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Beauty maybe, but sexiness is definitely in the eye of the beholder. And while beautiful people get sexiness for free (usually, anyway — check back soon for some exceptions), ugly people have to work for it. If you're plump, craggy, acne-scarred and irresistable, you've earned the hearts fluttering in your wake. We've laboriously assembled this list of definitively ugly people (physically ugly, anyway — they're beautiful on the inside, we're sure), and we're telling you we want to sample their goods. We're admitting that, look, the following people are not pretty, but that wouldn't stop us.

We're going out on a limb here, people. Here are the twenty sexiest ugly people alive.

20) Daisy De La Hoya
We cannot even begin to account for Daisy De La Hoya. She's like the bastard child of Marshall McLuhan and Rube Goldberg. When we try to observe Daisy like you would a normal person, all we see is a blur of colors and that bottle of whiskey she seems to always have nearby. Did you see that episode where the guy broke a glass over his own head? Daisy exists in a world of cognitive dissonance, which makes her the perfect choice for a list like this one. — Joe Bernardi

19) Danny McBride
Don't judge Danny McBride. Sure, his redneck pompadour and puggish face may suggest the fattest, laziest fuck south of Raleigh-Durham, but tell your instincts to shut the hell up and assess the comedian for his whole: a sebaceous tower of Dixie-fried virility. Whether playing a sad-sack sensei in The Foot Fist Way or the John Rocker-esque Kenny Powers in Eastbound & Down, McBride brings a good ol' boy sensuality to his craft. We bet his pheromones smell like Schlitz and coleslaw. — Cyriaque Lamar

18) Amanda Lepore
A lilting, strutting hybrid of Warhol's "Marilyn" and Picasso's La Lecture (Woman Reading), New York City's transsexual empress has stretched both the boundaries of gender and her own epidermis, thanks to oodles of elective surgeries. Nothing like Madame Lepore exists in nature, so it's inevitable to think of her as a nigh-mythic creature, or some kind of freaky Plasticine wet dream. — C.L.

17) Marilyn Manson
Say what you will about Brian Warner's satanic kabuki act. Ever notice that the man has a nonstop queue of alt-nubile tail parading through his bedchamber? Rose McGowan? Dita Von Teese? Evan Rachel Wood? Lord below. That's a pretty lively roster for a guy who once admitted, "I'm death on wheels, the way I look." Yes, Marilyn, death on wheels. Like a Ford Pinto, with a velour-lined hatchback. Mmm, devilish. — C.L.

16) Amy Winehouse
Her undeniable talent helps mitigate her looks, sure, but more importantly, Amy Winehouse owns being a strung-out mess in a way nobody else has since the '70s. With her labyrinth of hair, naked-girl tattoos and extremely public substance-abuse problem, she looks and acts the way the media wishes every star looked and acted. Not everyone can do it with this much poise, though, and when she's on stage, all the drug problems in the world pale in comparison. — J.B.

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Commentarium (245 Comments)

Jun 02 09 - 11:54am

Daisy "of Love" is NOT sexy, unless you find giant fake boobs, constant crying, and a penchant for public slobbering a turn-on. Or, maybe that's what men really want?

Mar 06 11 - 11:04am

i dont thingk eny of them are sexy they act like there sexy but they dont no what sexy is so they need to no what sexy means befor they so it

Mar 06 11 - 11:05am

say it

Apr 16 11 - 7:17am

nigga no

Dec 04 11 - 3:58pm

look at her teeth aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwhhhhhh

Feb 26 12 - 12:51am

I know

Jun 02 09 - 11:56am

Danny McBride = "pheromones smell like Schlitz and coleslaw." Also half the guys I dated in college.

Jun 03 09 - 12:11am

Mickey Rourke should have been #1. He's the epitome of Sexy Ugly.

Jun 03 09 - 12:24am

You forgot to mention that Tilda Swinton lives with her husband AND her boyfriend - WITH HER HUSBAND'S BLESSING. Not many people can pull that one off. Even pretty-sexy people.

Jun 02 09 - 1:02pm

I'm a gay man, and even I'd get with Sandra Bernhard.

May 15 12 - 1:05pm
azhnate thomas

iam too okay you ant alone>

Jun 02 09 - 2:02pm

@TC - I think it's her EX-husband, not current husband ... I'm too lazy to confirm which is true.

Jun 02 09 - 3:52pm

Tilda Swinton was stunning as the White Witch

Jun 28 11 - 6:37pm

I thought so too!

Nov 01 11 - 10:55pm

I didn't see that movie but found her unsettlingly alluring as Gabriel in Constantine. She's number one on my list.

Jun 02 09 - 4:12pm

Never realized that Keith Richards was legitimately ugly all these years. He hides it well.

Jun 02 09 - 9:36pm

You fuckers should start your own danm magazine, with all the smoke and literary mirrors you're hanging...

Mar 23 11 - 12:53pm

you are a homo you ugly fucking pice of shit

Apr 16 11 - 7:20am

I know you ugly and hamo

Jun 20 11 - 12:28pm

And what is wrong with being a homo? Can you at least try to be original when you insult someone?

