 23 12 - 5:39pm

OMG! What is hot about Morrissey? He's at #3? I don't get it!

Yes, TRENT REZNOR! Where is he?
And Henry Rollins? The hottest body in rock business!

And Mike Patton! I was getting hot like a nut on open fire when I heard him sing The Christmas Song. He deserves to be at #1 for that!

Jul 31 12 - 7:15pm


Aug 14 12 - 7:44pm

Where is Steven Tyler? That man has raw sex appeal. I mean come on, people. Those lips? Delicous.

Aug 27 12 - 11:43pm

i dont see why Jim is number 10th he was utterly sexy and knew how to work leather pants *q*

Sep 09 12 - 4:49pm

This article is a joke, right? It has to be. No one could think Mick Jagger is sexy. He may be in the top 40 ugliest people ever to live actually.

Sep 12 12 - 1:14pm

Kurt Cobain is number 12??!!! and mick jaeger is number 4 or something? are you nuts? and where is David Gilmour?!!