Jun 02 09 - 11:08pm

Tim Roth is my ultimate sexy/ugly, how could you forget him?!

Mar 07 11 - 7:44pm

How can you call him ugly? With big puppy-dog eyes and enough nose for character (not to mention some luscious lips) and a decent hairline even in his late 40s? I think he's totally gorgeous.

Jun 02 09 - 11:29pm

I know this is odd, but for politicians I'd go with Barney Frank.

Jun 03 09 - 4:22am

Mrs. Cobain could be a fetching lass if she cleaned up a bit, right? Wrong. Go watch The People vs. Larry Flynt again. Courtney Love is ugly.

What utter, utter bullshit. Love may be have done her best to wreck her looks with drugs and cosmetic surgery, but she's fucking STUNNING in Larry Flynt. This list is, frankly, bollocks. As is the new layout.I'm a little shocked that 'shallowness' seems to have become the new super-duper added ingredient to your writing, Nerve.
Bad omens all round, really.

Jun 03 09 - 4:25am

The first part of that comment should be in quote marks obviously. I did space it, essay-style, so that it would be separate from the rest of the text, but the new format won't allow such woolly-headed, hippie-dippie craft-fare stuff onto your pages. Boo.

Jun 03 09 - 10:32am

@DM - isn't the point that she's sexy AND ugly? And sorry - she is! She may be gorgeous but she's also falling the fuck apart.

Jun 03 09 - 10:37am

how could slash not make this list? he's damn sexy when he plays that guitar, and then he takes off his hat...shudder

Dec 08 11 - 12:50am

I AGREE! have you seen his body too though? Delicious! but at least now we know the reason for all the hair over his face. :P

Jun 03 09 - 10:48am

Tilda Swinton is hot, you idiot.

Jun 28 11 - 6:38pm


Oct 31 11 - 12:06am

I Agree

Nov 01 11 - 10:56pm

Hear, hear. A little off-beat looking at times but sexy nonetheless.

Jun 03 09 - 11:42am

The list is hilarious, but also sad in its message that it is a lot easier for a man to be ugly and sexy than it is for a woman.

Jun 03 09 - 11:47am

courtney love is not even a good wreck. just a bad one.

Jun 03 09 - 11:54am

You left out my favorite, Leonard Cohen. Homely, in his 70's, gravely voice. I'd die for a night with him....Suzanne take me down...

Jun 04 09 - 12:02am

Nice list

Apr 16 11 - 7:21am

your not nice

Jun 04 09 - 12:26am

Where's PJ Harvey?

Jun 04 09 - 12:37am

This gave me my best chuckles of the day. The writing is great. I guess it just goes to show you, with talent and a great self esteem, anything's possible.

Jun 04 09 - 12:50am

howard stern just busted you

Jun 04 09 - 12:56am

Sandra Bernhard is simply wicked gross. The only bad choice on this list, in my opinion.

Jun 04 09 - 12:59am

howard stern totally called you out. and admitted he was ugly

Jun 03 09 - 1:07pm

No James Gandolfini?

Jun 03 09 - 1:31pm

Ok so when you see Tilda Swinton in Narnia & then in Burn After Reading your amazed at seeing how she is out of character, say at the Oscars with those hideous dresses..She is very intriguing though

Jun 03 09 - 2:02pm

LIke my initials, this stupid exercise in judging peoples' external appearance is BS. Who made you god to decide what is beautiful and what is ugly... How Presumptuous and silly of you to appoint yourself judge and jury...

Jun 03 09 - 2:31pm

How about adding pics of celebs without their pricey hairstyles & makeup? Your list would be much longer! Lots of unattractive people in Hollywood! They just know how to use their wealth to buy the best products & go to the spas!!!!

Jun 03 09 - 2:37pm

Daisy looks pretty sometimes when she has make up on but have you seen the girl when she's not wearing make up? She looks terrible, which proves that she coats the shit on like there's no freaking tomorrow. She's ugly, but with make up she's okay. Just wish she didnt look like such a monkey

Nov 09 11 - 1:23pm

That bitch has got a bad ass body though

Jun 03 09 - 2:39pm

All I can say is "Is this a joke ?

Jun 03 09 - 2:44pm

My vote's for John Malkovich--bald, creepy features, eyes that look different directions, and yet, somehow, S - E - X - Y

Jun 03 09 - 2:47pm

There's nothing sexy about Courtney - she looks like a walking STD.

Jun 03 09 - 2:57pm

Iggy Pop isn't ugly! He's gorgeous! And the other men on the list - with the exception of Keith richards are NOT sexy.

Jun 03 09 - 2:58pm

This list is genius! But where's Steven Tyler? He's the epitone of he's so ugly he's cute...

Jun 03 09 - 2:58pm

This list is genius! But where's Steven Tyler? He's the epitome of he's so ugly he's cute oh and Seal too...

Jun 03 09 - 3:13pm

poor mickey rourke, he was sooo beautiful in "angel heart". but i whole-heartedly agree w/keith richards being #1.

Jun 03 09 - 3:44pm

Where is Christopher Walken??????

Jun 03 09 - 3:47pm

Flavorwire's response: The Seven Un-Sexiest Attractive People

Jun 03 09 - 3:57pm

Some of the comments made about the people on here are just so hilarious that I nearly passed out from laughing so much...especially the one about Manson and Amanda Lepore

Jun 03 09 - 3:58pm

saw the ugly but never found anything sexy... STOOPID headline

Jun 03 09 - 4:15pm

Iggy and Willem are NOT ugly!! But yes, they are sexy.

Jun 03 09 - 4:27pm

What about Denis Leary? He's so sexy in Rescue Me, but he has a face only Mickey Rourke could love! His hair is great, he's tall, lanky, Irish and delicious, but the face is a mess.

A sexy mess.

Jun 03 09 - 4:31pm

Hey Jack Murnighan, Howard Stern may have admitted that you're good looking, but it looks like you too are going to be on an ugly list pretty soon. Nice hairline heh heh heh. Didja ask your barber for the Jack Nicholson hairstyle? Looks like your hair follicles are committing suicide by the second! Can't wait to see the comb over you will be sporting in 2013!

Jun 03 09 - 4:36pm

Juliette Lewis. So hot in Strange Days. She's not completely FUG but shes not conventionally pretty, but she can be donut grease hot.

Jun 03 09 - 4:41pm

On the scale of 1 to 10, how fulfilling was this to write?

Jun 03 09 - 5:22pm

(To J.C., the author of the blurb on Tilda Swinton)

The fact that Tilda Swinton did an amazing job of portraying the White Witch in CN:LWW is owing all to her acting talent, and nothing to her looks. C.S. Lewis described Queen Jadis as extremely tall, extremely beautiful, and extremely cruel-looking. Even at her cruellest moments in the movie, Swinton looked somewhat detached, and not cruel, and certainly not the most beautiful woman anyone has ever seen. Please do more research before you classify something as "appropriate", or specify in what way you think it is appropriate, else you look like you don't know what you are talking about, to people who DO know.

Jun 03 09 - 5:27pm

VERY good call on Danny Trejo. I find him oddly appealing despite the fact (or perhaps because of the fact?) that he looks like he's about to kill me.

Jun 03 09 - 5:48pm

@ DH - yeah! Danny Trejo. I never knew who he was, just recognized his face. There's something about craggy men. i just want to lick their cheeks.

Jun 03 09 - 6:49pm


Jun 03 09 - 7:25pm

Seal and Christopher Walken are genuinely attractive, so they don't count. But does anyone else find Harvey Keitel sexy? Kal Penn? Pell Gillette?

Jul 27 11 - 4:33pm
Crystal Miller

I think harvey keitel is very sexy. And Im only 26....and I have a crush on his old ass lol

Jun 03 09 - 7:54pm

Great list except for Howard Stern and Woody Allen, These two posses absolutely zero sexual allure whatsoever, period. otherwise, perfect!

Jun 03 09 - 7:55pm

Tilda Swinton ugly?!!????? Are you nuts???? She is utterly, stunningly beautiful.

Jun 03 09 - 8:01pm

Years ago, I was shopping in the Tower Records near NYU. I couldn't stop checking this guy out who was shopping there as well. . . he was so ugly and so sexy it kinda blew my mind. I went up to the counter to make my purchase, and the clerks were all a-flutter. "Did you see that Iggy Pop is shopping in OUR STORE!?!" Oh, well that would explain it. Despite having seen him in concert, I didn't recognize him in a totally banal setting, but man was that ugly guy sexy.

Apr 16 11 - 7:24am

The girl on 20 is so not the sexiest she looks like a man it looks like somebody put a dick up her ass?

Jun 03 09 - 8:28pm

Howard Stern is totally SEXXXXYYYY!!! But he is NOT as ugly as half the guys on this list. Oh and I agree with JP. Denis Leary should have made the list. Haven't you heard his joke that he gets confused for Willem Defoe all the time! LOL

Jun 03 09 - 9:01pm

Vicki Lewis.

Jun 03 09 - 10:25pm

I completely agree with Iku

Jun 03 09 - 10:38pm

All these people are gross. Besides, really, who cares?

Jun 03 09 - 11:26pm

I agree that Tim Roth and PJ Harvey were left out, and I would absolutely add at #1 Andy Samberg.

Jun 03 09 - 11:38pm

Christ, if Lyle Lovett can't make this list what the hell has the world come to?

Jun 04 09 - 12:33pm

Mickey Rourke should be #1.....I agree with your whole description on him...whoever wrote it feels exactly like I do about him...he is tough, yet vulnerable, a real alpha male, yet very gentle at times and sexxxy!... Agree on Danny Trejo, too....still would take Mickey before anyone!

Jun 04 09 - 12:46pm

nothing about that list was sexy.

Jun 04 09 - 12:53pm

Fantastic picks. I'd add James Woods, but to whoever said Denis Leary: he's way too hot for this list.

Jun 04 09 - 2:20am

Tilda Swinton is just plain fucking hot. You got that one flat ass wrong.

Mar 22 12 - 3:39am

if you're into guys, yeah

Jun 04 09 - 2:36am

None of these people are sexy and most have obnoxious personalities.

Jun 04 09 - 3:46am

Tilda Swinton is stunning (though in a space-alien-ish way) and doesn't belong on this list, which is populated by people who are either homely or cursed with terrible skin. Check out her translucence!

Jun 04 09 - 3:52am

Can you guys fucking learn to spell? Irresistible. Don't you check anything?

Jun 04 09 - 6:51am

That link is wrong, it goes to Sly Stone interview about 50 years ago. While we're back in the mid-'90s though, re-watch Love's drunken ambush of Kurt Loder and Madonna at the 1995 MTV Video Awards.

Jun 04 09 - 10:23am

I would definitely add Benicio del Toro to this list.

Jun 04 09 - 11:53am

Wow, why is Sandra Bernhard not number 1???? Her face looks like a train-wreck after a four-car pile-up caused by mounds of manure left by wandering cows... I hate that woman.

Jun 05 09 - 12:01am

Thanks and bravo to the two of you who added Lyle Lovett and Benicio del Toro. Yum to both.

Jun 04 09 - 1:24pm

Bravo to whomever said Christopher Walken is genuinely attractive and therefore doesn't belong here! SOOO TRUE!

Jun 04 09 - 2:13pm

Ever notice the resemblance between Keith Richards and WWE's Undertaker?

Jun 04 09 - 3:19pm

Tilda Swinton is ugly? WTF? & Amy Winehouse? She's definitely not sexy, but she's not ugly. Especially if you put her next to ANY of the men on this list. The double standard is sickening.

Jun 04 09 - 3:41pm

However said Harvey Keitel........THANK YOU! There's just something about that man that is so damn sexy!

Jul 27 11 - 4:35pm
Crystal Miller

Glad im not the only one who has a crush on harv harv he is a sexy beast lol

Jun 04 09 - 3:43pm

Denis Leary.....YUM!

Jun 04 09 - 3:51pm

Tilda Swinton is fucking beautiful. She does not belong on this list.

Jun 04 09 - 4:49pm

you forget Edward James Olmos and Robert Davi, they've got that whole Danny Trejo thing going on. and Amy Winehouse is just skanky, never know what might fall out of that beehive.

Jun 04 09 - 5:02pm

Lyle Lovett?

Jun 04 09 - 5:18pm

Daisy is so ugly, bc her face and boobs are all fake. Well she fake.

Jun 04 09 - 6:08pm

what a fantastic list

Jun 04 09 - 7:03pm

I can't help but notice the majority of these "sexy uggos" are men. I think it's pretty undeniable that "sexy" is still more closely tied to physical beauty for women, while men can be sexy because of a talent, their (physical or political) power or their bank account.

Jun 04 09 - 7:24pm

How could you put a pedophile like Woody on the list this a sick society.

Jun 04 09 - 8:21pm

When I first saw Willem Dafoe in "To Live and Die in L.A." I completely fell in love, and I still feel the same way. Michael "Alien Woman" Jackson would definitely be on the list of the ugliest things walking the face of the earth, however there's nothing sexy about him, so he definitely doesn't belong on this particular list. He's the REAl Paedophile NOT Woody.

Jun 04 09 - 8:34pm

yeah, woody's more of an ephebophile. there's a difference

Jun 04 09 - 9:01pm

I've always disliked Howard Stern, no class, vulgar, disrespectful, no talent that I'm aware of. He does have nice hair.

Jun 04 09 - 9:11pm

Danny Trejo is ruggedly appealing. I really do find him sexy.

Jun 04 09 - 11:11pm

Benicio Del Toro, Denis Leary and Harvey Keitel are really too good looking for this list....they shouldn't be here....they are three of my faves but really, they aren't ugly nor do they have craggy skin or anything! Ok, they are not handsome but sexy in their own trouble-maker kind of way...but not ugly. And five-stars for Denis Leary's GORGEOUS hair, that I would like to run my fingers thru!

Jul 27 11 - 4:43pm
Crystal Miller

I love harvey keitel. How can people say he looks,like a bulldog? I think he is so cute

Jun 05 09 - 12:48pm

Once upon a time Rick Ocasek might have been sexy-ugly, but now he just looks like his mother. And I'm glad that Danny Trejo is no longer just that, "You know, that craggy-faced Hispanic guy".

Jun 05 09 - 1:41am

Tilda Swinton is stunningly beautiful

Jun 05 09 - 1:44am

She's like Sigourney Weaver or Angelica Houston: oddly beautiful, in an exaggerated way, where for a moment they may look almost ugly, then they turn or smile and then BAM... they knock you on your ass with their gorgeousness

Jun 05 09 - 4:30am

My vote is for Tommy Lee Jones!

Jun 05 09 - 2:52pm

Tilda Swinton is ugly? Errr ... OK?

What is it that actually attracts you to someone, I'm wondering. Do you actually try to see through all the makeup and hair styling to evaluate the natural beauty, or do you just get turned on by how tarted up a woman is? Because I can't figure out any reason why you would say she is "ugly" except that she does not have makeup, tan, or elaborate hair styling.

Think you said more about yourself here, than Tilda Swinton.

Jun 05 09 - 5:07pm

Willem Dafoe is very sexy. I admit -- an acquired taste -- not for everyone. But hot!!

Jun 28 11 - 6:39pm

I think so too!

Jun 05 09 - 5:07pm

Tilda Swinton: Would drink her bath water.

Jun 05 09 - 5:24pm

I'm joining the protest over Tilda Swinton's inclusion. I agree that some of these people are both ugly and sexy (it's a great idea for a list actually) but Ms. Swinton is sexy and effing gorgeous. Whose 12-year-old boy was recently put on staff at Nerve?

Jun 05 09 - 5:41pm

Madonna and Courtney Love wrestling each other in a rough submission match. One can only dream.

Jun 05 09 - 5:56pm

My all time gold medal winner? Pulleeze . . . Willy Nelson was retired to the SUP Hall of Fame decades ago. Even now that honey on toast voice woos me, and if he started in singin' I'd plum forgit those unsettling grey/brown braids! BTW, Harvey Keitel is dead sexy -- just watch him in The Piano, facial tattoos and all.

Jul 27 11 - 4:38pm
Crystal Miller

Agreed....about harvey keitel being sexy. Oh my yes ! Orgasmic ! Lol

Jun 05 09 - 5:58pm

Is Lady Gaga truly homely, or is it just that she always finds some way to obscure her face? Rockin' bod, tho. So she might qualify as ugly/sexy.

Jun 05 09 - 6:16pm

Is Lady Gaga truly homely, or is it just that she always finds some way to obscure her face? Rockin' bod, tho. So she might qualify as ugly/sexy.

Jun 05 09 - 6:27pm

Is Lady Gaga truly homely, or is it just that she always finds some way to obscure her face? Rockin' bod, tho. So she might qualify as ugly/sexy.

Jun 05 09 - 9:36pm

sexy and ugly may go together sometimes (ahem...) but sexy and creepy? Not so much. Give Woody Allen the boot. He's like your scary uncle. Great uncle, now.

Jun 05 09 - 9:38pm

Who is that crazy ugly latin actor... oh yeah, Luis Guzman! He is the ugliest man I would do today. Luis Guzman, you so macho!

Jun 05 09 - 10:47pm

Don't agree with your Tilda Swinton assessment... I think she's a beautiful woman, always have.

Jun 05 09 - 10:49pm

Also - would not have included Woody Allen in your list. I think he's creepy, and anyone who would be boffing his adolescent daughter behind his wife's back could hardly be called "charming."

Jun 06 09 - 2:42am

I'm not sure I understand this. You are saying ugly-outside, yet something inside that makes them sexy? The men, maybe I see, but most of the women are off. Where on the inside is Winehouse or C Love sexy? They're just ugly through and through. And while Swinton may not be a runway model, she's far from ugly. My suggestions: Janeane Garofalo, Peaches and Beth Ditto.

Jun 06 09 - 3:08pm

Tilda Swinton is hot in every way. I was shocked to see you call her ugly.

Jun 06 09 - 3:59pm

Bleh. What a wasted opportunity this list is. You couldn't find one single woman that actually fit the terms of the headline, other than Sandra Bernhard -- so I'm gonna assume this was written by a woman or a gay man. There are tons of ugly yet hot women out there you could've cited, and you came up with only one that actually "works". What about Bai Ling? Martha Plimpton? Michelle Rodriguez? Come on, people. Try harder.

Jun 06 09 - 4:08pm

Bleh. What a wasted opportunity this list is. You couldn't find one single woman that actually fit the terms of the headline, other than Sandra Bernhard -- so I'm gonna assume this was written by a woman or a gay man. There are tons of ugly yet hot women out there you could've cited, and you came up with only one that actually "works". What about Bai Ling? Martha Plimpton? Michelle Rodriguez? Come on, people. Try harder.

Jun 06 09 - 6:26pm

Errrrr... where's Jonah Hill? Was he too pretty to be on this list?

Jun 06 09 - 8:10pm

You can't make a sexy-ugly list without Rod Stewart. He's my all time fave sexy-ugly.

Jun 07 09 - 7:21am

Everybody says I look and remind them of Mr. Buscemi...yikes and I thought I was good looking all these years.At least we are both from P.S. Bklyn!!!!

Jun 07 09 - 10:48am

Those people are so ugly

Jun 07 09 - 10:59pm

Where is Jeff Goldblum? He is not the most attractive person but he is sexy!!

Jun 08 09 - 5:08am

Tilda Swinton is radiantly beautiful, really quite sublime.

Jun 09 09 - 12:12am

Were you limiting this to live people? Cause Humphrey Bogart was NOT a handsome man, but he had sex appeal coming out of every pore (and he got Baby too!) And then there's Dustin Hoffman, a homely little guy who has that repressed neurotic sexuality (and who has aged, like Ringo Starr, exceedingly well).

Jun 09 09 - 11:32am

What do you do about stars who are ugly and NOT sexy, e.g., Ben Affleck? What accounts for his popularity?

Jun 11 09 - 2:03pm

only three of those folks - Courtney Love, Tilda Swinton and Iggy Pop - are remotely sexy, but the rest sure are ugly

Jun 11 09 - 4:24pm

I ALWAYS thought Steve Buscemi is sexy. Always. And Willem Dufoe. Hell yes.

Jun 11 09 - 4:57pm

Nick nolte had gone from hunky to homeless, but you'd still do him!

Jun 11 09 - 8:34pm

SG, Martha Plimpton is a good example. I don't think she's ugly, but she's not pretty at all and she's still sexy and cool-looking. (BTW, I'm a straight woman.) She was great on a recent L&O re-run. Smart + talented = sexy.

Jun 12 09 - 9:32am

Woody Allen?? Pedophiles are definitely not sexy.The 30s and 40s had great sexy/ugly lead men: Bogart, Cagney, William Powell. And don't forget that Keith Richards always got the most beautiful women - he's been married to a former supermodel for over 20 years.

Jun 12 09 - 7:28pm

Ben Stiller. Ugliest man in too many films.

Jun 12 09 - 9:02pm

Gotta agree with Jeff Goldblume. He has always been ugly but there is something sooooo sexy about him. What about Frenchie from VH1 reality Tv? She has a beautiful body but a face to protect it!!!

Jun 15 09 - 7:08am

John C Reilly is just too cute, he makes me sigh like a schoolgirl every time I see him! Danny Mcbride is also cute, and whoever said John Malkovich! I like Jonah Hill, though he's just chubby (though too many people nowadays equate fat=ugly)... but it is true that men can be "ugly" but still totally hot, but it's harder for women if they're ugly, it's too bad women have to continually torure themselves for acceptance :(

Jun 15 09 - 10:27pm

Tilda Swinton is not ugly.

Jun 16 09 - 11:42am

Harry Dean Stanton.

Jun 16 09 - 11:43am

Sandra Oh

Jun 18 09 - 6:46pm

no fat chicks, huh? because they're not ugly!

Jun 19 09 - 1:58pm

Similar list on The Electors, of the Top 10 Taboo Sexiest People:

Jun 30 09 - 3:32am

Oh, COME on! How is Mick Jagger not on this list?!

Jul 10 09 - 7:18am

What have you editors all been smoking and drinking to come up with this list?! Sure there are ugly people that are sexy, but these people ain't!...

Jul 10 09 - 4:16pm

Where is James Woods?

Jul 10 09 - 5:19pm

"You can just picture those meathook-hands wrapping around your lower back and carrying you somewhere you desperately want to be."

That is one of the hottest lines I've read in a magazine in a long time. Kudos to you, J.B.

Jul 15 09 - 4:20pm

Tilda Swinton is gorgeous!

Jul 15 09 - 4:54pm

I expected Steven Tyler to make this list. I find him undeniably sexy and very appealing... everyone I share this with finds me crazy. Go figure.

Jul 16 09 - 11:28pm

I think this girl and this guy are just hideous so I'll throw em in here. Sarah Jessica Parker is as fugly as it gets. Bitch has veins running through her face and enough makeup to kill someone. Family guy opnce said her face looks like a foot and I couldnt agree more. As for the guy what about that ghoulish comedian brian possehn. Again neither of em are sexy both are just plain out ugly as hell

Jul 18 09 - 4:45am

Tilda Swinton is not ugly. Check her out in the latest Jim Jarmusch film. She is a knockout. This list is lame. Most of these people are either skanks and/or unattractive people who can get sexy partners because of their wealth and fame (such as Woody Allen and Ric Ocasek).

Jul 18 09 - 4:49am

I agree with Paul Giamatti's inclusion. Courtney Love was attractive in the '90s when she was starring in movies, though admittedly she has always been a train wreck. My votes for the two sexiest ugly actors are Sean Penn and Lyle Lovett.

Jul 19 09 - 12:22am

Tilda Swinton is so ugly and scary it's a crime.

Jul 20 09 - 2:00am

I pretty much agree that Tilda should not be on this list..Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady GaGa, and Clive Owen are three that I can think of that were left off

Jul 21 09 - 2:36am

Where's Brigette Neilson? When she played Red Sonya I would've gladly done her. Now.....It would take a few shots of Jim Beam to kick it into gear.

Jul 23 09 - 3:39pm

Tilda Swinson is sexy b/c even with her slight stature she could dominate anyone. Hawt!
Oh and IJ's comment LOL

Jul 29 09 - 12:33am

Where's Vin Diesel?

Jul 30 09 - 10:15am

Hell yeah, Mickey Rourke! It says alot for his appeal that in "Sin City" he was covered in prosthetics and sharing a movie With Clive Owen and Bruce Willis, but he was the man I looked at. You're right about Danny Trejo as well. I read a great Esquire feataure on character actors they loved (incidentally, four of them were also on this list, character actors are just hot) and his description was "usually plays: a badass excon you don't want to mess with. Actually is: a badass excon you don't want to mess with" On some messed up masochistic level, that's sexy as hell. Oh and you have my love for putting Paul Giamatti on here, Great actor, who I normally just find cute or charming, but who made me look at him very differently in Duets and John Adams

Jul 30 09 - 10:22am

A couple of notes though. Howard Stern?! Really?! Constitutionally protected mysoginy bordering on hate speech IS NOT SEXY no matter how confidently delivered!

And where are your actually ugly but sexy women? I'm a straight girl so no one is coming immedeately to mind for me, but there must be a female equivalent to Steve Buschemi and it aint Daisy de la Hoya!

Jul 30 09 - 4:06pm

HOW CAN YOU FORGET JAY-Z ??? His features look like Mr. Camel but his swagger is amazing - hence he married Beyonce

Aug 23 09 - 3:20pm

There are too many strange looking celebs to mention, but will say that I have seen John Malkovich in person, and his appearance is profoundly unappetizing.

Aug 26 09 - 10:54am

God damnit, i just hate celebs. Like midgets, they piss me off. However, these people are not ugly, ugly. Go to for some real ugly ones

Aug 26 09 - 10:54am

ugly people is the link, sry

Sep 07 09 - 10:13am

You dicks need eyes and good taste, Tilda Swinton is not ugly.

Oct 30 09 - 9:39am

u dicks need eyes ,tilda swinton is prety

Nov 16 09 - 11:16pm

OMG i love love love you i laughed so hard, i just recovered from a coughing fit. this list is so good i think it gave me TB

Feb 03 10 - 2:40pm


Feb 06 10 - 8:29pm

I think Faruza Balk could ahve been in this list

Apr 22 10 - 7:12am

Fergie is extremely ugly as well as Sarah Jessica Parker and Tori Spelling. they aren't sexy either.

as for the guys: Tom Delonge from blink-182, Kris Roe from the Ataris, Jesse F. Keeler from Death From Above 1979 and MSTRKRFT, the guy from the band The Horrors, George Pettit from Alexisonfire, J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr. he is still fucking sexy to this day he would be perfect for this list cause without his talent and personality he would be really ugly, Thom Yorke although I don't find him ugly, Alex Turner and the rest of the Arctic Monkeys although they aren't really ugly just not that good looking, Pete Doherty. but I find the guys who aren't as attractive or good looking way sexier than the guys who people think are better looking by society's conventions or are full of themselves. it's their personality and talent that's attractive. I don't find pop stars or guys in shitty bands attractive even if people think they are. the fact that they have no talent or are in a shitty band isn't attractive.

and also add Karen O, and the girl from the Pixies, Peaches, Ladyhawke and M.I.A. to the list of girls.

May 02 10 - 2:06pm

wow...some of these people arent even that bad...there could have been a lot worse people on there

May 11 10 - 11:53am

I think danny trejo is so sexy! not necessarily his face but his demeanor. i met him last year and he is freaking awesome so i guess i'm biased now lol

May 13 10 - 12:43pm

I definitely agree with comments that say Tida Swinton is NOT ugly. I would gladly replace her by Lady(not much of a lady)Gaga..
And Del Toro Is Not ugly either; he IS sexy but not unappealing..

Great list; at first i didn't know what to expect, but it turned out well.

Jun 06 10 - 5:55am

What about perez hilton have u seen her nose?

Jun 14 10 - 7:41pm

What do you think?

Jun 27 10 - 8:51am


Jun 27 10 - 8:51am


Jul 05 10 - 2:20am

i think that Daisy De La Hoya is not ugly at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 15 10 - 6:35pm


Aug 15 10 - 6:35pm


Aug 15 10 - 6:35pm


Aug 16 10 - 11:05am
Bobby Obvious

I think Jack Black should be on this haha
and Iggy Pop isn't ugly

Aug 20 10 - 6:55pm

why is Daisy De La Hoya here? she looks sexy

Aug 20 10 - 6:56pm

Daisy De La Hoya looks beautiful:-)

Aug 22 10 - 1:11pm

Where is Carrot Top on this list his body is gorgeous?

Aug 24 10 - 9:05am

yeah..... PEDOPHILES ARE NOT SEXY (e.g. Woody Allen)

Aug 28 10 - 8:14am

u guys ur bloody jobless man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 05 10 - 6:32pm

esther u uglyz

Oct 27 10 - 6:23am

"yeah..... PEDOPHILES ARE NOT SEXY (e.g. Woody Allen)"

Well, children find him fuckable.

Oct 29 10 - 12:36am

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Nov 06 10 - 9:58am

Danny Trejo is rough on the eyes but he's got an awesome smile and his body is slamming. I'd do him.

Nov 16 10 - 11:53am

Speaking of a David Bowie clone, where was he? He needed to be in this list somewhere.

Dec 17 10 - 12:53am
forgot a few people

Denis Leary, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rosie O Donnell, flavor flav, stephanie rose (RI), Samantha Ronson (Lindsay Lohan's girlfriend) Drew Carey, Jocelyn Wildenstein (Disgusting), Micheal Jackson, etc etc etc.....

Jan 16 11 - 10:58pm

Sarah Jessica Parker is by FAR uglier than Tilda Swenson, who is... fifty effing years old! I'd kill and pay for the Botox to look like her at that age. SJP, on the other hand, is the sexiest horse-faced woman to stand as a symbol of possibility for all other horse-faced women.

Jan 31 11 - 8:47pm

i like it and hate it

Feb 19 11 - 10:08am

chris scott

Mar 13 11 - 1:37am

Jason Statham gets my vote!

Mar 29 11 - 3:43pm

ron perlman gets my vote - it feels wrong to find him so sexy....but he really is.

Apr 27 11 - 1:21pm
The Nutcracker

Ah yes, Steve Buscemi, even when I was a little girl I had a crush on him.
He is a wonderful actor and very inspiring, and ofcourse: sexy as hell.

May 15 11 - 12:46am

lisa marie presley??? then again no shes too frumpy looking like her dad in his later yrs and theres really nothing sexy about that

May 28 11 - 10:17pm

Adrian Brody should be on this list. And Woody Allen should totally not be. Woody's the anthesis of sexy.

Aug 23 11 - 5:56am

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

Aug 27 11 - 3:42pm

they are so ugly

Aug 30 11 - 5:04am

Why do I bother calling up poeple when I can just read this!

Nov 09 11 - 1:24pm

u got that one right

Sep 02 11 - 2:46am

Why is lady gaga not there in this list?
Lady gaga is beautiful to some only because of her gestures and personality

Sep 02 11 - 2:46am

true that

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Feb 05 12 - 4:46pm

i am in the facebook and loving what i see

Apr 16 12 - 2:19am

MAN, whoever made this list got it right, a lot of those people on that list others would say were ugly and even said it to me many times. For example, courtney love. I think she's ok but everyone else would say she was an ugly woman. Also Mickey Rourke, guy looks like a monster recently. Looks like he's been beat up A LOT. Howard Stern is also homely but I suppose his "personality" draws women in plus he aint too bad, he got one big nose and he'll even admit it. Tilda what's her face, i always wondered why she was in some movies, i noticed she WASNT HOT. i thought what a strange looking woman. I don't know if i could say she's butt ugly but she certainly isn't " pretty". I'm not surprised she's on the list considering how off the wall she looks and pale.

Sandra bernhard is a given, she's been the butt of ugly jokes for years. Biz Marki is ugly and also looks retarded, no offense.

I'd say this list is extremely accurate and I bet the ones suppporting ol PLAIN jane tilda swinton are Her herself or someone who knows her, maybe family cause that girl is not hot, she's at the best plain. I have seen uglier though, like some of the people on this list up there.

Woody Allen looks like an old average guy to me. The only one I didnt understand on the list was that first chick with the big boobs and a tat.

Apr 16 12 - 2:23am

man, this guy got nearly all the "super uglies" of the past 50 years. Only one i don't know much about is the first and she does NOT look ugly, sure, maybe artificially endowed but not ugly

Apr 16 12 - 2:31am

Mickey Rourke actually used to be a good lookin guy, now he looks like hell froze over, as in the man looks like he's had plastic surgery gone haywire.

Marilyn Manson I always found hideous. Even without makeup as "brian warner" - The makeup can't hide his ugliness, I think he shoulve been higher on the list

Mickey Rourke dosen't even look like the same man anymore. He looks like a different person entirely. Manson is just damn ugly as sh*t and he's proud of it I think or dosen't care. I don't get the women into him, I guess some women like strange guys. I don't even think he's super talented. He makes his money from looking like a freakshow but some his music is decent.

May 08 12 - 5:14pm

rofl i was expecting Mr.Bean to be there or at least number one ? :(

May 15 12 - 2:51pm

Hummmmmm, they are old, ugly and famous, but they have very long messy hair, thats probably the reason they are considered "sexy", dont feel bad, another list exist and is called "The twenty sexiest bald people"

Jun 07 12 - 2:54am

here's a sexy cow for ya..

Jun 07 12 - 2:57am

EWWWW... megan liley ??? wtf is that?

Jun 07 12 - 5:26am


Jul 07 12 - 11:50am


Sep 17 12 - 3:12am

Keith Richards is insanely hot......I think he actually have more appeal now than he did in the sixties.